Infolinks Referral Program Review: Content Relevant Advertising

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I am sure if I say monetizing a blog is tough then the majority of you will agree with me. It is true, making money from your blog sounds amazing, but monetizing it is tough. There are lots of criteria you have to fulfil; you have to wait for Adsense to approve and even if your account gets approved Adsense might block you for silly reasons.

But right now Infolinks is offering a really easy way to make money, they are having a referral marketing drive in which you can refer publishers and make 10% of their revenue for 12 months. Sounds Amazing, right? Well, it is.

Infolinks Review

The Infolinks referral program is an easy way to make money, you can refer as many people as you want and get 10% of their monthly revenue. Being a digital marketer when I found out about this program, I signed up without wasting a moment and have made a really good sum of money, it was really simple and I didn’t have any problem in getting started. So let me tell you what Infolinks is and how you can get started and make money?

What is Infolinks?

Infolinks is an advertising network known worldwide for providing services to Publishers and advertisers. It is considered an ideal alternative for Google Adsense and has become really popular among bloggers and website owners because of its good payout, lenient criteria and easy to use interface. They offer InFold, Inscreen, Intext and Intag ad formats; you can also customize your campaigns according to your website or blog. It takes less than a minute to integrate and is very easy to publish ads. There are thousands of advertisers and publishers so you can develop a really good network.  Infolinks has really surpassed its competitors and is priority for bloggers after Adsense. I have been using Infolinks for a while and I don’t have anything but good things to say about them.

 Infolinks Review

Before moving forward let’s know more about Infolinks from Taylor Thompson

Why you should choose Infolinks?

If you are still having second thoughts about joining Infolinks reference program, then let me tell you some advantages of joining Infolinks.

  1. There is no hassle of registering or signing up, as soon as you get your unique URL, you can start referring publishers.
  2. You get real-time reports as well as details of your earning, you can also track your progress.
  3. Infolinks has a collection of attractive banners of different size and design also lot of interactive videos which you can upload to your website and attract more and more publishers.
  4. You get 10% of each and every blog or website you refer for 12 months.

How to Refer Publishers to Infolinks?

Now, after telling you about the benefits of the Infolinks Referral Program, Let me tell you how you can get started and start rolling some dollar bills.

  1. Best way to do it is to inform people about the advantages and awesome features of Infolinks, and the best way to do it is write a review of Infolinks on your blog or website. Make sure you leave your referral link there so that if people want to join Infolinks, they can click on your link and sign-up.
  2. After writing this review, share it extensively on various social media websites, don’t be shy rub it in peoples face on every social media you can think of
  3. You can Email your referral links to your friend and family, also you can write a newsletter along with the referral link and send it to your subscribers.
  4. Make sure that you publish banner ads on your blog and websites
  5. Don’t forget to add Infolinks interactive videos in the review as well as on your blog.
  6. You can also make a video Reviewing Infolinks and post it on Youtube along with your referral link.

Infolinks Review

This referral program is not a hard thing to do; it will take you less than an hour to write a review, create your campaign and promote it online. It is very rewarding as you get paid whole year. The more people you get signed up the more money you are going to make, I highly recommend Infolinks referral program to all the bloggers and website owners, especially to a newbie. It is an easy way to make a great amount of money every month. I myself have generated a decent amount of money. So don’t waste any time and start making money.

Here is a video review by TechandCompany to help you know more

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  1. Hello Jessee,

    Thanks for your deep explanation with screen shot. I have started blogging recently. I would like to know that suppose i have started infolinks ads or any other ads on my blog and after some months i am applying for Google Adsense so It will be possible that they will not approved my request because i am using infolinks or any other platform also.

    Please help me with this


  2. I tried infolinks on my blog, but its not as goog as Adsense. Should I use inplace of adsense for longer period to get better results or its for people who don’t have adsense account?

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