How to Make Product Review Site with WordPress to Make Money

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WordPress has been helping bloggers for a really long time to manage content and till date is one of the best content management platforms you can use to create blogging sites and more. Typing down your thoughts and letting people know about it is a new form of art that is being largely appreciated by people all over, especially the online community. Since people rarely have time these days, in order to express thoughts fast and effectively, blogging seems like a pretty neat trick. In this post I will share how to make money with product review site through WordPress. How to get sponsored reviews and make more money by writing honest product reviews.

Moreover writing blogs now have extended boundaries of reflecting on several topics through which readers can actually gain some knowledge. Now apart from the usual blog websites, review platforms are becoming very important.

It not only serves as an important reflection of the product helping buyers to get an insight into it, but also marks a significant step for you to go ahead in the sector of review websites that includes monetization as well.



Serving pre-purchase information through reviews

Reviews are very important and serve as a vital medium for nearly 90% of online buyers to extract information from. For instance someone wants to buy a hair straightener or a new phone, the first thing that comes in mind is to understand what the product is about. Usually the reason why people do this is because getting to know about the product is necessary before getting it from online stores. This is quite common because shoppers are still quite apprehensive before purchasing a product from online stores.

This is primarily because one does not really get to see the produce before it arrives. Hence there is a need to provide reviews that will help people understand what the product is all about and the necessary specifications about it. Now if you want to create a review site to help people comprehend online market products better, then doing so with the help of WordPress is the most prudent decision to take.

Along with this if you take on sponsored reviews or get into programs of affiliate marketing, then generating revenue out of your review platform also becomes easy. Hence it would serve three very important purposes which include:


  • Offering information to the public about merchandises that are popular in the online community, thus providing a chance to gain better insight.
  • Monetizing your review site using right techniques.
  • Considering that you will be using WordPress and it is incredibly easy to use and manage, driving traffic to the site will be easy with proper content and a creatively built platform.


The initial work thus urges you to understand what you intend to do and how you want to reflect it. Combining the creation of a review site with WordPress will inevitably bear great terrific results, considering that you use the right procedures.

Decide on the category of products to be represented  

First and foremost, you need you understand the product category that you intend to review. This is necessary because when you propose to start off a review site there is an ardent need to understand the specific niche type that you want to represent. If this part is clear then, half the hard work is done. Do keep in mind to select a type that you are familiar with, know much about and can offer genuine details so that interested buyers or onlookers can extract the right data before purchasing. Now usually picking up the category is not that difficult.

If you use personal grooming products more than select items that match the sector. On the other hand, if you are an ardent lover of technological merchandise, then you can go for review of phones, tablets and other electronic devices that you have used or have ample knowledge about. Similarly you can choose many other categories from home and living, supplements, make up brands and more. Hence the first way to gain insight is to understand the kind of category that you want to review about.

Select a reliable hosting provider and a reflective domain name

Bluehost (2)

Once you are aware of what kind of merchandise you want to review, the next step is get a good hosting provider for WordPress and definitely selecting your own domain name and getting it registered. These two factors are absolutely vital because you need full control over the platform you are creating and have the freedom to make changes, use data as per requirements and most importantly maintain the WordPress site. There are several host providers available, but always go for one that is cost-effective, provides free domain space and offers good deals on new WordPress bloggers. Bluehost is actually one of the most recommended WordPress providers considering their lucrative deals.

GreenGeeks is also available for similar purposes. Once you have decided on the provider and domain name, the next important step is to install WordPress.

The host provider will have a guide showing you how to install WordPress or you can do so manually as well considering you are familiar with the techniques. WordPress has a pretty easy installation process, thus takes just a few clicks and can be effortlessly managed.





Match the theme with the nature of review site


Covering the installation process, now it is time for you to contemplate on the kind of theme you want for your review site. Now there are several WordPress themes and plugins available that you can choose from. The freedom to modify it in future and change the theme gives you the flexibility to choose. However when you do finalise on a theme, ensure that it reflects your product reviews brilliantly and does not make it the secondary element of the site. Go for something that features your reviews well, focussing more on the content. If you want to take a good look at the themes, browse through ThemesIsle and Genesis.


Necessary WordPress plugin selections



The Potential of Schema Ninja

A lot of you has asked this question – why did you create SchemaNinja? I will answer it today. Blogging and affiliate marketing industries have made me what I am today and this product is my way of paying it forward.

Schema Ninja is not only a solution for bloggers and affiliate marketers to dominate the search engine game but it works for any niche and any industry. If you depend on search engines to get traffic and hence, more sales and more money, Schema Ninja is the plugin for you.

My product is the next generation rich snippets plugin – a very advanced schema rating plugin available in the market.

What is Schema?

Schema is a concept that evaluate a page on a numeric scale of 1 to 5 stars. See the screenshot as an example.

Schema Ratings

Various data and researches prove that pages which appear in search engine results with the star marking have a higher trust factor. In other words, people are more likely to click these links than others.

Earlier, it was tough to apply all the basics of Schema to be able to get this rating. There are do’s and don’ts to follow, and quite frankly, it is not in the capacity of everyone to understand the technicalities of Schema.

This is where my product, SchemaNinja, comes in. This WordPress plugins saves you hours by making your blog / website schema mark-up ready.

>>>> Download FREE SchemaNinja Version here

Disclaimer: The plugin will not give you the search engine stars. It is entirely the prerogative of the search engines. What the plugin will do is make your web pages 100% schema ready so that the probability of getting those search engine stars is higher.


SchemaNinja plugin works for ALL WordPress users

 If you have a WordPress blog and you want to earn money from it, use the Schema Ninja plugin. I have been using the plugin since its conception; the traffic and income from my blogs have quadrupled. I have tested and experiment a lot with SchemaNinja to get these results shown below. So always keep on testing and see what works best for you.

Traffic Screenshots



Income Proofs


You can do just about anything with this free and targeted traffic.

Note: These results are based on experiments so once you installed the plugin schema ratings will not appear in 1 day it gonna take some time & earnings may vary from niche to niche. I cannot assure anything until you guys experiment on your own. I experiment a lot to see results from any product I use. Hope that helps 🙂 

SchemaNinja Features: Reviews & Recommendation

The two essential features of Schema Ninja are:

  1. Reviews
  2. Recommendation

Both these features are enabled with affiliate links. I mean you can add affiliate links to either of the options and make money.

The Reviews feature is added either on the top or bottom of every post. For example, if you review iPhone 6, you can create the Review feature like these screenshots.

Screenshot 1



You link the affiliate to anywhere. Here, I have done to Amazon. You can give point-based ranking and list the pros and cons.

Screenshot 2


The second layout is the specifications. I have listed few specs of iPhone. If you do not want to highlight specs, you can skip it.

Screenshot 3


Here, you give a nice write-up on why iPhone 6 is worth purchasing.

Also, notice the “last modified” date. This feature adds newness to the updates and hence, makes it more rank-worthy due to its freshness of content in the eyes of search engine.

On the other hand, it is beneficial for users to see and trust that the ratings are frequently updated, which increases your chances of generating a sale.

The Recommendations feature can be added on the top or bottom of every post, and in the sidebar. This is something which you would like to display on every page or every blog post.

In, I push for web hosting sales, and therefore, you will see the Recommendations feature add at the bottom of every post and in the sidebar.

Let me explain with examples.


Screenshot 1


Here, you can highlight its benefits and also list its pros and cons. This display gives the viewer an idea about the product or service. For detailed exposure, you can direct the reader to a detailed review of the product or service or as I have done, you can directly refer the user to the buying site via the ‘Try Now’ button.


Screenshot 2



This is the sidebar version. You half;

  • The star ratings
  • Logo of the business
  • Option to send visitor to a detailed review hosted on your blog
  • Option to send visitor directly to the buying site with your affiliate link

It’s a completely holistic display.

Few Other Points

You can change the display colour as per your choice through custom CSS. The plugin is very lightweight and it will not throttle your web server.

In closing, I hope you find the SchemaNinja very useful to your business. As always, feedback and support is always welcome.

>>> Download FREE SchemaNinja Version here


So you can easily create product review site with SchemaNinja plugin.

Making money With Sponsored Reviews: 

best affiliate programs to make money

As you know many bloggers are making good amount of money with sponsored reviews. Sponsored reviews are very popular among bloggers and gives you lot of benefits too. I am going to explain you how I get sponsored reviews for my blogs.

This is detailed matter for you guys to get sponsored reviews for Tech, software’s, email, apps, marketing, digital marketing niche or any niche.  I am going to explain how to get sponsored reviews & how to decide price for sponsored reviews.

Here are some of the tips for getting more sponsored reviews:

1) Spy on competitor  blog always to get more reviews:
You have competitors in your niche always, so why not spy on their blogs that what kind of reviews they are doing on blogs.  I get lot of ideas by spying on my competitors blogs and then I can pitch clients for reviews: 
2) Use torrent based sites: Yes there are lot of torrent based sites in the market which are highly popular and we can get lot of sponsored reviews from these sites.  To access there torrent sites you need VPN services check some VPN reviews I had done earlier in past:
Kickass torrents
& other torrent based sites.
These are torrents sites where lot of crack software’s are available. Why crack is available because these softwares are paid and people have found crack of it. Now type name of crack product on torrent sites and then contact the product owner. This is how you can reviews from torrent sites. I have tried this trick and it works great.
Torrent sites have huge softwares crack if we guys work hard we can get lot of product reviews and can make hell lot of money.
3) Spy on Facebook ads & google PPC ads: We use Facebook a lot, you will  see Facebook shows you ads on your wall because someone had targeted you for that ads. So by clicking on those we can get our targeted clients who can give reviews because they are spending on FB too.
4) Use android play store & Itunes store: In play store you can get lot of apps there which needs reviews.
Take an example at this app :
You will find email id below and from that email id you can contact app  owner for review.
Many people google about apps reviews before installing it so from apps reviews we can also make money.
There are different category apps on app stores so you can find any niche apps and get reviews for your blog.
So from app stores we can make money so use this trick and get paid reviews.

Use big sites like to get product reviews ideas

These sites are big and they do lot of product reviews.

 5) Use market places like Clickbank to get product reviews ideas:

There are lot of product market places available in the market. On these big market places lot of product launches happen, so you can hunt these market places for getting reviews for new fresh product. I have used these market places and got many product reviews. Some examples are given below which you can use to get sponsored reviews:


So these are some places where you find sponsored reviews ideas, on every platform there are lot of niche products, now decide in which niche you are working and then start picking the product from that platform.

For example which is platform for finding themes & plugins, here are screenshots displaying how to search.

Step 1)

Go to and search about themes or plugins on search box shown below.



Step 2)  After entering keyword you will see a list of products appear below the search box. Now choose any product and contact the author of that product.



Step 3) Suppose I choose the product :Wheats WordPress blogging theme, I will scroll over the profile of product owner and then wish to drop him email.



Step 4) In this message box write a very short email which says you are interested to review the theme & you will charge X amount.

By doing this you can easily lot of sponsored reviews from themeforest. I have tried this method and it got me some good sponsored reviews.


Now so you got the idea about themeforest, similarly you can go to any marketplace listed above and hunt for your niche product, reach the product in a nice way and I am sure you will start getting sponsored reviews.

Jvzoo, Clickbank, Shareasale & other market places have a lot of great products which can benefit you a lot in terms of sponsored reviews. So start exploring each market place thoroughly and I am sure pretty much sure that you will get sponsored reviews for your niche sites.

Don’t do sponsored reviews out of your niche, this may impact authority of your blog.

How to decide price for reviews: 

1) First see product price and then decide review price for your blog: Whenever you got sponsored email from client then see at what price he is selling the product, this will give you ample amount of idea that client can pay X amount for the review. Similarly if you approach clients for the reviews then do check the product price and then pitch them your sponsored review price.
2) Your blog traffic & audience also decide price review: Yes blog traffic matters a lot. If you have targeted traffic on your blog then it is easy for clients to pay dedicated price for sponsored reviews. Client will see if your blog targeted traffic which can benefit him. 

3) Blog authority : Yes if your blog has good DA( Domain Authority) and PA,( Page Authority) then I am sure your blog will get higher price, usually I have seen blogs with good DA PA around 35-40 gets an review price of 200$. So more the authority of your blog then higher the chances to get more price for reviews. So keep making good quality of backlinks & your DA PA would increase.

These are the crucial factors in my opinion which decide the price for reviews.

Note Bonus: SPY SPY SPY on competitor blogs always. Use keyword “Review” on competitor blog search box & you will find reviews from their blogs. 

When client is not agreeing for sponsored reviews here are few tricks you can convert client into for sponsored reviews.

First of all show some previous reviews on our blogs. If you have a very new site then you need to write reviews on your own without getting paid. Once you have good number of reviews then it will help you to get lot of reviews.

Now once you have reviews on your site show that to client that we will rank your review on the first page of Google in matter of few days. You have to convince client that we are best and our service is legitimate. Don’t fool around with the client. Be genuine here by showing some proofs of ranking other client reviews.

Also whenever the price is concerned show him we will charge 200-250$ for XYZ(Your blog name) Blog.

ABC  type blog 125$.

If client says no for sponsored reviews, offer him banner services, listing in article like top 10 WordPress plugins, top 10 hosting providers, top 10 bluetooth headphones 2016, top 10 laptop under 300$ 2016… so on….

Yes these are some other methods when client is not ready to pay for sponsored reviews.

More key points to convince clients:

Tell them for each review article we will give good social shares

Email blast to your list. Tell client that we will do email blast and that will get you more exposure.

Making backlinks, tell client that we will make backlinks for the review that will help you to get more SEO traffic.

Give him banners from different articles from your blog and show them that you have good amount of traffic from those articles. Client will surely be interested in having a look and he might give you money for banner ads.

What should I do if client don’t reply on email’s

I found one trick here, whenever client is not replying on emails then there is another method you can reach to client via phone number mentioned on their official site.

I have tried this many times and it worked like charm. Also you can reach them via Skype too.

As international calls are costly you can use app here name: Ringo app. I use this app for calling international clients and it is cheap too. Try it and I am sure it will work. Download this app here: OR You can also buy US local number too, check out this article from Amit Agarwal sir : How to Get a US Phone Number. Buying US number builds trust on client whenever you are calling them. One of my blogger friend had got US number and he got 3 sponsored reviews worth 2500$. So why not try it instead of giving up.

Sometime clients are getting too many email from bloggers and they might feel overloaded with mails and they will put these emails in trash too. Or sometimes mail had gone to spam box too, so I tried reaching out clients via phone calls and it worked like charm. I get good deals for sponsored reviews.

Try this method and always have a great English accent while talking to clients, tell them you really like the product and you are interested in writing a review for it. Show your interest, after getting client interest tell them we charge this ($$$$$) much and we will give you these benefits.

Note: You need to be honest while writing, dont write reviews for sake of the money. 

Show multiple blogs:

Yes whenever you are dealing with clients for single blog show them that you have multiple blogs and you can surely can get more money here, show some good blogs of yours and tell them for multiple blog reviews we will charge less. Tell them with multiple reviews your SEO rankings can be improved. Show some previous case studies for clients you have worked and I am sure if you show real case studies then client will surely pay you for multiple blog reviews.

This way client will get into your funnel and you will be able to make lot of money here. Suppose for 5 blog reviews you can deal for 1000$, instead of getting one review for 300$, you can deal for multiple blogs and make good amount of profit here.

Email Format  for Mailing  Clients : This is my own email swipe but try to change it according to your requirement. 

Subject: Hey Something Great For TORRENTSAFE Check out

Hello (Product Name),

I am Jitendra Vaswani, an Internet Marketer & Professional Blogger at

By exploring your (Product Name) Features, I find that you have torrent browsing services that is today’s demand and its lot safer to download torrent via torrentsafe.

I have a mutually beneficial proposal for you.

I propose an in-depth paid review of (Product Name).. The blog specializes in featuring informative product reviews, which rank high on search engines consistently.

Please check:-

We Provide:

1) 1000+ words Review with Screenshots

2) E-mail blast to 15,000+ blog subscribers.

3) Dofollow link

4) Free SEO Service in Review to rank your keywords.

5) Share on our Social media specially on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also see special advertising package here:

If you’re interested, which I am sure you’ll be, please revert to discuss pricing.

Hoping for a positive revert.

This is how you should drop an email to client, be very short dont have long emails. Clients will overlook email which are long. First try to get client interest, show what you can do best for them. I hope this email helps you to get sponsored reviews.

This is how you deal for sponsored reviews, this is far the best I know about sponsored reviews. I have personally tried these methods and it works very well.

Note: Please dont expect that you will get reply to all client emails. Sometimes your mail may went into spam or clients are getting overloaded with sponsored emails, be patient here, do follow-up strategy always. Still if you dont reply from client then move to other client. There are a lot of fishes in the market, keep hunting for next fish. 

Create your niche review market 

Monetizing your site has thus never been this easy. If you are a novice, then simple follow the steps mentioned and the factors you need to keep in mind in order to consider opening a review site. If you are clear on your agenda, then there is no stopping you from getting to the right destination.

Keep the necessary pointers in mind, such as pre-deciding on the type of product you want to review, your familiarity with it, adopting a reliable hosting provider, choosing a domain name that will reflect your work, installing WordPress, deciding on the theme, activating the necessary plugin, customizing the setting, providing the review based on grades, pros, cons, features and finally saving and posting the review.

No matter the kind of revenue generation system you have chosen, if you have exciting, genuine and unbiased content for the reviewed product, you are bound to attract traffic and not only for a temporary basis.

Hence as a reviewer or blogger, you have ample opportunity to represent your opinions, type in your thoughts in a systematic yet creative and personalised manner that will enable you to mark a niche market of your own in the community of online marketing and revenue generation. So go ahead, explore your creative blogging options with WordPress and start earning.


Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is a Digital Marketing Practitioner and renowned international keynote speaker who has embraced the digital nomad lifestyle as he travels around the world. He founded two successful websites, & Digital Marketing Agency DigiExe of which his success stories have expanded to authoring "Inside A Hustler's Brain : In Pursuit of Financial Freedom” (20,000 copies sold worldwide) and contributing to “International Best Selling Author of Growth Hacking Book 2". Jitendra designed workshops for over 10000+ professionals in Digital marketing across continents; with intentions ultimately anchored towards creating an impactable difference by helping people build their dream business online. Jitendra Vaswani is a high-powered investor with an impressive portfolio that includes Imagestation and Newsmartwave . To learn more about his investments, Find him on Linkedin, Twitter, & Facebook.

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