If-So Review 2023: Should You Go For If-So? Is It #1 WordPress Personalization Plugin?

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User role
Dynamic keyword insertion
Login easily
A/B Testing
Parameters for the UTM
Time zone


  • Set Dynamic Content in Minutes
  • No Coding Required Intuitive Interface
  • Minimal Pageload Delay
  • The plugin is compatible with page caching
  • Built-In Analytics


  • Free version have many limitations

If-So is a simple WordPress plugin that enables you to add or alter information on your website depending on a visitor's profile or behavior on the site. Your visitors will become more engaged, convert, and purchase more!

Price:$ 139

Have you ever seen internet information that was so pertinent that it seemed as if it were speaking directly to you? (Also check out Taylor Swift’s songs for when you’re alone…) *sobs*) 

It is not magic; it is dynamic content or content that changes in response to the user’s gaze. 

Would you want to use this data-driven strategy to boost conversions on your website? 

If this is the case, you’ve found your new favorite WordPress plugin with If-So Dynamic Content. 

What is If-So? 

If-So Dashboard

If-So is a simple WordPress plugin that enables you to add or alter information on your website depending on a visitor’s profile or behavior on the site.

Your visitors will become more engaged, convert, and purchase more! Customize content for each visitor’s nation, city, state, or continent The substance of the schedule varies between dates. 

Content should be scheduled according to the time of day and week. Attract visitors’ attention with messages written in their native language. Display customized content to users that arrive through a custom link.

Customize content for users who arrive through a certain domain or site. Different information may be loaded on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Substitute calls to action based on the number of times a visitor has visited the site. Present visitors from various time zones with varying material.

Personalize content for users who have visited a certain page on your website. Split test two to four content versions to optimize. 

How Does If-So Work? 

How If-So Work

Each consumer is unique, and the makers of If-So understand this. 

This WordPress plugin enables dynamic material to be shown to site visitors depending on “conditions” (or factors) such as search keywords, location, pages viewed, or visit count. 

If-So is compatible with any page builder and enables you to edit every element on the page (including menu items) and generate as many versions as you desire. 

Best of all, it requires no code! 

Your site visitors will get a more tailored, relevant experience as a result of this dynamic content, which will increase conversion rates.

Additionally, If-So enables you to develop dynamic calls to action that change according to the time of day and your business hours. 

For instance, you may create a CTA that reads “Click to Call” during business hours or utilize a form to collect lead information during off-hours. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to segment your consumers and provide them with dynamic information depending on their common features.

By providing a more consistent and relevant experience for your site visitors, you may significantly enhance conversions. 

If-So remembers which sites your visitors have previously visited, allowing you to provide the material that is relevant to their stage in the buyer’s journey. 

With the Google Ads condition, you can customize the content of your landing page according to the user’s search term, providing a consistent experience for prospective consumers who discover you through Google. 

Who is the most knowledgeable about which information is most appropriate for each visitor? The actual visitors! 

Therefore, why not contact them directly? 

If-So enables you to include a selection box that enables users to choose the most relevant material. 

You may send dynamic material that is most beneficial to them based on their self-selected demographic, geography, purchasing intent, or other characteristics. 

Are you curious about the performance of your dynamic content? (Of course!) 

If-built-in So’s statistics provide the number of times each version was seen and the number of individuals who converted. 

If you want more data, you may link Google Analytics to monitor the visibility of individual versions and classify your reports appropriately.

Providing relevant material to your site visitors does not have to be a guessing game, like choosing presents for the in-laws (which, for the third year in a row, will be a bottle of wine). 

You have access to a confidential tool that enables you to get data-driven responses based on users’ attributes and activities with your site. 

With If-So, you can increase relevance and conversions by providing dynamic information to your site visitors. 

Major Features and Benefits of If-So 

  • User Role:

Display content according to the user’s role. 

  • Cookies:

Content may be added or replaced depending on the name or value of a cookie. 

  • IP:

Content may be changed depending on the IP address of the user. 

  • Customize:

Customize the landing page based on the search term entered by the user. 

  • Login easily:

If a visitor is signed in (or has previously been logged in) to your site, you may choose whether to display or conceal information. 

  • A/B Testing (also known as split testing):

Split testing two to four different content versions can help you optimize your content. 

  • Parameters for the UTM:

Content updates are dependent on the UTM parameters that have been set. 

  • Pages that were visited:

Visitors who have visited a certain page on your website might have their material tailored to them. 

  • Time zone:

Provide users from various time zones with a diverse set of materials. 

  • Visitors who have returned:

Calls to action should be replaced based on the number of times a user has visited the site so far. 

  • Users who are logged in:

If a visitor is (or was) logged into your website, you may display or conceal information. 

  • Type of Device:

Different types of material may be loaded on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. 

  • Source of the referral:

Create content that is tailored to visitors who have arrived through a certain domain or site. 

  • A dynamic link changes over time:

Specify the material that should be shown to visitors that arrive through a custom link. 

  • Language of the browser:

Messages in the visitor’s native language should be used to attract their attention. 

  • Schedule:

Content should be scheduled according to the time of day and day of the week. 

  • Dates for the beginning and end of the project:

The content of the schedule varies between a set of dates. 

  • Geolocation:

Configure the material to correspond to the visitor’s nation, city, state, or continent of origin. 

Why Use If-So? 

Reasons Why User Love If-So

Here are the few reasons why If-So is the best option available in the market – 

  • If-So matches the IP address to the geographical location by using up-to-date datasets and a premium database.
  • No session limit (Except for the Geolocation condition which is limited to 250 monthly sessions on the free version)
  • Compatible with any page builder, including Gutenberg, Elementor, and Divi.
  • Complete re-design of the site’s content – titles, text, photos, and even menu elements.
  • After just two minutes of effort, you’ll have geolocation-based content!
  • Increase sales, conversion rates, and user engagement on your site.

Dynamic Content for WooCommerce

Dynamic Content for WooCommerce

You’ll love If-So WooCommerce integration. You can now increase sales, reduce advertising expenses and have an edge over your competition with the help of this easy way to integrate into WordPress without any hassles!

You are going to be thankful for how much more money you make when using our services because we strive towards customer satisfaction by delivering results that work at once; it also means less time spent on maintenance as everything gets taken care automatically through data analytics-powered solutions like dynamic pricing.”

Display dynamic content to your visitors based on:

  • Product/Category in Cart
  • Product/Category purchased
  • Customer Details
  • Units in stock
  • Total spent
  • Number of orders
  • Number of
  • Average Order Value
  • Value of

WooCommerce and If-So Conditions

Product/Category in Cart


Show dynamic content based on the products your customers place in their cart. This condition is great for cross-selling and up-selling, some of the easiest ways to improve sales and revenue.

Eg. If a customer places an iPhone 12 in their cart, offer a case to fit the phone.

Product/Category Purchased

Show dynamic content based on the product or product category your customers purchased from.

Eg. Offer the perfect shirt that would match the jeans they previously purchased.

Customer Details

Show dynamic content based on a customer’s billing or shipping address, their city or country, or even postcode.

Eg. Offer sales to customers purchasing products during holidays, like Labor Day sales in the US, or Chinese New Year in Asia.

Units in Stock

Show dynamic messages based on the number of units in stock.

Eg. Get must-have products before they go out of stock and increase user experience while keeping customers coming back for more.

Dynamic Content From CSV

Create and manage thousands of dynamic content versions directly from a CSV file.

  • Easily create and manage thousands of dynamic versions
  • No page load delay! Not even if with thousands of versions

Why should I use Dynamic Content from CSV?

Creating dynamic content using an If-So trigger is super easy and useful. But if you’re applying thousands or even only dozens of different versions, it can become time-consuming for your team members to maintain all those changes in their systems – not to mention the page load delay!

A new way has been developed that allows teams who create hundreds/thousands of pages every day much easier management over these updates: CSV files with flexible fields are now being used as templates instead static HTML markup.

CSV is a perfect fit for any project that needs to use data, whether it be on your site or within page templates. If-So CSV offers compatibility with HTML content and syncs up seamlessly with all of the bells and whistles included in this handy toolkit!

Which Conditions Can You Set with If-So CSV?

  • Query-String (URL Parameter): Show content based on the value of a parameter
  • Geolocation: Show dynamic content based on the country, state, or city name
  • User Time zone
  • Page URL
  • Post ID
  • User IP
  • User Details (email / user name)

If you want to show dynamic content based on other conditions, please check out our dynamic triggers.

How To Create a Location-Based Business? 

Setting up location-based content using if-so is a straightforward three-step process. Here are the steps as to how you can create location-based content easily – 

Step – 1: Create a new trigger with the “Geolocation” condition selected. 

Step – 2: Configure the content that will be shown when the condition is satisfied. 

Step – 3: Publish the trigger by clicking “Publish” and pasting the trigger’s shortcode anywhere on your website. 

That is it. So simple right? 

If-So Pricing- If-So Review

If-So is entirely free to download. 

They have 3 Pro Pricing plans – 

Pro Pricing Plan

  • Personal ($ 104.25): This includes a single domain and one year of support and updates.
  • Agency ($ 149.25): This includes 5 domains and one year of support and updates.
  • Enterprise ($ 372.75): This includes 100 domains and one year of support and updates.

They have 3 geolocation pricing plans for you – 

Geo Pro Pricing

  • Geo Basic ($ 8 per month if paid monthly and $ 5 per month if paid annually): This includes 10,000 monthly sessions, which is just $ 0.005 per session.
  • Geo Pro ($ 16 per month if paid monthly and $ 10 per month if paid annually): This includes 35,000 monthly sessions, which is just $ 0.0003 per session.
  • Geo Super ($ 45 per month if paid monthly and $ 25 per month if paid annually): This includes 100,000 monthly sessions, which is just $ 0.00255 per session.

After subscribing, you may upgrade the Super Geo package as many times as necessary. Additional 50,000 monthly sessions are available for $ 12.50 per month on an annual subscription basis. 

Some of the major features included in the paid versions are updates, support, recurrence, groups, user role, page URL, pages visited, scheduling, dynamic links, Google ads, browser language, and a lot more. 

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FAQs related to If-so

💁‍♀️ How precise is the location detecting algorithm?

There is no such thing as a 100 percent accurate IP-to-location service. The accuracy of a location is determined by a variety of variables (Learn more here). To provide the finest outcomes, they use a compensated, extremely accurate, premium database. Additionally, if you come across any inaccuracies, you may notify them and they will ensure that the information is updated.

🙆‍♂️ Is If-So compatible with all website and page builders?

Yes. If-So is compatible with any site and any field that supports shortcodes. This covers page builders such as Elementor, Gutenberg, and Divi.

🙋 Will I be charged for each page view?

Nope! If a user views more than one page with a geolocation trigger during a single visit, If-So counts the visit as a single session. A session will be counted only if the user navigates to a page that has a geolocation-based trigger.

🧏‍♂️ Is knowledge of coding required?

Certainly not! Install the plugin and immediately begin producing dynamic content.

🤷 Is it possible to test the geolocation service for free?

Yes! You may download If-So for free and begin utilizing the geolocation condition immediately. Enabled all features (limited to 250 monthly sessions).

Conclusion – If-So WP Plugin Review 2023

As you have read the review I believe you know all about If-So by now. It is an incredible platform and can help you grow your business. We strongly recommend you use If-So for your business. Please let us know in the comment section whether you liked If-So review or not. 

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