How to Use Your Existing Phones with a Virtual Phone System?

There are a number of questions entrepreneurs have when they are just starting out or when they are expanding. Do I have a plan for making payroll? How can I get the word out about my company? Is the market position of my product optimal? Even so, which business phone system is the greatest for me? We’ve been in business for a long time, and we’d want to assist answer some of those questions for you.

We believe that the best solutions for entrepreneurs are those that are quick, easy, and uncomplicated. Because of this, we feel that the greatest phone system for a company is not a specific model, brand, or make. Consistent performance is the highest quality.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive upgrades or extras/accessories to maintain a high-quality phone system for small businesses running smoothly. You don’t have to get involved with great virtual phone systems because they do what you need them to do. Most likely, it won’t be all that different from your current phone system.

How to Use Your Existing Phones with a Virtual Phone System

Make Sure You’re on the Right Track

You may be able to get the best phone system right now. Yes, I mean it! Instead of starting from scratch when it comes to a new phone system, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use the phone system that you already have? No huge bills to pay. There will be no additional tangle of devices to store. And there’s no new software for the team to learn about.. It’s as simple as picking up the phone, dialling, and having a conversation.

Doing so isn’t a problem at all. Using the phones you currently own, \you can build up a complicated phone system. In this manner:

Start with a Working Phone from Any Carrier, any Anytime!

Virtual Phone System

Do you have a landline or a mobile phone? Good! You’ve arrived.

Your virtual phone system allows you to route calls to any phone that is currently in use. It doesn’t matter what type of phone you have or which provider you use. ” Even if you like, you can run everything on your cell phones if you wish. As a matter of fact, a growing number of businesses are doing precisely that. Small company owners that are looking to save money by eliminating their desk phones and landlines in favour of using only their cell phones to run their businesses are becoming more and more common.

We should anticipate to see a significant increase in the number of firms that operate solely through mobile devices, as companies increasingly use remote workers, freelancers, and other methods to reduce the size of their in-house staff.

It’s a win-win situation, since you may save money while staying connected. For this idea to work, you don’t even need a specific cell phone. Do what you can with what your employees have on them. Regardless of whether you use Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or any other carrier, your virtual system will work with those phones.

No need to use cell phones, of course. You can use whatever other phone you have available to you. It is possible to route phone calls from a landline phone to a smartphone just like you would a smartphone. If you have one, you could even use it as a satellite phone. You’re good to go as long as you have an active service plan and a phone number for the device.

Create a list of existing phone numbers to use as forwarding numbers.

call forwarding

Just add your phones to the Talkroute account’s forwarding phone numbers list to get started. If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll help you through the process. Once you’ve added all of your phones, you can customize how they receive calls and texts.

It is possible to route calls to different phones at different times using the hours of operation or scheduled forwarding option. This capability is especially beneficial for businesses whose personnel are spread out across several time zones. This ensures that the correct person receives the call.

Employees in New York can’t be interrupted in the middle of the night by a call from an employee in Los Angeles.

The next step is to set up many voice mailboxes on your account, rather than one. Messages can be routed to different mailboxes based on your system configuration, or they can all go to the same mailbox for everyone on your team.

This feature enables Talkroute’s technology to be used by businesses of all sizes. If you’re using the call menu and want to route each option to a different person or department, having distinct mailboxes for each employee comes in handy.

Use your own phones to set up a business line.


In order to use Talkroute, you simply need to have a working phone. You can use it to divide business and personal calls if you’re a small business owner or the owner of a large firm with a surplus of ancient phones just ready to be put to good use. However, they may still reach you and your staff at any time if they choose to do so by dialing your personal phone number instead.

It doesn’t matter whether you use an existing number or one from the inventory; whichever number you choose, it will be your primary business phone number going forward. This also means that when you return a call to a person, your private number is always hidden, and they will only see your company number on the caller ID.

It’s possible to send calls to your account’s corporate voicemail instead of your phone’s owner. Otherwise, you can direct incoming calls to your personal voicemail box if you like.

With our virtual system, you’ll be able to send and receive text messages via your primary company numbers, rather than the internal text messaging on your phone. In this way, personal and professional messages will never be mixed up. Text messages from clients and loved ones are kept separate in separate folders on your computer.

Talkroute desktop, online and mobile apps, as well as text-to-email notifications, allow you to access your business messages on the go. Customers may text your business number and see it on their caller ID in the same way that they can call it.

You Can Run Your Entire Business from a Cell Phone

The use of a virtual phone system is popular among both small, well-established companies and start-ups. Talkroute makes it simple for them to run everything from a single cell phone. Text messages, call history, and voicemail may all be accessed using our mobile app.

By adding options like a call menu, bespoke greetings, or music during the on-hold time, your consumers won’t be able to tell that they’ve reached your personal cell phone.

Customer caller ID displays solely your company number, even if you’re using a personal cell phone to make a phone call to them. With only a cell phone as a means of communication, you can do all of your business from wherever you are.

If you’re out of the office and need to make changes to your account, you can use our desktop, online, and mobile apps to do it, or utilise a mobile browser.

This Capability Isn’t Available in All Systems.

A virtual phone system can be set up using your existing phones, but this information only applies if you’re using the Talkroute service. If you already have a virtual phone service that allows you to use your own phone, then the steps should be similar.

It’s still not allowed by a large number of service providers, including most VoIP systems. To use these phone systems, you’ll need specific phones and other equipment. To some extent, they may even require you to use their own proprietary phones.

It is feasible to conduct a business from any location utilizing any type of phone and any carrier with Talkroute, on the other hand. You can utilize any sort of voice communication technology, including a cell phone, landline, VoIP, Google Voice, or Skype number.

The Benefits of Keeping Things Simple and Easy

The greatest sophistication is simplicity. 1977 was the year Apple adopted that tagline as their mascot. Since then, Apple’s cool and unassuming attitude to sophistication has served as an inspiration for a whole new generation of product designers and business managers. As a result, we’ve been inspired as well.

Entrepreneurs find Talkroute to be a boon. We all know how difficult it is to start a business. According to the Small Business Administration, one out of every five small enterprises collapses during the first year, and by the fifth year, half of them are no more. If you want to increase your chances of surviving, what should you do?

It’s vital to have the correct product, personnel, and strategy. However, keeping things simple, lean, and efficient can go a long way toward making your firm financially viable. Don’t waste your money on a fancy phone system if your business doesn’t need it. Make the best of what you have.

Too many entrepreneurs are concerned with how they appear rather than how they perform.

We understand because we’re also business owners. It’s hard to resist the urge to brag about your impressive new wares to family and friends who doubted your ability to make it. Conserve money where you can (like on phones) and use it to fund product development, marketing, and sales instead. Those efforts bear fruit. An expensive phone system won’t cut it.

Even if you’re not, always appear professional.

Using an existing phone to set up a virtual phone system is straightforward, quick, and easy. Once you have the system configured to your liking, it will run without any additional effort on your part. However, if your preferences alter or you wish to add more phones to your account in the future, you can do so. Take advantage of the free trial to see if Talkroute is right for your company.

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