Incapsula Review 2023: How It Can Make Your Website Faster

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Two major concerns while owning or managing a website are the security and speed of the site. But, all thanks to Incapsula, all these requirements are met without the need to install any software or hardware.

Incapsula speeds up and protects the websites as it offers cloud-based service for SME’s.  It is also proficient in detecting fake bots and provides Enterprise-grade website security by providing a PCI-certified Web Application Firewall (WAF) against hackers. Also, the service has their content delivery network (CDN) in place to speed up the websites.

Incapsula Review CDN Website Security DDoS Protection Load Balancing

Let us go through the features of Incapsula in detail:-

Working with Incapsula

It is easy to use Incapsula as one just needs to change website DNS records. This will help in the passing of the traffic through INCAPSULA’S network centers and then the company takes cares of the incoming traffic maintaining the security.

What Incapsula Offers

Cloud-based services and Plans that suit all type of businesses ranging from free plans to business and enterprise plans is what Incapsulaoffers to its clients.

  • DDos Protection,
  • Content Delivery Network,
  • Load Balancer,
  • Website Security

The Dashboard

Incapsula review Dashboard

Incapsula Review features

There are different tabs that have their significance. Examples are listed below:

The Traffic Tab

Incapsula Review Traffic

As the name suggests it controls the traffic by keeping a track of the websites visited and sessions. The human and bot visits are separated.


This gives the user great freedom to adjust as per his or her choice. The following options are available under settings:

Site Setting

Incapsula Review performance

This option further provides many other features, but the most useful one is ‘Advanced Acceleration Mode’. It helps in upgrading the sites performance and aids in improving content caching.

Notifications Settings

Incapsula Review protection

Updating the user with all the latest happenings is done with the notification settings:-

The summary of the week is passed to the user about all the important events, traffic and performance statistics. This is termed as the weekly report.

Another report given to the user is PCI compliance report. The primary purpose of this report is to ensure that the website is secured and protected by a WAF. It is also verified by an auditor.

Another impressive feature is the real time notifications. This includes information about any visitor to the site or any approaching threat.

How to use Incapsula for your website:


Settings Involved In Security:

Incapsula Review traffic stats

Incapsula‘s bot access control is designed in a way that its user can choose which bots are to be blocked, which can be allowed to visit the web page and which can get a CAPTCHA test.

There are some bots which cover themselves through fake user agents and fraud IP’s. Incapsula uses a number of labeling techniques to find out the ways which help in the search for the fake bots just by judging through their behavior, patterns, and the HTTP headers.

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The WAF settings: the web application firewall shelters are classified from four types of varied threats.  For instance- XSS, DDoS, SQL injection and Illegal Resource Access attacks. For each type of attack, there is a category as in what action is to be action like block, alert, ignore and block of particular user or IP.


DDoS has an automatic feature which gets enables in the case of attack. There is an option in DDoS names as the advanced settings which give a site administrator a challenge to configure. Numerous configurable challenge choices are Captcha support/ Javascript/ Cookie.

Packages Provided By Incapsula

This offers three different plans to their customers. They have plans from free for the entire small website to a business plan for all large business setups. We are sure that you will be able to find a suitable plan for yourself.

Their Pricing Plans Are:

Incapsula Review- Pricing and Plans


Free: This plan is meant for small blogs, and as the name suggests, it is free of cost. Yes, CDN is included in this plan.

Pro: This plan is meant for large blogs and costs $59 per site per month. The features covered in this plan are PCI compliance report, Backdoor protection, Web application firewall, SSL support and Advanced performance

Business: This plan works perfectly for small businesses and costs you $299 per site per month. The features of this plan are Blocks application layer, does Auto-detection & triggering, Blocks network layer for DDoS attacks and offers support for custom SSL certificates. All these features are extra as the features provided in Pro plan are available in this too.

Enterprise: This plan has custom pricing for enterprise and midsize companies. For knowing the most suitable plan, contact their sales team. Also, free trails are provided with different plans.

For further detail on pricing, click here:

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Help and Support

Incapsula offers round the personal clock support through their experienced executives through live chat on their website, phone, and email. Their team of security experts strives hard each day to monitor ongoing threats and offer tuning of security policies.  Call them at +1 (866) 250-7659 to get a free trial and a free quote if you have a Midsize and Enterprise Company.


I rate this nine on a scale of 10. We would advise all to use Incapsula to keep a protection mode on for their websites adjacent to all threats and help in accelerating work.

Incapsula is perfect if you have your eCommerce website as it offers a PCI-Certified WAF with excellent reports. These reports are comprehensive and can be ideally used with your compliance file. If you are one of those customers to whom confidentiality, security, availability and integrity are of paramount importance – then Incapsula, in my opinion, will surely help you to achieve your goal


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