How to use Tumblr for Your Business & Became Titan of Tumblr {infographics}

If somebody asks what the most popular social network is for teenagers, most people would probably guess Facebook or Twitter. But surprisingly the correct answer is neither. Tumblr is actually the social network of choice for most youngsters between 15 and 25. It has close to 50 million users now and receives 22 million unique visitors per month in the US alone. So, what exactly are the reasons for Tumblr’s popularity? Why do people use it and how can you better utilize it?

Who Uses Tumblr and Why?

As mentioned earlier, Tumblr is highly popular among the youth. They share their day to day activities and also feed off each other by “reblogging” interesting content. Entertainment related news and memes are also highly popular among this demographic. They like it compared to the rest because it falls somewhere between blogs and social media.

It offers options to write and publish like a genuine blog along with highly customizable looks. But at the same time it’s incredibly fast and easy to organize and post to just like social networks with which you may be more familiar. So, it attracts people who want to share a bit more with their network but do not want to put as much work as a real blog would require.

It is also a highly visual medium, easily attracting eyeballs. However, due to its popularity with teens, Tumblr has been used to share malicious posts as well; while this doesn’t concern most Tumblr users, it pays to be aware of the power it can have over younger generations.

What are the Unique Features of Tumblr?

These are a few interesting traits of Tumblr that makes it a medium of choice above other social channels,

  • Firstly, it supports advanced visuals like full animated gifs. This is an excellent medium for memes and they do not work properly with most other networks. In fact in some cases short videos can be replaced with lighter gifs, thus making them easier to view on smartphones and tablets.
  • Tumblr has little censorship. NSFW content that easily gets banned in Facebook can easily survive here. This is probably another reason for the popularity with teenagers.
  • For the more business oriented people, Tumblr allows dofollow links unlike other networks. This means that the links coming out of Tumblr are more valuable from an SEO perspective and it can help you improve the search rankings of your actual website. So, many businesses use it as a secondary blog and link back to their site. In this age, it is very difficult to get dofolllow links.

How Do Businesses Use Tumblr?

Tumblr occupies a sweet spot between a social network and a rich media site. Coca Cola, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Disney and many other big brands are using it heavily, mostly to share their rich visual content and connect with the youth. They tend to get highly viral among the target audience as most of the big brands utilize celebrity brand ambassadors.

The design and customization options allow them to achieve the kind of sophisticated looks that one can never imagine in Facebook or Twitter. In fact, it’s possible to write your own codes and design a site exactly as per your likings using this platform. And of course it does not charge anything for that. However, it has not yet monetized itself aggressively (although this may change in the near future). If you are still not using Tumblr, now is the time to start.


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