Instamate Review Instagram Monetization 2023 : Does It Really Work?

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In today’s digital world, everyone has been searching for software that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their online business.

YouTube discovery brought a new dawn for online bloggers, entrepreneurs, and marketers. It offered a platform for every business to share information about their products and services through video clips, which help them to attract huge audiences.

Then Instagram was launched that outranked all other social websites regarding active audience. It triumphs with over 400 million users who share more than 70 million posts on a daily basis.

In spite of its popularity, Instagram is not an easy option for the online entrepreneur as well as marketers.

It is impossible for marketers to achieve their online objectives using Instagram because of its limitations. That is the reason why Luke Maguire had to spend six months in search of a meaningful solution to help entrepreneurs, marketers, and businesses have a blast on Instagram. He was successful in developing a software tool, called Instamate

In this post, we have featured Instamate Review 2023 that includes detailed insights of its features, pricing, functionality and more. So let’s get started here.

In-depth Instamate Review: Is It Still Worth Your Money 2023??

instamate review features

Detailed Instamate Review

Instamate is a software tool of its kind that allows users to find, engage, edit and schedule along with monetization of the viral content using an Instagram account directly from a computer. Earlier, the manual procedure and third party software were being used to find the content and edit it respectively. It helped the content to resonate and align correctly as per the requirement of the mobile device.

Instamate review features instagram monetization

Although some creativity is required to get a good hash tag along with monetization of the content!

Instamate gave the solution to all the limitations of Instagram. It helps you to find all the popular content and use it for delighting your prospects while providing free fuel for your organic traffic, using most of your automatic engagements. Hence, Instamate is a revolutionary tool that can turn your Instagram into a profit-making business.

Features and Benefits

Instamate review instagram monetization software

Lets look at some of the amazing features of Instamate:

Trendy Content for any niche: You can get a perfect viral content for your niche, irrespective of any field. Hence, Instamate helps you in finding the right hashtags and content for your niche instantly. Just type the keyword and software will take care of everything else.

Scheduling of all Instagram profile updates from PC:  You do not have to worry about updating your profile from your mobile, as you can schedule all your posts and updates from your PC itself.

Uploading of content to profile from the PC directly:

You are not required to edit your content, and then, synchronize it with your phone now. Instamate offers you an option to upload the viral content in just a click.

Free generation of organic traffic: Hashtags are the main source of organic traffic on Instagram. Instamate provides you with a hashtag research tool, which supplies you the most trendy #tags, contrary to conventional Instagram, where your creativity only helped you in drafting an appropriate hashtag.

Multiple Accounts Management: You can operate multiple accounts on the same dashboard using the Instamate.

Competitor Profile Monitoring: Instamate also helps you to monitor your competitor’s profile and tells you about his useful and otherwise operations.

Pros of Instamate: 

Instamate review features

Let’s discuss the advantages of using Instamate

  • Instamate helps you in automating your Instagram account so that you can post the viral content in any particular niche.
  • This software helps you in monetization of your content.
  • Instamate lets Instagram have limitless organics for you to attract extra visitors to your website, which gives you a medium for marketing your products. This instant update and upload will mostly keep your audience engaged.
  • Instamate makes every task possible with just a click. Searching keyword gives you viral hash tags while schedule button gives you easy engagements that may lead to better sales.
  • Instamate has an Affiliate Cloaker tool, which allows the addition of affiliate links that provides one-click sales, to your account on Instagram.
  • There is also a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee provided to you. If in case, you do not like this software, you can get your money back.
  • You are also provided with the extensive and very helpful training module that shows the tips to use the Instamate in the best way.

I am sure after reading the numerous benefits and features of the software, you would want to buy it ASAP, so here are the pricing options with details:

Instamate pricing

  • Instamate Lite Edition in just $27 for one year
  • Instamate Basic Edition in just $37 for one year
  • Instamate Luxury Edition in just $47 for the lifetime. This is most popular edition. Invest only once and bear the fruits for your lifetime.

Moreover, if you use this software for 14 days, and in spite of all the help from its support team, you don’t get good results, the company is ready to provide you back all the money that you invested in the software. This is only because they are extremely confident about their product. Try it out for sure!

Cons of Instamate

Although, Instamate is perfect software but still there are a few downsides to it, let me discuss them with you

  • Only Google Chrome browser can be used to run the software.
  • The price of the software is relatively high despite its great use.
  • It also takes some time to learn to optimize the software, properly.


Instamate bonus and oto offer discount offers

You would be facilitated with the extra bonuses of value $327 if you purchase in the Launch Week

Bonus 1: Get 3 for the Price of 1

Yes, you read it right, you will be able to use 3 Lifetime Instagram accounts while you pay for only 1. After the launch week, if you desire to add 3 Instagram Accounts, it would cost you more than $200 per month. So, grab the deal!

The original value of this bonus is $200

Bonus 2: Twitter Module

On Instagram, Hash Tags are proven to be the optimum way to attract free traffic. To know, “what is trending”, we all resort to twitter, right? So, they have added a twitter tag trending module as one of their bonuses to give you all the huge advantage.

The original value of this bonus is $47

Bonus 3: Socialite Eye Software

In a single click, if you desire to have in numerous local leads for any niche, and then Socialite Eye Software comes as your savior. You are only required to search for a keyword, and select your area, the software puts up the list of all the businesses, their fan numbers, contact details, FB pages links and other required information. This can add a huge amount in your earnings.

The original value of this bonus is $79

Bonus 4: VIP Facebook Group

You get access to the Secret VIP Group of Instamate, where all the top online marketers work with you to help you gain success quickly. In online business, success majorly depends on whom you know and whom you network with. If in your circle, the top online marketers are included, you are not far from tasting the ripe fruits of success.

This bonus is Priceless

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Conclusion: In-depth Instamate Review | Should You Go For It??

So, this was the Instamate review as you know, early birds always benefit from any tool that is as efficient as Instamate is.

In my opinion, you should not wait to hear its success stories from other people. You can use it as a medium for a successful Instagram account. For the people who are not happy with the software, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, with this kind of feature, I would like to recommend you this software as it is hard not to like such great software.

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