How to Tell Your Clients that Link Building is not Dead

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Link building is the part of search engine optimization, it describes the action aimed to increase the number and quality of inbound links on a page. This is done mainly due to increase the ranking of the website and drive the targeted traffic to the website by establishing relevant inbound links to the website.

Link Building is not dead

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When our client asks what is link building, we always explain them about the quality of inbound links on the website not the quantity of the inbound links on the website. There are many companies that just do the irrelevant link building for your website and hurt the ranking and authority of the website.

Search engines just consider that type of unethical link buildings as spam. If the search engine crawlers crawl that unethical link practices then your site will be considered as spam and you will loose the ranking of the site.  Only relevant links can increase the ranking of the website and drive the traffic from the search engines.

Link Building is a key factor, if your site contains relevant links to other sites with content, then people will read it more interest and other sites will try to link it to your site.

But, nowadays bloggers and companies have started looking the link building strategy as the part of their business. And, they follow it blindly to increase the ranking faster. But, due to some changes in the SEO algorithm, it has hit many websites that have followed irrelevant link building strategies.

Link Building is not at all BAD

Link building is getting a bad name not just for the bloggers, but also from the marketers. But, if we follow the correct strategy of Link building, then it can bring the highest return on investment for us. Lets have a look at the goodness of link building

  • Internal Links – You should build internal links to your website, so that the visitors can crawl the website of yours. You have to cross promote the content, services, and products for the convenience of the visitors.
  • Interlinking related sites – Nowadays it’s common for the individuals and the companies to operate the multiple websites. But, some people took in other way and started maximizing their benefits with irrelevant linking of websites for higher search engine rankings. But, the interlinking strategy should be done because you get the option to tell your readers about the additional services you can provide.
  • Links from Friendly sites – You can take the links from the friends, relatives, and community associated websites. This is considered as the best link building practice and you should not be ashamed of following it also.
  • Directory Submission – There are a small number of directories that passes the safe links back to your website. You should post the content on those directories that passes this link to your website.
  • Media outreach – Many of the SEO firms tell that they will provide you PR services and then they just post it to the press release directories, and even worse than it. But, you should have links in real media companies, as they can post your content and can bring you back the links.
  • Content Syndication – You can still syndicate your content in the popular websites. But, the links should be placed properly so that you can get the best reviews of your website from the readers.
  • Social Media – SEO doesn’t stop you from publishing the links to the social media and promote it. But, you should not think as the only strategy to gain the visitors on your website. As, search engines value only organic results rather social results.

Link Building should not be taken as granted

Link building is the practice done by the maximum users to increase the ranking and visitors on their website in short time. But, this is considered as spam by the search engines. This type of link building will hit your website badly. But, this strategy done with the proper formatting can bring more traffic to your website.

Is Link Building Dead?

As long as the people are on the World Wide Web link building will be alive. Because, to bring the new sites in spot light you have to build links, and also promoting the content to more vast audience the link building is the most important strategy. But, because of some rats, who doesn’t realize that the ship is sinking, they are following bad practices. If it’s done properly the link building is more alive than never.

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    link building always live, but Spammy links get negative impact in Page Rank.
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