How Wishpond Helps Marketers Generate More Leads

No matter what trade you deal in, its quality must be matched by a great online marketing strategy. But it’s easier to purchase a domain than gathering the tools to market it. A coding-free tool such as Wishpond could be of true help under such circumstances. Wishpond, is a marketing automation software, a landing page builder and a lot more, here is detailed review of Wishpond. Compare Wishpond pricing structures, setup costs, features, free demo offerings and integrations.

Let’s see what the all-in-one Wishpond has got for you.

How Wishpond Helps Marketers Generate More Leads


  • Wishpond offers a wide range of features, from landing pages to marketing automation.
  • Drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for anyone to design pages and popups.
  • Templates are varied and very well designed.
  • Everything is highly customizable, thanks to pre-set page elements and code access.
  • A/B testing, retargeting ads, lead database and custom templates all built in.
  • There’s a free package so this is big bonus.


  • Dragging, dropping and clicking on page elements isn’t as responsive as it should be.
  • Manually saving a draft removes you from the editor.

Wishpond homepage review

Landing Page

wishpond landing page builder


With over 50 templates in its arsenal, Wishpond caters to the business needs of almost any flavour. These templates can be brought to the editing window by mere drag and drop gesture, and further styled with the simple editing tools. However, these palettes are capable of executing fascinating effects like a parallax scrolling effect and a bunch of other tricks.


Coding enthusiasts can deploy their advanced CSS and JavaScript skills to design landing pages from root level. Users may also embed their personal analytics tracking code for extracting data transparently.

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A/B test verifiedwishpond a_b testing

After building different versions of the landing page, it’s time to forecast its responsiveness. Run A/B test for each version and gather real-time analytics from the reporting dashboard. Now, use the best page for serving HQ landing pages with minimum buffer time for the visitors.


These landing pages are mobile responsive and serve major platforms for handheld devices. Once you are through designing the page, it can be readily published on your domain, sub-domain, and Facebook pages. Wishpond works for WordPress websites as well, just install the requisite WP plug-in and start enjoying its one-click publishes.

Create lead generation forms

Lead generation forms are the call-to-action button for the user, where they submit opinions and details. Wishpond can furnish customizable forms with checkboxes, dropdowns, MCQs, file uploads and anything that mints out the perfect answer. Based on any information that you already know about the visitor, use merge tags to personalize the questionnaires.

How to build a landing page?

Bring a template to the editor, and you will find it structured in a grid-like formation, distributed in sections. These sections are used for the vertical breakup of the page into compartments, which carry the same background image orcolour of the items within. This further breaks down into rows and columns.

Now that you have a full control on every pictorial block of the page, introduce elements like images, videos, texts, Facebook comments, Maps, or any other garnishing. These elements are movable by cursor and come with buttons to duplicate, resize and delete.

Each content type has its own unique setting, styling and aligning feature. The page design option present on the bottom left lets you change the page design, border and corner radius of the page. Right above it is the JavaScript option for code based designing.

The user panel on the top lets you run A/B testing, choose templates, undo/ redo changes, manipulate Settings, Preview, Save as draft and Publish. Setting popups has all the options to bring changes in SEO settings, Share settings and to add/ edit font.

Easy Social Contest & Promotion Apps

wishpond promotions & contests

To present a more engaging on-page ambiance, use the Contests & promotion features by Wishpond. It pulls a great level of participation with a multitude of gaming and prize distribution activities going on.

Follow this link to sign-up with a free account and introduce fancy ideas on your webpage. The Contests & promotion features can run contests, sweepstakes, referral promotions, and group offers, for retaining a section of loyal followers.

>>>You can start with Wishpond Free Plan and use Wishpond with up to 200 Leads Sign UP NOW

Varieties of contest

You can host contests on the basis of essays, Instagramhashtag, photo caption, Pinterest, photos, videos and voting contests. After devising the final appearance of it, the activities can be published on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or even your business website. This automatically adds the benefit of being operational across handheld devices.

Like & Share

Now that we have a huge audience to contest, let’s add the tools of their need. Facebook campaigns can be introduced with popup ‘like’ buttons while Twitter ones get their own follow-gate for promotion. Add a ‘share’ popup to these places or your Google+ page, for an organic advertisement of the campaign.

Referral Rewards

Audience can be lured into taking personal measures to promote your campaign, by using referral rewards option. So, whenever a contestant refers his friend to join your movement, he gets rewarded. You can also conduct polling activities as the means to compile an email listing, and then introduce them with your affiliates, afterwards.

Website Popups

wishpond website popups

Popup technology is the most marketable piece of marketing, as it innocently pushes your message or form to the users. Wishpond has a variety of website popups to cover each occasion, and generate a good load of leads/ pitch sales.


Interestingly, these popups can be swiftly designed by you, with the help of some pre-provided templates. Drag and drop these templates on the editing board, and the rest is as easy as creating a landing page with Wishpond.

Pops up for anything

You can create a popup for Exit Intent, Page Scroll, Timed, Entry, and click. While the entry popups are displayed on the arrival of a visitor, click popups can turn any link/ image into a 2-step opt-in process. Being familiar with JavaScript is another plus point here, as it lets you target the pop-ups on any parameters.


These lead generation popup forms can be attached to CAPTCHA field, for securing the resources from potential spams. Once the popup turns functional, every response that it induces can be monitored on the real-time analytics, under the dashboard.

Email marketing

wishpond email marketing

Wasn’t this section obvious to turn up? With so many resources pouring in the leads, email marketing becomes a highlighted niche of Wishpond. It can run a series of email drip campaigns and send personalized messages to nurture more leads.

Based on a user’s in/activity, one can personalize the mail with corresponding messages and offers to attract more traffic. To personalize the emails, simply categorize them on case relevant similarities by using Merge Tags.

Wishpond owns over 40 built-in integrations for analytics, sales, payment and collaboration, in the form of applications.


Wishpond Easy Lead Generation Software customers

Try a free signup to create a landing page without coding experiences, and you shall not ponder for another moment. Wishpond’s interface is as simple as described and a bouquet of marketing products make it more worthwhile.

>>>You can start with Wishpond Free Plan and use Wishpond with up to 200 Leads Sign UP NOW

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