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Ese of Use
Proxy Network


  • Rotating & Sticky IPs
  • HTTPS Support
  • 7+ Million IPs Access
  • Country Level Targeting
  • Multi-Credential Generator
  • No Additional Fees
  • Flexible Billing Periods
  • NO Monthly Commitment


  • Free Trial is not available

Hydraproxy is one of the few proxy providers that provides granular control, no minimum monetary requirement, and a large proxy pool of residential and mobile IP addresses to use with no additional hidden charges.

Price:$ 6

Do you intend to purchase proxies from Hydraproxy? Before you do so, you should understand about the benefits and drawbacks of their proxy service. The following is our professional review on Hydraproxy.

Looking for a reliable Proxy Server?

Finding a good proxy provider is not as simple as it may appear in the world of proxies. While most of them make claims concerning speed and stability, not all follow through. HydraProxy, on the other hand, is a residential and mobile proxy supplier that checks all the boxes and, on paper, appears to be a great place to buy your proxies. Regardless, I was able to obtain a couple proxies from there and put them to the test.

What is HydraProxy?


HydraProxy is one of the few proxy providers on the market that offers granular control, no minimum payment, and a big proxy pool of residential and mobile IP addresses to choose from with no additional fees. This provider’s pricing is based on bandwidth, but as a small advertiser, you’ll find it more cost-effective.

The HydraProxy service is a dependable proxy service with instant performance, and you can be confident that the proxies you’ll receive are high-quality anonymous proxies that are undetectable and hide your true IP address from the Internet. This provider offers proxies for both mobile and residential use, although the focus of this review will be on their residential proxies.

What’s inside HydraProxy?

This service, like most others on the market, does not control the IP addresses it uses; nonetheless, this isn’t a problem because it delivers on its promises of speed, dependability, security, and affordability.

  • Residential And 4G Mobile Proxies At A Reasonable Price
  • 7 million IP addresses in a large IP pool
  • Many sites are supported all over the world.
  • IP ports that are both sticky and rotational are supported.
  • Granular control is available.
  • Anti-browser fingerprinting software is available for free.
  • Offer daily, 3-day, and 7-day plans, which are uncommon among service providers.
  • There is no minimum order requirement and there are no hidden fees.

Powerful Residential Proxies


No Monthly Costs

There are no minimum monthly usage requirements or commitments. You can either purchase just 1GB and keep using it till you need it without incurring any additional charges or hidden charges whatsoever. With no monthly commitment, you may also purchase residential proxies for just $3/GB.

Unlimited Access

No need to pay for every single proxy; instead, you get access to a huge network of more than 5 million IP addresses. Use as many IPs as you need in any order or at the same time (unlimited concurrent connections).

Geo-location Control

You can also choose among random IP rotations and geo-targeted IP rotations. You have the option to choose from a long list containing countries.

Sticky/Random IP Session

You can select an extended sticky IP session (up to 30 minutes to 1 hour) – with a rotation that is on-demand to get a different residential IP on every request.

What is included in the Residential proxy plans?

  • Unlimited Access
  • Multi-Credential Generator
  • NO Monthly Commitment​
  • Flexible Billing​​
  • Country Level Targeting
  • 5+ Million IPs Access
  • HTTPS Support
  • Rotating & Sticky IPs

4G Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxies are an unusual proxy type that is not offered by most proxy providers. The SIM 4G node is one of HydraProxy most popular mobile proxies. They also offer various mobile proxy plans, such as WIFI and Carrier IPs.

You get a multi-node IP rotation from reputable mobile operators when you subscribe to the SIM 4G proxy. They have geo-targeted IPs as well. Second, you can use any fixed 4G carrier’s IPs, such as T- Mobile’s. Finally, HydraProxy offers WIFI mobile IPs that connect to different ISPs.

What is included in the Mobile proxy plans?

  • 1 Access IP per PORT
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • NO Monthly Commitment​
  • Flexible Billing​​
  • HTTPS/SOCKS Proxies
  • Rotating IPs

How does HydraProxy Work?

HydraProxy-Why Choose Us

While you can use their service without knowing how they work, it is beneficial to understand how any proxy service you intend to use works. The functioning method of HydraProxy is not dissimilar to that of other residential proxy services.

The nearly 7 million IP addresses on HydraProxy’s network are not theirs. These IPs are obtained from Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks, in which network members exchange their Internet connection and IP address with the service in exchange for a service.

Your web requests do not go to the websites you send them to if you have their proxy set. They are first routed through the HydraProxy, which selects an available IP address from the IP pool and routes the request.

During this procedure, the IP address associated with your request will be replaced with the IP address through which it is routed. As a result, the web service is unable to link you to the requests, and you are thus disconnected from it.

How to Use HydraProxy?

looking forward to litextention review

If you’ve used any other proxy server before, HydraProxy is incredibly simple to operate. You already know it’s a paid service based on the pricing section, so you’ll need to order a package. You can actually register and add find to your account, then use your balance to buy the package of your choice.

You are now ready to use their proxies after purchasing a bundle. You can go to the residential proxy part of the user dashboard and click on any active package you have. The protocol, server address, port, username, and password for authentication are all visible.

They feature IP filtering capabilities, including the ability to choose IPs from specific regions and the ability to change IP addresses. To configure the proxy, copy the server IP, port, username, and password and go to the application you need to use it on.

Data Security Protocols

HydraProxy’s protocols have you covered when it comes to data security. HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS are among the protocols involved. The mobile and residential nodes can rotate in an encrypted manner thanks to these protocols.

With SSH (Secure Shell) protocols, the SOCKS protocol is the most secure. SOCKS 5 is the most used SOCKS platform since it is lightweight and can handle more traffic. The HTTPS protocols, like SOCKS, provide similar security features. As a result, they employ technologies such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) (Transmission Control Protocol).

Customer Support

You can contact HydraProxy customer service by live chat, email, or Twitter at any time. They might still be discovered on HydraProxy’s website’s contact platform, which can be accessed under the resource menu. These allow the staff to respond to your question in a matter of seconds, and you can freely interact with them.

HydraProxy Pricing

Personal perspective influences pricing. In other words, what your neighbor considers inexpensive may be considered costly by others. The $2.35 minimum HydraProxy price, on the other hand, is widely considered affordable.

We consider HydraProxy’s proxy type while determining its price. The pricing for different proxy kinds are practically identical, however, they differ in terms of bandwidth, threads, and ports. Residential proxies, for example, are charged per bandwidth, whereas mobile proxy values are many ports.

Residential Proxies

HydraProxy-Residential Proxies Pricing

In the residential proxy plan, HydraProxy offers the Noob, Stater, Regular, and Plus levels. The Plus package is pricey at $2.5 per terabyte, but the Noob plan is only $5 for 50GB. They have the Regular plan for $3, which is the most popular option.

Mobile Proxies

HydraProxy-Mobile Proxy Pricing

Not to mention, because mobile proxies charge per port, they have unlimited bandwidth. Noob, starter, regular, and plans are several types of mobile proxies. They’re also inexpensive, starting at $2.95 per port and up to $59.95 per port for Plus. Regular ($15.95) for seven days is a good option if you’re looking for a cost-effective plan.

Things we like about HydraProxy!

Web Scraping

Web scraping, web crawling, and everything in between is all possible with HydraProxy’s residential proxy, including SEO, price monitoring, pricing aggregation, and market research. They feature a lot of rotating proxies that change IPs after each request, so you won’t hit any request restrictions that will result in IPs. Surprisingly, they have over 7 million IP addresses from over 100 countries. You can use this to access geofenced web data.

Account Management

Rotating proxies are bad for account management since the anti-spam mechanism of any account-based platform that requires login would be triggered by the frequent change of IP address. HydraProxy features sticky IPs that you can employ to accommodate this kind of demand.

Brand Protection

Sometimes you’ll need proxies only to access the web because you want to keep your IP address or your company’s IP address secret from other users. Because your IP address can be used to trace your activity, this is a good idea. You can use proxies from HydraProxy to spoof your real IP address and access the Internet anonymously to avoid being tracked.

Geo-Targeting Support

HydraProxy offers country-level targeting as well as a list of supported countries. They are currently backed by a large number of countries. You can ignore the geo-targeting option and collect IPs from random nations if you don’t want IPs from any specific country.



  • Unlimited bandwidth on mobile proxies
  • Flexible packages
  • Option to get daily packages
  • 24-hour money-back guarantee
  • Over 7 million residential and 200 thousand mobile proxies


  • Higher latency
  • Limited bandwidth on residential proxies

Why do we recommend HydraProxy?

  • No monthly commitment: You don’t have to waste money on a monthly service if you only need a proxy for one day. Hydra proxy offers a weekly plan of 12-24 hours.
  • Residential proxies for a reasonable price: With a minimum plan purchase of $5 for 1 GB, you can have a cheap residential proxy.
  • HyraHeaders: HydraProxy offers a free Hydraheader that works with a variety of browsers and operating systems. This features a Browser Manager with many profiles. 
  • Flexible mobile proxy pricing: HydraProxy allows you to purchase any plan for a short amount of time (1, 3, or 7 days).
  • Geo-targeting IPS: IPs in over a hundred countries that use HydraProxy servers can be geo-targeted.
  • Rotating IPs: You can rotate IPs every thirty minutes of sticky time or every HTTP request.

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OUR FINAL THOUGHTS! HydraProxy Review 2023

In the end, when you are looking for a good proxy server, you are looking for a server that offers private and secure browsing at the most affordable prices. Furthermore, if you get good bandwidth and fast server speeds, then there is nothing more to ask for. HydraProxy here offers exactly what we just mentioned. The network does exactly what a powerful and secure proxy network should be doing.

With super-fast browsing speeds, stable server connection, secure web browning, more than 5 million IPs covering all the major countries in the world, and residential proxies at a reasonable price tag, HydraProxy is one of the most dependable budget proxy networks you would find in the market right now.


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