Inspectlet Review: Heatmap & User Recording Software

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You must have heard about how some tools record visitor’s activities on a website. Today, we are going to talk about one such tool known as Inspectlet.

About Inspectlet

Inspectlet Website Heatmaps Session Recording Form Analytics 1


Inspectlet Inc. is a web analytics company, located in Cupertino, California that offers the tool, which records the visitor’s experience on your website. The Inspectlet is a tool that helps the companies analyzes the behavior of the user while using their websites.

Facilities provided by Inspectlet are

Inspectlet Review Tracking features

  • Session Recordings
  • Heatmaps
  • Form Analytics

Inspectlet makes it possible for you to view heat-maps and browsing recording playbacks. Inspectlet tool observes the site users in real time by coding the company’s site with JavaScript language. The recorded data is sent to the server and is gathered in the form of web analytics information. The interface of the dashboard is great as well as spontaneous. It can also be customized easily.

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It also includes a screen capture utility that records everything during the visits such as clicks, scrolling, keystrokes as well as cursor movements. Many researchers believe that the eyes of the user follow the cursor movements when they browse any website. These people use the same principle to determine the specific area being viewed by the visitors.

Basic features of Inspectlet

When you sign up for the company’s account, they give you the JavaScript code to add to your website. This code will support your site to record the actions performed on your site by its visitor on a particular web page.

Main features

Inspectlet Dashboard

The company provides you with the free version as well as the paid version of the Inspectlet tool. Though the free model has large data to offer, but it is better if you could purchase the subscription based model as it will broaden your scope to observe the users activity minutely.

If you go for advanced versions of the tool, you can sign up for multiple users and have many websites recorded in real time whenever they are being viewed.

The heat map we discussed earlier in the review represents the scrolling down of the page, done by the user to check the content of that page. Inspectlet helps you to know whether the user of the site is actually visiting the bottom of the website or is checking the content until the middle, which means that the visitor does not need more information or that particular area does not interest him.

This information is very useful for the companies who put ads, banners and other relevant content towards the bottom of the page. Many organizations make marketing strategies based on this information.

The screen captures help you determine the activities performed by the user of the site and create the recording that can be played back to check the cursor movements, key stokes, and other related information. Higher subscription supports the downloading of the recorded videos that have been saved by the tool. This helps the company to strategize for the improvement of the website.

Inspectlet tag sessions

Heatmap Visualization

Inspectlet Heatmap 1

Inspectlet provides 3 types of heatmap tracking devices to aid you monitor what your site visitors are doing on your website. The three heatmap tracking devices include eye-tracking heatmaps, click heatmaps, and also scroll heatmaps. The eye-tracking heatmaps aid you to track your site visitors’ attention on your internet site by checking their computer mouse activities. The click heatmaps enable you to learn exactly what parts of your web site are getting clicked by your visitors, whether they are links, images, banners, and more. The scroll heatmaps help you to see just how deep your visitors are scrolling your site, exposing your site visitors’ passion in your web site material.

Conversion Funnels

The conversion channels given by Inspectlet enables you to show the performance of your landing page. This attribute exposes just how and also why they do or abandon particular actions, such as filling out the types, finishing the check out procedure, and also more. By doing this, you could find out exactly what produces a bad conversion rate on your internet site. You can locate shed sales using this conversion funnel attribute. With the information given from your conversion funnels, you could formulate a brand-new procedure that guarantees far better conversion and also easier-to-complete processes.

Session and Individual Tagging

This is an one-of-a-kind function from Inspectlet that enables you to mark certain sessions and customers so that you can contact them later. For example, when you play the session recording of a specific visitor operating a certain ID or e-mail address, you could mark this user operating a straightforward line of code as well as enjoy exactly what this site visitor is doing on your site the next time they see your web site. This way, you could really see whether the modifications within your web site really affect the choices of particular visitors to take action. This attribute enables you to recognize individual site visitors and also capture interesting events.

Dashboard Screenshots


Add a site

Inspectlet Settings


Start tracking


inspectlet Target_1


Create your funnel

inspectlet funnel analysis


Filtering Inspectlet Website Heatmaps Session Recording Form Analytics


Recorded Sessions

Recorded Sessions Inspectlet


Advantages of Inspectlet Tool


The tool provided by the Inspectlet is very useful. Some of the important advantages are mentioned below:

  • The Inspectlet tool helps you understand the behavior of the potential client on the site. This lets the managers have the knowledge about the user’s requirements and their actions on the particular area.
  • The tool gives you the usability and user-friendliness of the website.
  • The tool helps the companies to view the websites from the client’s perspective and what they want to see on your site.
  • This contributes toward the planning such as placing banner or ads in the areas of the websites that are frequently visited.
  • The application supports the feature that determines the time and activity of the user interaction by using the funnel analysis, e.g., information like whether the user added anything to the cart and what did he add, and whether he or she bought it.
  • The tool helps to view the activities performed by the visitors on the site by using playback of the recorded videos.

Guide: How to Install Inspectlet with Wordress

WordPress is a fantastic blogging platform! It is easy to setup, has an extensive ecosystem, and is just generally a solid piece of software.

Here is guide to install the Inspectlet wordpress plugin.

Step 1: Login into your WordPress Dashboard, Click on Plugins

Inspectlet Blog


Step 2: Search Plugins for “Inspectlet”

Inspectlet Blog wordpress install

…It should turn up this plugin you see below .


Step 3: Download and activate on the Plugin(see below)! You will need an account with Inspectlet to get started. You can create a free account here

Inspectlet Blog install
Step 4: Relax. You’re done!



Platforms Used

Inspectlet tool is a web-based & mobile based application that anyone can use. It only needs a PC and internet connectivity to use the application.

The Applications of Inspectlet Tool

The free signing up of such application is not a typical facility and is not provided by other similar tools. The Inspectlet free subscription is a simple and well-developed mechanism. Though it has the capacity to record 100 people’s activities like videos, it is significant information for many of the new websites.

As the site grows and becomes popular, the clients can purchase the advanced subscriptions as per requirement. The free account gives you a fair idea about the usability of the application for the website and helps you to decide whether it is going to be a sound investment or not. There are a few heat map applications that need your credit card so you can cancel the order in 30-days on the case you do not like the product.

This tool helps a company to make marketing plans and place the products and services accordingly.


Pricing of the Various Inspectlet Plans

Inspectlet pricing

Along with the free version, the Inspectlet tool comes with different pricing plans that can be subscribed on the monthly basis. These plans are as follow:

  • Micro Plan: Pricing $39 per month. It renders the client with 5000 recorded sessions and is compatible with SSL or HTTPS websites.
  • Startup Plan: Pricing $79 per month. This plan offers 25000 recorded sessions to the clients along with the recording of the activities on any three websites. It also provides conversion funnels, multiple account users facilities, the feature to download screen capture and AJAX support.
  • Growth Plan: Pricing $149 per month. This pro plan supports 50,000 recorded sessions, real-time web analytics and 10 websites to track.
  • Accelerate Plan: Pricing $299 per month. It supports 125,000 recorded sessions along with 20 sites recording facility.

If there is a client who wishes to go beyond the Accelerate Plan can contact the team Inspectlet for the pricing details.

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This Inspectlet tool can be very useful for the companies who need to know clients perspective towards their website, and the products and services offered. This can be valuable information for many.

The company also provides a free account, which is an excellent way to try the application before making any investment. It also renders the client with the requirement of the plan they need to subscribe to.

The features provided by the Inspectlet are great, especially the user-friendly dashboard interface that can be used easily by anyone. Therefore, in this review here, we conclude that this is the right way to track any information related to client’s activity on the website and recommend it, as there is no harm in trying the free account, to begin with.



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