How to Speed Up The Process of Data Collection

Tired of manual web scraping and data analysis? In this tutorial, we’ll take a closer look at fully automated data collection tools as well as ready-to-use datasets.

How to Speed Up The Process of Data Collection

In this article, we will discuss the following topics:

  •  Typically, companies need their own massive infrastructure for web scraping and data analysis.
  • Data Collector automates web scraping and data analysis without requiring infrastructure.
  •  Ready-to-use datasets eliminate the need for self-service data collection.

Typically, companies need their own massive infrastructure for web scraping and data analysis.

Web scraping and data analysis is a very tedious process, usually done manually. These tasks can be assigned to a bot or crawler robot. Let’s start by defining the principle of this process. Web scraping is a data collection technique that copies data from the Internet into a database or spreadsheet for later analysis.

Analysis is performed only after all data has been retrieved. It helps to structure large datasets so that the data is easier to understand, manipulate, and use. As a rule, HTML files are converted into decoded text, numeric values, and other useful pieces of data.

The biggest problem is that websites often change their structure – and at the same frequency, accordingly, the datasets change.

Therefore, when web scraping and manually analyzing data, it is necessary to be able to track these informational changes, and also – most difficult – to ensure the availability of this data. It takes a lot of developers, IT staff, and servers – but many companies are reluctant to go through the expense.

Data Collector automates web scraping and data analysis without requiring infrastructure.

Data Collector fully automates the process of web scraping and real-time data analysis. You don’t have to deploy or maintain complex systems within your company.

This is a great solution if you want to outsource your data collection operations for new target sites – for example, if you are an online commerce company, and previously you collected data from Marketplace A, and now you want to start collecting data and from the marketplace B.

The main advantages of this tool in comparison with web scraping and manual data analysis:

• Gain access to cleaned, correlated, synthesized, processed and structured data before delivery – you can start using it right away
• Save time and resources by avoiding manual processes – data collection is carried out using our algorithms based on AI and machine learning
• Ability to scale data collection operations depending on the budget, as well as current projects and goals
• Access to technology that provides automatic adaptation to blocking and changes in the structure of target sites
• You will always have access to up-to-date updated data points.

Ready-to-use datasets eliminate the need for self-service data collection

If you are web scraping – specifically on a popular site of one of the following types:
• marketplace
• social network
• platform for rental housing / hotels / cars
• catalog of information / business services …
… We recommend that you use ready-made datasets. Their main advantages:
• finished result within a few minutes
• highest efficiency
• you do not need any technology, or your own specialists, or data collection infrastructure

In addition, this solution provides various options for your choice. For instance:

• Option 1 – Customize the dataset you want according to the parameters that are important to you (for example, a subset of the data on influencers in Spanish football)
• Option 2 – you can fully customize the dataset in accordance with your requirements and business strategy (for example, for the entire amount of cryptocurrency on a specific e-wallet)

Conclusion :

Bright Data provides a wide range of solutions tailored to your actual needs. Datasets provide fast and cost-effective access, and Data Collector fully automates complex data collection tasks by providing information directly to technicians, systems and algorithms for your comfort.


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