How to Make Your E-Commerce Website More Credible

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If you’re running an E-Commerce website, you know how important it is to win credibility and earn trust of your users. However, this is not simple to achieve, given the huge competition online and growing user concerns over shady dealings and potential mishandling of their confidential information.

Nevertheless, there are some tried and tested ways to boost the credibility of your E-ommerce website and improve your business results without having to go endure too much hassle, risk or costs.

How to Make Your E-Commerce Website More Credible

1) Virtual simplicity: Make your website user-friendly

The design of your E-commerce website is the first thing that your visitors will come across when they access your webpage – and expectedly, it is the main point on which their trust will be (or will not be) based. Despite individual tastes and preferences, surveys have shown that people are most likely to trust intuitive, minimalist and hassle-free interfaces so if you’re looking to earn some money online, it’s better to stick to the basics and simplify your E-commerce website as much as possible.

Not many people want to reveal their confidential personal and financial data online, and even fewer of them are going to trust a complicated website interface.

After all, would you yourself trust a site that doesn’t clearly display the critical fields and important information? No, you wouldn’t – that’s why your website design has to be easy-to-navigate and clearly laid out, so make sure you take the visuals into account if you want to win fail-safe user trust.

2) Show, don’t tell: Straightforwardness does it best

When building your E-commerce online, make sure the website essentials are clearly marked and accessible. Your contact number should be visibly displayed on every page, the privacy policy should be well thought-out and concise and you might even consider offering some assurance to your customers, like money back guarantee, 100% cash return or lowest price guarantee – that way, people are more likely to trust you with their personal information and their money, too.

User rating, customer reviews and testimonials are a major plus when looking to win credibility online so if you can, include these in your E-commerce website. Security badges and trustmarks also contribute to higher user confidence so it would be a good idea to flash some around on your website. Also, don’t forget to spell-check your site for any textual oversights – however slight, potential grammar or spelling mistakes can make your online business appear unreliable and suspicious to your visitors.

3) There to serve: Ensure reliable offline service

tree of trust

Though the biggest part of your E-commerce business does rely on internet-based service, it’s crucial to ensure user satisfaction offline as well. For example, you may hire reliable couriers and dispatch companies known for their reasonable shipping deadlines and dependability, timely deliveries and customer complaisance, and to even include tracking technology like courier please service.

Remember – user satisfaction is the best guarantee of your corporate success so do all you can to make your customers happy and your profits will certainly increase accordingly.

E-commerce sure is a dicey business: there are thousands of similar online services out there so winning your rightful place on the market and brining in profits is not an easy task at all.

Still, with some careful planning and sufficient transparency, your website will soon begin to thrive and prosper. Nothing risked, nothing gained – so take the plunge, launch that website and earn your place under the internet sun.

Leana Thorne is a blogger hoping to become a strong and influential online presence, therefore she gives her best to stay well informed, truthful and reader-friendly. You can reach her anytime on @LeanaThorne.

Leana Thorne

Leana Thorne is a blogger hoping to become a strong and influential online presence, therefore she gives her best to stay well informed, truthful and reader-friendly. You can reach her anytime on Twitter & Google+

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  1. It is also important to put categories for your e-commerce website. This will help users to easily find what they are looking for.

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