Indy Review 2023 – Features & Specs: Should You BUY?

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Customer Service


  • Customer Service Is Simple
  • Templates For Invoices
  • Storage of Files
  • Acceptance of Payments


  • Can have more automation tools

If you’re seeking a dependable invoicing solution to manage your little or large company, Indy Online Invoice Software is your best option

Price:$ 5.99

Looking for an unbiased Indy review, I’ve got you covered.

Are you a company owner seeking a quick and straightforward method of sending and receiving invoices? Invoicing customers may be a big nuisance, even more so when it comes to giving them an invoice for your services.

Ever wondered if you can automate your invoices so that you could send them whenever you please, worry-free? You certainly can. This is where Indy comes into play. Indy enables you to create and send invoices, as well as manage your customers.

If you’re seeking a dependable invoicing solution to manage your little or large company, Indy Online Invoice Software is your best option.

Its simplicity of use, robust functionality, and sophisticated features make it an excellent option for organizations of all sizes.

This blog will provide comprehensive information regarding the Indy invoicing software. Our review will provide you with the knowledge necessary to make an educated decision.

Indy Review: What Is Indy?

Indy is a workflow platform for skilled independent workers that choose to work independently. Indy’s objective is to provide a dependable collection of freelance administration tools that enable any freelancer to quickly locate the resources they want to succeed.

We’ve created a space for freelancers to develop ideas, write contracts, issue invoices, and get payment – all in one app to make an freelancing simple.

Indy Review What Is Indy

Indy assists freelancers in growing their businesses by streamlining administration and streamlining the process.

Independent is ideal for independent contractors looking to boost their productivity and expand their company.

6 Major Benefits of Using Indy

An invoice is a document that contains information about the payment, the invoice number, the products or services are given, and so on.

The objective of an invoice is to notify the client of the payment and the amount owed to the seller. If the seller makes an error on the invoice, no modifications may be made.

However, while utilizing Indy Online Invoice Software, this is not the case. It is a straightforward piece of software that is simple to use and has all of the functions associated with an invoice.

If you’re considering migrating from another invoicing software to Indy Invoice, we recommend the following reasons:

This tool enables you to issue invoices, handle client payments, and monitor them. Additionally, you may produce excellent PDF files directly from the invoice pages.

Trial Period When you join up for Indy Invoice, you immediately have access to all of the application’s features.

You may create an invoice directly from your phone, by email, or using a web browser. It is a simple and dependable method of managing your company.

Indy Invoice is a feature-rich, easy-to-use online invoicing application.

It is equipped with a plethora of handy tools and strong capabilities. Several of its primary advantages include the following:

1. Customer Service Is Simple:

If you run into an issue when making an invoice or with any other aspect of the program, you may quickly contact the customer support staff.

The customer support staff will walk you through each step and will assist you in resolving the problem.

Indy Review Customer Service Is Simple

2. Tracking Payments and Invoices:

You can keep track of all your invoices and payments. You may access it at any time and from any location.

Additionally, you may see the payment status and comprehensive history of each invoice.

Indy Tracking Payments and Invoices

Additionally, you may export these entries to a spreadsheet. Additionally, Indy gives reports that include the overall amount of payments received, outstanding balances, and the sum owing.

3. Templates For Invoices:

There is no reason why you should spend hours updating a complicated template. Indy takes care of the tedious tasks so you can concentrate on expanding your company.

The templates assist you in quickly creating professional-looking invoices. You may either select from a choice of pre-designed invoice templates or develop a custom invoice template to meet your specific demands.

indy review Templates For Invoices

Whether you need a simple invoice, one with images, or one with several columns of information, Indy has you covered.

Several Invoice Template Examples Indy provides a variety of invoice templates, including accountant invoices, actor invoices, advertising invoices, architecture invoices, artist invoices, and attorney invoices. There are more than 50 options available.

4. Accept Popular Methods of Payment:

The payment gateway included with the software has been designed to provide a seamless online payment experience for your consumers.

This enables you to take payments using a variety of common credit cards and online payment methods.

Additionally, the payment choices make it simpler to collect money since you are not required to pursue them. This ensures that your customers pay your invoices on time.

5. It’s Simple To Create an Invoice:

You do not need any more training to begin utilizing it. By entering a few basic facts such as your name, address, phone number, and email address, you can simply make a simple invoice utilizing the program.

You may also include your company’s logo and a picture of it.

indy It's Simple To Create an Invoice

Additionally, you may personalize your invoice by including your brand colors to provide a unique touch. You may also leave the consumer a handwritten message. And after you’ve customized your invoice, you may save it and send it to your client. The program was designed with the speed and ease of online invoicing in mind.

Indy Review: 8 Features of Indy

On a strategic level, Indy’s business management tools are geared toward assisting you in building and growing your firm.

Without the use of different tools, you may establish customer accounts, write proposals for them, and manage client interaction. Of course, billing and payment administration are also included.

1. Timekeeping:

Each of us works uniquely and bills customers appropriately. However, one of the most difficult areas is fulfilling consumers’ need for more responsibility. That is where Indy’s time tracking function is advantageous.

indy Timekeeping

You may launch it and use the timer to keep track of your progress as you work. If you forget, just manually enter the time and it will be recorded.

Additionally, you may associate timers with certain projects and create unique prices for each to facilitate payment afterward.

2. Storage of Files:

Rather than sending files to customers, provide them instant access to relevant files stored in Indy’s Cloud storage.

Your account has a certain amount of storage space, which you may use to drag and drop files.

indy review Storage of Files

Select the sharing permissions for each file, monitor version changes, and much more — it’s so much easier. Additionally, files may be paired with certain projects, ensuring that no chaos is created.

3. Calendar:

Indy’s calendar function provides a bird’s eye perspective of your schedule. It accumulates dates from numerous projects or to-do lists. Additionally, you may combine your Google calendar.

4. Forms:

Allowing you to design forms provides another level to your freelancing or small company. Again, using the same template structure, you can develop a variety of different form kinds for a variety of different purposes.

Forms are useful for a variety of purposes, from customer onboarding to gathering feedback and delivering project briefings.

indy Forms

It employs the same simple-to-build structure as the previous one, using a set of pre-designed templates.

The whole notion of Indy is centered on streamlining and simplifying processes so you can concentrate on your primary business.

5. Invoices – Acceptance of Payments and Time Tracking Included:

The invoicing system is a critical component of Indy’s business administration. This is the place where you produce invoices for customers to pay. It’s a standard invoicing system that takes care of all the necessary details such as automated numbering, formatting, and more.

Two critical elements of the invoicing system stand out. The initial step is to integrate payment acceptance through many vendors such as Stripe, PayPal, and even wire transfers.

This implies that clients may pay straight from an invoice through a link included in the invoice.

This connection is not difficult, but it does imply that you may get paid much more rapidly. When the customer opens the invoice, they click a link, provide payment information, and voilà; credits are rolled in.

The second benefit is that timesheets may be appended, which is advantageous if you charge by the hour. Indy includes a time tracker that you may use to keep track of the time you spend on certain tasks.

6. Contracts:

If everything goes as planned, it’s time to put everything in black and white. Here, you may take advantage of Indy’s Contract functionality. Again, it is a template-driven system that offers the same benefits as the Proposal system.

Simply choose from over a dozen pre-built contract templates, including non-disclosure agreements, consulting agreements, and contracts for content production. By now, you should be able to appreciate the advantages of an integrated system, since you may pick customer profiles without manually adding them.

indy Contracts

All templates offered by Indy have been reviewed by a lawyer, so you never have to worry about the legality of those made via our method.

Additionally, the contract generation process is suited for both parties, whether you are the service provider or the customer. Pre-built templates identify the portions that need to be modified, so just disregard the boilerplate and focus on those sections.

7. Proposals:

After the People are in place, it’s time to focus on company development. This is an area where Indy can save you a lot of time.

It has a collection of pre-built templates that will help you get started quickly.

indy Proposals

However, the templates are still very adaptable, so don’t worry about your style being compromised.

You may quickly add or delete parts, as well as rearrange them to suit your requirements. Once completed, just add your digital signature and send them immediately to your prospects with a single click.

8. People:

Everything begins with the people with which you must interact, which in the case of Indy implies customers or prospective customers. Begin your adventure by compiling a list of everyone with whom you will interact.

Your People database serves as the foundation for several additional services that will be added later.

Because you’re using an integrated platform, you may easily pick records rather than continually filling them in.

Indy Review: Indy Pricing

At first glance, Indy seems to offer two price tiers: free and the Pro Bundle. However, due to the Free plan’s restricted functionality, it is best used as an extended trial of the platform.

Nonetheless, it is not time-limited, and you may take advantage of all they have to offer.

Even better, the Pro Bundles are just $5.99 per month. There are no long-term commitments; just pay as you go.

It’s important to recognize that many comparable firms will often attempt to charge you an annual fee paid in advance. Indy, on the other hand, does not.

indy review Indy Pricing

Additionally, it is a fixed charge that does not grow in proportion to the number of customers you want to add. You retain practically all of your earnings, which is excellent.

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Conclusion: Indy Review 2023

Indy is not alone in the domain of freelancing productivity. However, it seems to have gone above and beyond, and its characteristics are difficult to compare to those of competitors.

Their tools are unmatched in terms of adaptability. This adaptability is critical in the freelancer and small company owner environment since our requirements are so diverse.

With the help of Indy, you may optimize your productivity without altering your work habits to accommodate their system. For the majority, this is an excellent situation.

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