How to Use Google+ Effectively To Engage Your Audience

The advent of Google Plus in the year 2011 had brought many features and differences in the world of social networking. Google Plus is now one of the popular socializing sites with over 250 million users globally. Unlike other social networking site, Google Plus has several differences and features that set it stand apart from others.

The prime unique feature of this site is that it enables the users to organize their followers and friends in diverse “Circles”, thus helping them to post correct messages to the correct people. Google Plus is not just all about mass posting!

With several differences and features, Google Plus seems to be quite confusing and complicated. So, below is the list of tips on how to use Google Plus effectively.

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As usual, users should reap maximum benefits from their profile area. Users should not only focus on creating their personal identity amongst the followers and friends, but also put effort to connect their profile with businesses. In place of using company logo for avatar, users need to include their own picture in the profile. This will not only introduce you as an actual person, but also help you to build relationships required for commencing online businesses. In the “About” section you may highlight the salient features of your business.

Engage with Your Audience

Though several critics have argued that Google+ is the isolated desert on internet today, but the reality is just the reserve as it has over millions of users globally. Even if a small part of those are active users today, then it would be more for you compared to forums. To find success on the network it is quite crucial for you to keep your audience engaged always. You need to use it efficiently and take full benefits of the features the network has to offer.

Build Your Circles

Well, shared circles are often ignored and under-utilized feature on Google+ today. You might not be aware with the fact that there are millions of users on this platform having hundreds of circle members where you can register for free. So, start your hunt for public circles or make use of App Public Circles to locate the existing communities to register and start speaking to the communities.

Join as Many Communities as Possible

Communities are the most advanced and latest features on this platform and it makes Google+ stand apart from its counterparts. Communities are generally the group of people with common interest. Unlike other social networking sites, Google+ doesn’t have any EdgeRank-type algorithm which restricts the members of the community to view the post, images posted by other community members. Sharing quality and relevant content to a wide variety of communities is the most effective way to improve your engagement, exposure and referral traffic from this social networking site.

Take Advantage of SEO

The Senior VP of Google reckoned Google+ as the social layer to Google and any activity done by the network will now take social into account. So, users need to take advantage of SEO as Google+ tend to add significant weight to your search rankings.

Use Google Authorship

Finally, users need to reap benefits of Google Authorship Feature. When it comes to determine search rankings Google consider the feature of Google Authorship quite crucial and significant. Google keeps a record when the users are featured on other websites and blogs and tend to bring everything together under one roof so as to enhance their search rankings.

So, take advantage of all these above mentioned tips on how to use Google+ effectively and rest assure to experience a boost on your engagement, activity and referral traffic.

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