Email Signup Ninja – The Secret to Dramatic Increase without the Drama

Why should you aim to increase your email signup rate?

There are a lot of reasons but perhaps, the biggest one is that because these signups will protect you from Google. Brian Clark will surely back me up on that statement.

What exactly is the email list?

It is your ticket to success. This list has the contact information of people who are actually interested in what you have to offer. They voluntarily signed up for updates. Since they are clearly interested, there is a big possibility that they will become your customers or your clients.

With its importance establish, the question now is how to increase your email signup rate?

These are the five basic strategies in how you can increase conversion possibility through your email signups through your content.

Email Signup Ninja

Time is of the essence

Send messages to all your readers; is a common practice of successful online and print media campaigns to include time-sensitive language that warns the readers about missing a big opportunity.

A lot of people hate loss and regrets. Mention having limited slots and you will notice how people sign up fast. It is the best call-to-action strategy which works great for Amy Porterfield who conquered Facebook.

There is a golden rule when it comes to advertising and marketing – never use false advertisement. Tell your readers that you have limited slots only when you really do. This principle applies to discount sales too.

Take risks

Do not be afraid to deviate from the ordinary practices. According to an adage, if you want a different result, then you have to try doing something different.

Some people already grew tired of the usual informative approach of blogs and websites. However, with a narrative approach, email signups increase for up to six percent.

With interesting personal narratives, you can hold the attention of readers even when you tackle really dry or highly technical topics.

A good example of a person who uses this technique effectively is Michael of VSauce who (see video below) merges scientific information with history.



Present proofs

 People love social proofs as much as they fear being the first.

Just keep in mind that such proofs should be real and that such proofs should be presented naturally. It should be presented in sales pitches and in the landing pages by incorporating these proofs into a story.

A good strategy is like what James Chartrand does in Men with Pens. He displays feedback from satisfied clients on the About page.

Email Sign up Box

Have signup forms at the right places

Most bloggers rely on their sidebar to get readers to signup.

Do not be satisfied with the conventional practices.

Tweak and test…

…This practice helped Barack Obama earn more than $60 million.

Use your landing pages wisely. Learn how to target readers based on what they actually need.

Balance content for search engines and real readers

Do not choose one. You have to write both for the search engines and for real people.

Therefore, you have to consider what your readers need and what search engines look for. Learn as much as you can about how search engines actually work and what specific keywords you should target.

Now, it is your time to shine.

Yes, headlines, grammar, and your blog posts are very important.

However, experiments and taking risks are just as important. Make changes and test the results. Do not be afraid to try something new as it is usually how great things begin.

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