HubSpot Vs Google Analytics 2023: What Is The Difference Between HubSpot And Google Analytics?

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Are you getting confused between the two web analysts: HubSpot Vs Google Analytics? If yes, you are on the right page.

it has been observed that many marketers operate both Google Analytics and HubSpot but they are not properly sure about the more preferable choice between these two web analytics.

Both of these digital elements serve you the same purpose but with different facilities. If you are keen to know which one is preferable over the other, keep on reading the article.

What Is The Difference Between HubSpot And Google Analytics?

What Is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management software that provides certain tools that can assist you to uplift your marketing strategies. It helps you in giving you the best type of sales methodologies and techniques.

It enhances the Return on Investment of your business. This tool enables users to look at the direct influence of the revenue and pipeline in the company.

HubSpot Overview: HubSpot Vs Google Analytics

Moreover, the software also permits the users to track and supervise the email marketing campaign.

As HubSpot is a CRM, it enables you to track and know who saw your email, selected it, and buy something. In simple words, HubSpot Analytics software is built to assist the market of the companies and sell their items in a better manner.

What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that offers basic analytical tools and statistics for marketing and search engine optimization. It is developed to track the performance of the website and collect the insights of the visitors.


It is useful in assisting organizations to ascertain the best sources of user traffic, track goal completions (such as adding products to carts, purchases), measure the success of their marketing activities, and find out trends and patterns in user engagement and get other details about visitors such as demographics.

Features Comparison: HubSpot Vs GoogleAnalytics

Here is the comparison:

Features of HubSpot Analytics

  • The software has a customer relationship management (CRM) database. Therefore, it updates users’ profiles automatically to measure and track their customer journey and engagement.
  • HubSpot lists the segmentation. which means that the software groups individuals of similar quality in one list, making the whole process of sending tasks to the users easier as now the management knows which task is to be sent to which group.
  • You are enabled to create web pages, blogs, and landing pages in HubSpot.
  • The software provides you with automated workflows. You are enabled to set up a workflow and your work like operating e-mails and marketing campaigns would log and display automatically.

Features of Google Analytics

  • It offers to monitor tools and data visualization which consists of scorecards, dashboards, and motion charts that show changes in data during a period.
  • The service has data collection application program interfaces (APIs).
  • It offers communication and sharing through E-mail.
  • It provides custom reports for acquisition, advertising, conversion, and audience behavior.

Pricing of HubSpot Analytics

The pricing structure of HubSpot is mentioned below:

  • Free of cost package but with limited yet effective benefits.
  • The starter package is $ 45 per month for marketing, sales, and service hub.
  • The professional package is $ 800 per month for the marketing hub, $ 450 per month for the sales hub, and $ 360 per month for the service hub.
  • The enterprise package is $ 3200 per month for the marketing hub, $ 1,200 per month for the sales hub, and $ 1,200 per month for the service hub.

Pricing of Google Analytics

The pricing structure of Google Analytics is mentioned below:

  • Free of cost package but with limited yet effective benefits.
  • Google Analytics 360 pricing package is $ 12,500 per month and $ 150,000 per annum.

Price verdict – HubSpot wins

As mentioned earlier both Google Analytics and HubSpot are free of cost when you require less yet effective perks. But when it comes to the pricing structure, HubSpot offers a variety of packages with low prices as compared to Google Analytics.

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Final verdict: Which Is Better?

Both HubSpot and Google Analytics serve similar purposes but in different ways. While Google Analytics offers you limited facilities, HubSpot is capable of providing you with various services.

It is Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management software and therefore works automatically in certain required situations.

Moreover, it has multiple features which Google Analytics lacks. Analyzing the details of the two software makes it clear that HubSpot is the winner.

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