Improvado Review 2023: Is It Legitimate Tool ? Read Before Buy( 8 Stars)

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Reporting and monitoring digital ad campaigns for long, has been a huge hassle and manual task compilation and presentation eats away a lot of valuable time and money of marketers. Marketers these days have become extremely practical about the amount of time and money to be invested at various stages of a marketing campaign, especially when they are to handle multiple campaigns.

Aggregating and managing data from different marketing platforms become extremely difficult and expensive after a point if you have to hire an official for this job. Thus there is a need for a powerful and reliable data aggregation system to create interfaces, host and maintain databases, normalize data, and visualize reports.

Improvado is one such popular data aggregation system that suffices these purposes. Let us walk down a quick all-in-one review of this tool, including features, advantages, prices and more.

Improvado Review 2023: Is It Worth The Hype?

What is Improvado?

Improvado is a cloud-based marketing data aggregation system which allows users to connect to a range of marketing platforms, business intelligence (BI) and data visualization systems, without needing help from developers. It allows marketers to aggregate all their data and present it neatly to clients all it in minutes. Users get to power their data management with over 80 native integrations including Google AdWords, Analytics, BigQuery, and more.

ImprovadoReview- All Your Marketing Data in One Place

Improvado offers a custom automated marketing dashboard which provides users with cross-channel optimization advice and alerts for all of their campaigns in a single interface. There are also options for tracking campaign performance and users are also able to measure and compare any metrics and visualize data.

The platform has been created by marketers for marketers with an aim to eliminate any kind of interference between marketers and clients with the advanced White Label client portal. You can import data from hundreds of fields from various platforms, including performance metrics that can be easily customized as to how users measure and view the data.

Improvado Review- Features

Highlight features

Improvado is a powerful tool that can help you aggregate all your marketing data in one place. The platform offers just the right tools that suffice your marketing data management and related requirements seamlessly. Here are some of the most useful features that make Improvado just the tool you are looking for.

  • Automated marketing dashboard

Improvado provides users with a well-organized all-in-one dashboard which comprises of all the tools and options to let you automate manage and aggregate all your marketing data efficiently in one place.

Improvado Review- Customized Marketing Dashboard

  • Powerful Data warehouse

Improvado’s tie-up with PostgreSQL, Google BigQuery, etc. allows for easy, quick and efficient warehousing of your data, faster than any other tool.

  • Customizable data

With Improvado, you get access to detailed marketing raw data that can be transformed and customized for presentation to clients.

Improvado Review- Reprots

  • Multiple API integrations

Integrate with SQL access, Spreadsheets API, United API directly to platforms.

  • White-Label

An advanced white label client portal allows you to present yourselves your way so that clients can explore through a branded portal on their own platform. This helps maintain a clean marketer to client bonding involving no middleman.

Improvado Review- Whitelable Dashboard

  • Prompt Support

Extremely supportive and proactive customer support team that offers Priority handling with 24/7 coverage and phone support.

  • Multiple Integrations

Extract from more than 80 integrations like Google AdWords, Analytics, BigQuery, Data Studio, Looker, Tableau, Power BI, Excel, etc.

Improvado Review- Integrations

Major advantages

You must be wondering that there are numerous popular data aggregation tools in the market that offer similar features to marketers, then what makes Improvado different. Most importantly, why should you try Improvado over other?

So here are a few handpicked advantages of using Improvado to manage all your marketing data.

  • Easy to use and flexible

The overall user interface of the platform is extremely simple and intuitive making it very easy for anyone to work with Improvado. Also, the data management tools are highly flexible when it comes to options for data presentation.

Improvado Review- Automate Your Marketing Data ETL Platform

  • Time-saving

The ability to connect with a large array of data sources, create custom metrics enables marketers to save on a lot of time that goes waste while manually pulling and compiling data for clients.

  • Detailed data collection

Improvado literally helps you import data from hundreds of fields from various platforms that can be easily customized as to how users measure and view the data. These include performance metrics that can be calculated automatically according to users’ preferred methods. Furthermore, conversion paths can be tracked to identify how campaigns contribute to KPIs and budgets.

  • Powerful client platform

A white label client portal also allows users to present data for clients to explore through a branded portal on their own platform. This is an effective option since it removes any kind of middleman or third-party interference in between, thus maintain a clean marketer to client bonding.

  • Multiple API integrations

Improvado allows users to automate the marketing data pipeline by connecting marketing APIs with data visualization tools. There are literally tons of APIs to hook into tons of platforms. Plus, the developer team is always adding more with time.

  • Integration with Google Sheets and Google Analytics

Aggregating marketing data systematically involves aggregating the data in spreadsheets. Thus, Improvado offers integration with Google sheets so you can access your marketing data anytime anywhere. Plus you can also integrate your Google Analytics to stay updated with your marketing figures on the go.

  • Customizable data presentation

All and any kind of data imported using Improvado can be combined, mapped, and normalized without any hassle. Users are able to specify whether they need raw or mapped data. Furthermore, they can easily change attribution models by defining how credit is assigned to touchpoints for conversions and sales.

  • Side-by-side data comparison

Improvado allows marketers to compare cross-channel metrics side-by-side to provide insight for important business decisions.

  • Integrate with social media

Improvado lets you effortlessly integrate with your social media marketing campaigns like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Pinterest, Adwords, Outbrain, Adroll & more.

  • Great customer support

Improvado boasts of a super responsive customer support team who are available to walk you through your issues anytime with 24/7 coverage and phone support.

Plans and pricing

The most appealing thing about Improvado which you won’t easily find in any other rival platform in the market is that they DO NOT offer any fixed package, pricing pattern or a fixed feature list for any plan. Improvado rather offers custom pricing to their customers based on the number of employs your marketing campaign involves.

  • Small (<50 employs)
  • Medium (50 to 1000 employs)
  • Enterprise (>1000 employs)

You will need to contact the Imporvado support team to consult regarding the custom pricing are you can also request a demo. Visit the Improvado official website for more information regarding the custom pricing, features and related queries. 

Features included

  • More than 80 integrations
  • Support for PostgreSQL, Google BigQuery, etc.
  • Transformed data, raw data
  • United API directly to platforms, Spreadsheets API, SQL access
  • White-Label client portal
  • Priority handling with 24/7 coverage and phone support

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Conclusion: Improvado Review 2023

Improvado is indeed capable of managing all kinds of paid advertising and e-commerce platform reporting seamlessly without eating away too much of your time and money. Users from different parts of the world have reported that Improvado eventually saves them about 20 hours a week by automating the entire data aggregation process.

The automated marketing dashboard is clean and resourceful, offering all the necessary tools you may need to centralize all your marketing data. Strategic optimizations and numerous API integrations allow users to effortlessly map data, build and visualize custom reports and more.

The ability to connect with a large array of data sources and creating custom metrics helps marketers present their campaign data to clients just the way they like it. Furthermore, the White label client portal makes sure that the clients are directly able to connect with marketers and explore their data.

Altogether, Improvado is indeed an out of the box marketing tool that can easily help you connect any marketing platforms in minutes and centralize your data management using a bunch of powerful tools!

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