India’s Retail in Real Time – What India spends its money on every second

The infographic underlines how and where the Indians spend their cash and how quickly these numbers grow.

Regarding the online business Flipkart, the total number of daily sales is surprisingly high: about 1.4% of the money spent online goes to Flipkart. The chart also shows a high number of online visitors the online shopping store has per day. Also the number of revenues Bollywood daily generates is huge.

Despite the fact that there have been several reports about online credit card fraud in India, the infographic reflects that people still make use of their credit cards.
As displayed, people in India prefere to drink Coca-Cola over Coffee, but Tea is still the favorite beverage compared to the other two mentioned. On the negative side, the infographic displays that on each 6 cans of coke there comes 1 can of beer.

What’s not surprising: the total number of daily wedding-related expenses is very high.


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