How to Impress Your First Time Visitors to Stick Around Your Blog

How often do you feel glad visiting a new website?

Now, ever wondered how your first time visitor would feel when he visits yours. Or will he come back to find something new from your blog?

Of course, it’s not that easy when there are hundreds of bloggers competing with you to impress him. I said it is not easy, but it’s still possible.

How to Impress Your First Time Visitors to Stick Around Your Blog

Impress or Influence

Both make almost the same sense.

It is stupid to simply make a statement that “You should influence and impress visitors.”  So, let’s get deep into the how can a visitor be impressed – theoretically. The very first impression depends on “How fast your page loads.”

Kissmetrics says that “47 per cent of visitors expect a web page to load in less than 2 sec and 40 percent leave your website if it fails.

Pretty bad isn’t it? So, it’s time to question your performance.

The more effort you put into optimizing the speed, the more time he’ll stay. Moreover, if you are on a CMS like WordPress, it’s pretty simple. Just optimizing the images, reducing server response time and giving up those fancy themes that consume more resources solves the muddle.

Okay, let’s assume you somehow made it and he didn’t exit. What’s next?

A visitor won’t look for a hidden treasure; you should make him believe you have what he is looking for. Else, 10 seconds is more than enough to hit that X on the top.

How to Get Readers Hooked On Your Blog

Command attention with headlines

The headlines matter a lot. Once you succeed drawing his attention with an enchanting headline, he’ll be yours for the next minute.

Neil Patel, one of the most influential entrepreneurs says: When people truly fall in love with your heading that post is more likely to be shared before it is read.

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And that’s enough to show how you influenced and much he trusts you. Okay, let’s say you somehow managed to pass the first 2 goals. Now, he should also find your blog attractive and comfortable to navigate through the post or through the blog. So, what makes your blog attractive? Is it the design? Or, persuasive titles or eye candy images and videos?

May be, but not limited to those alone. Readability, quality of the content, design and the way you interact with him helps to make the impression even better.

Also, say no to the creepy in-text and pop up advertisements which are no way useful to build better impression.

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Care about new users

Let us take this blog bloggerideas as an example. I feel the design and readability of the website is good and the quality of content is unquestionable.

But what if I suggest the same blog to a friend who is new to Blogging? Will he understand what the site about? Will he even consider figuring out spending an hour? Never, so, it’s always recommended to show new users where and how to get started.

Luckily, Jitendra did it just like all the authority bloggers do. The homepage is custom designed for new visitors to help them understand the purpose of the blog. Also, it’s a faultless strategy to build a relation with them through emails. So, when you make them feel comfortable by caring for them, that’s the moment they fall in love with your blog.

Now, try this new kind of promotional strategy and Advertise Your Blog for Free

If you’re an AdSense publisher, you’ll definitely be using up the entire ad spaces promoting unknown advertisers. Did you forget that you could even promote yourself? Yes, if you write frequently, why don’t you make kickass banner about the upcoming post or topic and notify your readers?

Self promotion is not a new technique, all the eCommerce websites follow the same and make millions out of it.

Check Amazon or any of your favorite website, chances are more that you’ll find a banner with attractive discount and sale starts in x days. Follow the same concept.

It would definitely work else all those online shopping portals would have given up long ago. Not all, at least a good percent of the impressed first time visitors return to check your post on that day. Wouldn’t they? Or, you can place your email opt-in form just below your ad and make them subscribe and deliver posts to their inbox. It’s a two way benefit. There are many ways to winning at self promotion and this one is the best and involves zero investment except a little time.

How not to make a new visitor forget you?

Check Jitendra Vaswani Portfolio which is very impressive and clea.

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Don’t let A Visitor Leave Alone

Some visitors desire less and they leave your website completely satisfied with the information you provided and some are quite opposite.  So, how to deal with them?

You know that people love gifts and they never forget the one who gifted them. Use the same strategy on your blog and those gifts doesn’t necessarily have to be tangible.

Say you are a fashion or tech blogger, you can give him some discount coupons, and if you are a marketing geek you can organize attractive giveaways. Giveaway is the best way to lure people and trust me it’s not illegal. The best thing with Giveaways is you will get a great deal of social exposure as they share it. Okay, if you don’t like spending money let me remind you – After all, you get what you pay for 🙂

Show them a reason to come back

People will always look for a reason like why should I do this or what’s in it for me etc. You have to provide a reason for them to click through your posts, all it takes is worthy posts with writing creative (sometimes seductive) titles.

Remember, you’ll have to explain them the benefits not just the features. Do you know why tutorials and guides are loved by people? It’s because they provide a comprehensible ways to solve the problem instead of outlining them.

So, now you have 3 best way to make any kind of visitor stick to you blog. So, to :

The straight kind – Give them what they want.

The exploring kind – Catchy posts and seductive titles

Freebie lovers – Organize Giveaways

Now you mix up the three and tell me what else is needed either to impress them or make them follow your blog?

Let me know if you got any valuable tips that can benefit other readers.

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