Step By Step Guide: How To Leverage Goolge+ To Get Leads

Leverage Google+ for Lead Generation in 4 Simple Steps. There are various methods of lead generation using the power of Google+, and loads of tips and tricks to choose from. However, what we have here is a strategy to use something that has already worked for you and make it work even better. Let’s take a look at this 4 step process, one step at a time.

How To Leverage Goolge+ To Get Leads

1. Your Strong Points

List the top ranking keywords for which your customers are already able to find you. These could be 3 or 30, it doesn’t matter.

Next, refer to your content and see what keywords among those in the list are leading to which article. Further refine your search by looking at the percentage of shares of each of those articles.

Not number of shares, mind you, but percentage, because all articles will likely not have received the same number of views. On a side note, if you find an article with very few views but extraordinarily high social shares, try to optimize better so that it is found by more people – it is a gold nugget, a shareable piece of content that you want to treasure!

2. Shifting Through the Results

Now that you have your data, create a top ten list (or top three, it doesn’t matter, again) of the most viewed articles with the highest percentage of social shares. In case of any conflict (there shouldn’t be any, but just in case there is), assign more importance to social shares.

Now see if those articles need editing and do the needful if they do and make them top notch ones. Now ask yourself how many of them and in what order you would want to promote. This question will be answered by how you have decided to market yourself.

For example, if you are selling an affiliate product that reduces fat, you could have a series of informative articles on what fat is and how we ‘become fat’ and so on, leading to one final review type article on your product. In that case, obviously, you will not begin your promotional activities with the review article.

Let’s say now you have a refined list of four articles (and four different keywords) to promote.

3. Your Search Begins Here

Search Google+ using all the options (All, Friends, Followers etc) to know if your keywords are in any way relevant to anyone. This should not be difficult, since you will be able to guess who among those found (if found at all) can be potential lead generators. Assuming you have found your individuals, list them and choose only as many as you will be able to interact with on a regular basis. Let’s say you will choose four.

Do the same with Pages, and search for communities related to your niche. Choose as many as you would have time to make your mark in. Communities may require a bit of trial and error, but you will get there so long as you don’t want results tomorrow morning.

4. Get Social Now

You have your keywords, your articles and the people, Pages and communities you want to interact with and in. Great. So start interacting! Take them one at a time – there’s no rush. Make acquaintances and then friends, maybe. Slip in some reference to your content in the course of a conversation.

Or straightaway ask for their opinion on your content if they are experts of some sort. Your job is to get inside a circle (metaphorically speaking – not just Google+ Circles) that is strongly related to your niche and even more strongly related to your keywords and content that are already tried and tested. And once you are in, through your social skills, you are going to draw attention to your content.

We are working on a couple of assumptions here: you have great content and great social skills. If we are correct in our assumption, you should notice a small stream of visits to your articles first, and then a larger stream because the initial visitors will have +ed your work and spread the word through other social interactions too.

Regarding how you can become social, that’s a different subject, really. But we’d advise you to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Be yourself (don’t sound like a prissy bot or nerd even if you are either), Plus others’ content but not indiscriminately, leave useful comments regarding why you thought the content deserved to be +ed (to show that you are not sucking up to the author) and be regular in your interactions. You could share jokes, too – that always works if you are otherwise helpful!

Have You Learned Something New?

Hopefully, you haven’t! What we have told you is true for any social media. Google+ has Circles that takes a bit of getting used to. If you’ve been successful on other social platforms, there’s no reason you will not have the same success on Google’s platform as well.

Just remember to keep a lot of public posts so that your profile looks populated even to people not inside your Circles, and keep those keywords alive in such posts so that strangers actually find you.

Chalk out a workable routine when you are trying out our strategy. You should start seeing results – not in ‘no time’ – but definitely very soon after you have successfully completed the 4 steps and are continuing to thrive on the final step.

Author Bio: Bernard Naylor is an Online Manager for Maxwell Systems. Read his research on Technology IPOs. In his free time he likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

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    • Hi Ryan I am very happy that you like this article. Google+ is surely next big thing to be considered seriously

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    Hi jitendra , Google+ is definitely important for leveraging business leads. I use Google+ very effectively to increase my sales

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