i-to-i TEFL Course Review 2023: Get Paid To Teach English Abroad (Legit?)

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I-to-I was founded in 1994 and is the world Leading Course in TEFL courses. They have trained more than 182,000 TEFL graduates and helped them to send them abroad to make their dreams come true.

Their English-regulated courses are supported by language schools around the world, giving him a great opportunity to get the best jobs!

Your training can be done online, in class, or a combination of both, to give you the skills and confidence you need to start teaching English abroad. Once you have your TEFL certificate in your CV, you can take your first English course.

And that does not stop there, i-to-i also offers paid TEFL sites that are organized and supported in China, Spain, Thailand, and Vietnam, as well as its own employment council with more than 600 employees active in the world.

Take a look at the fantastic range of courses and excursions by clicking on the Visit Previous Website link, or click here to find out what it means to receive the TEFL rating with i – to-i!


Options Available at i to i

You can choose between flexible options when looking for the right TEFL online course. The program is offered in 140 hours, 120 hours or 20 hours. After registering for one of these courses, students will also have access to the exclusive job bank TEFL i to i.

There are excellent reference works that you can also order online. TEFL Career Development, Heaters, Fillers and Coolers, Ultimate Grammar Guide, Course Planning Guide, and Finding Work Abroad are the exciting titles of books that are available to complete TEFL learning.

That’s why I’m superior to other online courses: They strive to stick to the budget and time so students get what they need from the school to get their degree in the industry.

More About i-to-i 

This means that I-to-I TEFL  students will teach these students as soon as possible. This means that there is market demand.

In addition, students are likely to pay for their lessons in the first six months of the lesson, as the price of an online TEFL course is deliberately kept low from i to i.

I to I employees are equally committed to student success, as demonstrated by their approach to making English education accessible to all.

As the staff of i to i and TEFL emphasize, you do not need a diploma or two languages ​​to find a job as an English teacher. All you need is an open and voluntary attitude. Start investing in this exciting career opportunity by visiting the best available online TEFL school and see the difference I can make in education.


Make sure you start your studies carefully and complete the course within the required time. Otherwise, you will lose your certification completely unless you renew the course.

Does TEFL certification benefit in such a way as to allow a return on investment, since this price will cost me $449 plus an extension of $ 75

Understand your learning style: Do you learn better in class or self-study? Do you have teaching experience (you found my teaching experience useful, I’m not sure if I’m immersed in a TEFL course right after this course and have no practical experience)

In recent years, TEFL courses in Thailand have become increasingly popular and fill a gap in the market for people who travel first and then decide to stay and teach.

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TEFL companies

A good selling point is that, by learning to teach, foreigners have the opportunity to talk and train with locals during their education and, of course, to enjoy a holiday.

Whether online or abroad, teaching English as a foreign language is available to all.

Moreover, having TEFL once is a thing of the past, as the demand for teachers in countries like Thailand increases from year to year.

The lifestyle of teachers abroad is becoming increasingly popular and the opportunities for higher-paid jobs are increasing, but not all TEFL companies have been established on an equal footing.

It is extremely important that you find a TEFL agency that will guarantee you a recognized qualification and job after completing your course.

After asking friendly teachers, they directed me to LoveTefl / i-to-i. My cousin finally signed up for his online course and is now enrolled in his free employment promotion program. That’s why we decided to continue this business.

Learn a LoveTefl / i-to-i online course

TELF Review Course

For those who want to quickly get TEFL like my cousin, a 120-hour online course is available through laptops and desks.

TEFL Online used to have a bad reputation, but LoveTefl / i-to-i provides feedback throughout the course from a personal tutor, who by the way can be learned alone. the tempo

It can also be anywhere in the world, which means that you can still register if you are already traveling or living outside of the UK.

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Paid internships with the cultural and educational experience

If you want to combine travel with your studio, you should take a look at the LoveTefl / i-to-i internship packages. I would definitely consider one if I was still twenty.

This option is a different world than simply moving to Thailand and learning TEFL at a language school in Bangkok.

TELF Review - Internship

It’s a well-organized internship with a route that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the culture. They also supply them for China and Vietnam.

For example, the internship in China provides you with 4.5 months of teaching experience, Chinese culture lessons, educational techniques, the opportunity to network with other teachers, and to explore Beijing for two weeks to learn Mandarin’s basic concepts.

They also receive a scholarship every month (approximately GBP 200) and payment of GBP 250 at the end of the TEFL course. Food and accommodation, as well as pick-up and transfer to the airport, are available.

I am paid for the course, he is very good. You will receive a Tefl course, a prestigious school location, free accommodation, and a healthy monthly housing allowance.

The internship in Thailand is shorter with a duration of 8 weeks. You develop your teaching skills as you explore some of Thailand’s most beautiful locations, including the ancient capital of Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi and the beautiful island of Koh Same.

Personally, I can assure you that all these places are worth a visit and that they offer good value for £ 895 for the entire trip.

TELF Review - Paid Internship

These packages offer a complete adventure where you have the opportunity to meet other like-minded people, which I think is preferable to being in a boring language school for a month.

4 important mistakes you should avoid when choosing your TEFL Course

1. Take a course that is not accredited and does not meet international standards

Some courses are better than no training, but if you want to get a TEFL certification that will allow you to become a qualified teacher with a qualification recognized by thousands of employers around the world, you need to make sure that you are a natural. that meets at least the following criteria:

100 hours of teaching and training (the equivalent of a full-time 4-week full-time attendance course or a part-time or online equivalent).

6-20 hours of hands-on live practical training for real ESL students (no role play with other teachers in training); Learn more about accreditation for TEFL certification.

TELF REVIEW - Accreditation

Engage in a study program approved by a recognized and independent body in the field concerned;
The teaching is offered by a highly qualified lecturer and university teacher.

These standards are recognized by language schools and other institutions employing foreign English teachers, as well as the most important agencies in the sector.

Two-day weekend course, two-week course, self-taught online course without internship: none of these courses meet international standards. Attending such courses can help you find a job in some countries, but is not suitable for most quality teaching jobs around the world.

2. Inscriptions in a TEFL class without substitution for the job search

Puedes Tomar is the TEFL’s main idiom, including promotion in English languages ​​such as keywords, administrative information, payments and contact information, to find out more about the process of changing the legal adviser’s lifetime.

Terms and Conditions, Child Registration and Visas Checking, Guidance, Access to a Reading List, Click here to learn more about contact information and contact information. It is advisable to conclude a personal contract with a personal guide, which is sent from a book with a commentary on the statements made on the phone and sex for pregnant women.

Learn more about the TEFL Academy, information on surnames and electrical procedures are described in a letter and certification TEFL certification currently supported for trainees. Is this what you want, that is as much as possible without having to repay and guide your purchases so that you can take a course as a means of expression and that you need help?

3. Check your TEFL keys and TEFL skills with your sons and sign up here

There are a variety of TEFL organizations and training programs that contain research information. In the list of organizers or representatives of courses, courses or solo services, only at home, “TEFL” or “TESOL”, no comment is included. If your plan is inserted in a line for a particular message, a map inserted into a message will be corrected on the website while this program is well designed.

If this is the case, arrange it with an inscription and solitude that are not representative of the person who was registered through this movie or process. Find out more and compare prices with all other dining options for kids and for kids.

4. Suppose you have to take a course personally instead of an online course

650-phone-computer-pb.jpg Some people will think that personally completed TEFL certification courses are automatically better or more valuable than all online TEFL courses.

That’s just not the case. TEFL online courses that meet international standards provide the certification level you need. Acquire the skills and qualifications you need to benefit from thousands of educational opportunities around the world

In i to i TEFL, they educate and certify 6,000 people each year. 70% of our graduates complete their TEFL course online.

These graduates receive jobs in the world’s major labor markets, from Spain to Germany, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and South Korea.

On the other hand, many attendance courses do not meet international standards and do not provide you with the required level of certification and training to find a job.

Regardless of whether you take your course personally or online, you must ensure that you meet the above criteria for an accredited TEFL certification course.

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Would like to teach English abroad but need advice on navigating the TEFL maze?

When it comes to choosing a TEFL course, the possibilities sometimes seem endless. Here in I-to-I they keep things simple.

They have a very popular selection of TEFL Level 3 and 5 courses, all put together by experienced experts in the field. Our courses are regulated by the English Government of Ofqual and are internationally recognized.

TELF Review - Teaching Abroad

This allows you to select the jobs as soon as they are qualified.

Once you’ve selected your TEFL course provider (we hope we’re here!), You’ll need to select the TEFL level you need. Choosing a TEFL level depends on what you want to do with your ranking, how much money you want to earn or where you want to teach.

Discover our practical level comparison below and then choose the ideal TEFL course!

Get a teaching Jobs after The Course

There is nothing worse than training without opportunity, and ending a TEFL and then looking for work can be a daunting prospect in a foreign country.

At LoveTefl / i-to-i internships you probably have a job before graduation. However, those who study online as my cousin are happy to know that they offer assistance when they need it.

TELF Review - Courses

The company offers hundreds of employers in 23 countries jobs with high salaries, benefits and growth opportunities.

Here on the website, there is some of the work that you can see now and during your course.


Level 3

  • Equivalent classification
  • Online training with course option in class
  • At least 120 hours of training
  • English regulated by Ofqual
  • Optional special level 3 courses to increase your sales potential
  • Access to excellent TEFL jobs and volunteer positions around the world
  • Ratings are easier to pass than with a rating of 5

Our range of TEFL Level 3 courses is affordable, highly valued and internationally recognized. If you are looking for a high-quality qualification to teach English abroad, you are in the right place!

Once TEFL qualifies for our Level 3 courses, you will have access to excellent paid and volunteer TEFL jobs around the world.

In addition, all of our Level 3 courses have been approved by the UK Government, which means that you can be sure your qualification is at the highest level.

TELF Review - Level 3 Course

TEFL Level 3: Combined

The perfect combination online and in class! Our Level 3 TEFL Combination Course offers a Presence Weekend and an Online Course. In addition, by choosing the desired level of study you are perfectly prepared for your first teaching concert.

Discover the practical side of teaching with other TEFL students and attend the online course at your own pace. Accessible from any device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, fully compatible with tutors from TEFL experts.


Level 5

  • Equivalent degree of foundation
  • Equivalent CELTA and Trinity CertTESOL
  • At least 180 hours of training
  • We are the only TEFL provider to offer Level 5 specialty courses, such as Business English Teaching as well as
  • Individual and online training to increase sales potential
  • Access to more jobs in the world than at level 3
  • Access to higher paid jobs with Level 3
  • Better access to jobs in competitive locations (eg in some European and some English-speaking countries)
  • Online training with course option in class
  • Ratings are more difficult than Level 3
  • English regulated by Ofqual

TELF Review - Level 5 Course

TEFL Level 5 Combination Courses

Our combined TEFL Level 5 courses and diplomas combine flexible online and classroom training to provide you with an excellent practice weekend and an advanced online course.

If you want your education to increase your sales potential, choose a course with our special Level 5 modules Business English Teaching and Individual and Online Lessons.

We are proud to announce that we are the only TEFL course provider to offer Level 5 specialty courses and the only provider in the UK to have Level 5 TEFL! We will publish your CV for sure!

How much can you earn by teaching English in Europe?

It depends on the country or city you work in, your experience and the level of TEFL certification you have achieved. Due to strong competition in Spain and France, it may be difficult for you to get better TEFL jobs without a degree, but you should still be able to find entry camps and summer camps.

If you are ready to go further in countries like Russia, the Czech Republic, and Poland, you should be able to get better jobs … and the lower cost of living means your salary will go much further.

South America

Teaching English in South America is a great way for people without a university degree to gain experience and improve their teaching program.

Experienced TEFL may find work in countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica and Brazil, while TEFL beginners may find opportunities in less developed regions such as Peru, Ecuador, and Chile.

Conclusion: TEFL Course Review ( Is This What You Need- Our Opinion)

One of the unique benefits of choosing to teach English abroad at I-to-I TEFL Academy is that a foreign institution keeps the work interesting.

Getting to know new people, tasting new foods and sightseeing will undoubtedly bring positive progress in many ways.

Living in a Foreign Country makes it much easier to learn another language or another local dialect.

In most situations, frequent vacations are not an option as almost all occupations do not provide much downtime.

In addition, the visit fees in another country are extremely high and the time available is always limited.

It’s hard to find an interesting job, but a TEFL certificate will keep you interesting in all areas.

We hope this review has given you a better understanding of who the TEFL academy is and what they have to offer!

Have you ever used the TEFL academy (or one of their competitors) before? If so, we’d love to hear all your opinions, experiences, and comments in the box below.

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