Ingramer Review 2023: Grow Instagram Followers Organically (Why 9 Stars)

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Do you want to become an influencer or build a 6-figure business on Instagram? You can soon achieve this goal with a multi-purpose service called Ingramer. Ingramer includes must-haves that help to attract hundreds of genuine followers interested in your content. They will engage and bring you money. As soon as you try the Hashtag Generator, Desktop Messenger, and other tools, you won’t need to spend tons of money on ads. I will uncover tools that improve Instagram promotion and client management with the maximum ROI.

By the way, Ingramer is a top-rated toolkit based on Trustpilot reviews. Is it really worth it? Read this real story.

Ingramer Review: A brief overview of the features

Ingramer is an AI-based web service that includes 9 essentials for IG growth.

1) Hashtag Generator.

Ingramer - Hashtag Generator

Hashtags boost your posts reach by at least double. As a result, you get featured on the Explore page, and like-minded audiences start following your account. The Hashtag finder allows multi-language research based on keywords, URL, or image. Copy, paste, and get 3x more Impressions!

The results of my hashtag strategy – 97% of people who watched the post, didn’t previously follow me:

Ingramer - Account Reach

2) improve Instagram promotion

Ingramer - Direct Messenger

The Instagram chat on your computer, spiced up with filtered bulk messaging, auto-replies by trigger words, and labels for various followers, is not a miracle. But it might feel like one. Ingramer combines a one-of-a-kind messenger that works as an Instagram CRM system – a must-have for busy DM.

3) Scheduled posting

A pre-planned posting schedule will help you to arrange all your content in advance. You can add videos, photos, carousels, and Stories, and they will be uploaded at the specified time. Try the hot feature – auto-updated description. This means that you can insert several hashtag sets that will change automatically (more details below).

Ingramer - Scheduled posting

4) Automatic interactions

You can use the Promo feature for your account so that Ingramer will like, view Stories, and follow people on your behalf. You can set up targeting to attract people of certain interests or demos, and in specific locations. Ingramer uses a safe mode so that your actions look human-like.

Here are free essentials for every Instagrammer:

5) Profile Analyzer

Ingramer - Profile Analyzer

This online Analyzer is a service that helps to measure the Instagram success of any public account. You can examine the posting time, hashtags, keywords, and top posts of prosperous users in your niche to copy their promotion schemes. If you are doing influencer marketing, you can quickly calculate an influencer’s engagement rate to decide on partnerships. The only thing you need to do is paste a username into the search field.

6) Instagram Downloader

Ingramer - Instagram Downloader

This tool allows you to download any type of IG content from any public account. Save images, videos, Stories, IGTV, and Lives in original quality to re-use them and watch offline.

7) Instagram Search

Ingramer - Instagram Search

It is similar to the paid influencer platforms that brands use to find bloggers in their niche. Ingramer search is forever free and lets you find people by category and filter them by the number of followers and demographics.

8) Story viewer

Ingramer - Story Viewer

You can watch Stories of any public account without traces or save Stories of a specific user automatically. Even if you overlook a Story, it appears in your Ingramer profile.

9) Fonts generator

Use this tool to highlight your bio or posts with a creative font. Dozens of fonts with a convenient preview are available on the Ingramer website.

Let’s dive into my favorite tools in detail.

Hashtag Generator – attract real followers fast

Surely you’ve tried to research and use the right hashtags in the Instagram app. But I bet you find it time-consuming. Ingramer Hashtag Generator has a copyable bar so that it takes just 2 seconds.

  • Copy Instagram recommendations easily

When using Ingramer Hashtags Generator, copy the hashtags marked with green color. These hashtags are suggested by IG and so hard to copy in the app. The green hashtags are organic related hashtags that Instagram algorithms advice to use. With Ingramer you can simpy check the boxes, cope and paste them under your post.

Compare the interface of the in-app hashtag search and the Ingramer dashboard:

Ingramer - Hashtag

Ingramer - Organic Hashtag

  • Use up to 5 keywords

You can input synonyms and specific keys in the search bar so that the results that appear are more precise. Ingramer allows you to use any language and alphabet for the research.

  • Make use of analytics

You can tap on any hashtag and see the statistics on it — namely, the number of posts per day and recent publications. This way you will understand whether you should use this hashtag.

Ingramer - Make Use of Analytics

  • Convenient hashtags groups

Hashtags are grouped by frequency as “rare,” “average,” and “frequent.” This function will help you to mix hashtags in the most effective proportion.

Remember that hashtags are capable of bringing your post to the Explore page and increasing your reach organically. Hashtags on Instagram work like SEO in Google – they make you easy to discover. That is why I recommend using this tool.

Direct Messenger: Manage customer relations on Instagram

Instagram Direct in the app is fine for daily messaging with friends. But what if you receive hundreds of requests and similar questions in DM? In that case, you need advanced Direct Messenger – a must-have for businesses and influencers.

7 robust features of the Ingramer DM:

1) One chat room for several profiles

If you run several businesses or separate accounts for one business, this Ingramer tool is what you are missing. All chats appear in one web chat tool, and you can filter them by colors.

2) Labels

You can mark users with customizable labels and filter the conversations. For example, you can label customers who request a good that is not available and notify them when it is in stock. You can group chats by purpose, e.g. customers, potential clients, influencers, etc.

Ingramer - Labels

3) Notes

You can leave notes and contacts for each person right in the Messenger. That way, any of your employees have access to the clients’ database without the need to log in to Instagram. Further, you can find these users by typing in the search bar.

4) Convenient search

Ingramer DM lets you find users by indicating keys in the search bar. You can filter the conversations by labels.

5) Quick replies

Do you need to answer the same questions or send the same message to many people? Use prefabricated responses and correlated shortcuts so that the communication becomes time-efficient. You can add many variations of the messages to improve safety.

6) Automated messages

Ingramer allows users to welcome new followers and send auto-replies based on trigger words. For example, every time you receive a message with the word “price,” the prepared answer can be sent automatically. You can attach media and vary the responses.

Ingramer - Automated messages

7) Bulk messaging

If you need to reach out to a specific group of followers, you can try messaging in bulk using filters. Ingramer DM includes Spintax function, which lets you vary words and randomize massages for better safety.

All the above-mentioned benefits will help you and all the employees to use the Instagram chat as a whole CRM system. As a result, communications with clients will become well-structured, fast, and engaging. You can tie client management to your Instagram sales funnel to gain more profits and long-lasting sales.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

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Ingramer Pricing

Ingramer - Pricing


How Hashtag generator tool Works?

A hashtag Generator is a smart AI-based database containing the Most used Instagram hashtags and search mechanisms. You only need related keys like word, Image or URL to get the best hashtags.

How to find keywords for the Hashtag finder?

Analyze your content, audience’s interests, topics, keywords and more. Also, you can take ideas from the accounts in your niche and then use them in the Hashtag generator search bar.

Are Hashtags still relevant in 2020 ?

Yes, hashtag are very much relevant It's free traffic source marketing if used correctly. Try not to repeat the same combinations for the post. We advise that you include in a hashtag set at least 12-15 niche hashtags

Conclusion: Ingramer Review 2023

If Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing platform for you, consider using advanced and automated tools for promotion. Instagram marketing tools will help to generate leads, keep the audience engaged, and reach out to potential clients and influencers.

All in all, Ingramer has all the necessary instruments to help Instagrammers gain interested fans around their content. From my experience, Hashtag Generator, Direct chat, and other free tools helped me to grow my business account from 0 to 1,500 interested clients without ads in just a month. If you are looking for genuine growth, don’t miss a chance to try the Ingramer toolkit.

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