InstaText Review 2023: Top10 Reasons why we Like InstaText (Top 5 Features & Pricing)

InstaText Review

Overall Verdict

InstaText is a simple writing and editing tool that assists academic writers, copywriters, students, business and marketing professionals, translators, and other users in producing high-quality English sentences.

Out of 10


  • User-friendly rewriter
  • Privacy and Security
  • Write more efficiently
  • Online tool is regularly updated
  • Real-Time Solution
  • Cost-Effective
  • Effective Communication
  • Chrome extension for work on any website


  • Never a replacement for human proofreader


Price: $ 11.99

Looking for Unbiased InstaText Review 2023, don’t Worry, I got you covered.

One of the most common forms of communication today is well-written and structured content.

Specialized software, whether for grammar or spell checking, helps writers and editors write error-free.

Unfortunately, human errors are often involved in creating content that companies use to communicate and market themselves to their target audiences.

Think of missed opportunities: How many times can a good piece of writing be replaced with a better, more compelling one?

Traditional word processors like Word or Pages often don’t understand what you’re writing about.

Grammar checkers like Grammarly, on the other hand, often stick too closely to the original text and don’t offer enough ideas and suggestions.

Writing high-quality content such as research papers, theses, and articles requires real-time feedback and support.

With a reliable real-time rewriting and paraphrasing tool, you can significantly improve the quality of your text.

If you don’t have access to the right tool, the whole process of text editing becomes very tedious and time-consuming.

But don’t worry, InstaText is here for you!

InstaText is a one-of-a-kind solution that will help you advance in your career.

It allows you to turn your plain text into a well-structured, understandable, and trustworthy text with the help of artificial intelligence.

InstaText is a tool that acts as a partner for authors, helping them eliminate errors in their text to create a text that conveys the desired message when read.

In-Depth InstaText Review 2023:

InstaText uses artificial intelligence and language technologies to recommend better texts.

You can accept or reject the recommendations that appear on the screen in front of you in real-time.

InstaText is a simple writing and editing tool that assists academic writers, copywriters, students, business and marketing professionals, translators, and other users in producing high-quality English sentences.

The software rewrites the text to improve its quality so that readers can understand it and find it clear, concise, and enjoyable to read.

InstaText Review

The AI-based tool was originally developed by Dr. Matej Guid, a Slovenian artificial intelligence expert, with assistance from Dr. Marcus Hassler, an expert in language technologies.

Over time, as the popularity of the tool grew and the number of users multiplied, the team expanded and continued to work on the development of the tool.

By now, the tool is used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Just three months after the launch, there were 5,000 active users from over 50 countries, and in less than a year since the site’s global launch, tens of thousands of paying customers from more than 100 countries have signed up for InstaText.

What Can You Do With InstaText?

InstaText helps you write better English.

It is a simple application that not only detects and corrects errors that occur while writing but also improves the readability of your content, which is an important feature of any piece of writing.

You will immediately understand how the text should sound.

InstaText enhances the content by improving word choice and styling, correcting grammatical errors, and enriching it to make it more readable and understandable.

The software enables users to communicate effectively by producing sentences that are clear, concise, of high quality, and efficient.

InstaText Review- what we can do with InstaText

It also increases productivity by intricately improving the texts and forcing users to think of new ideas.

InstaText is also extremely easy to use. Users only need to write or paste the text and press a button to improve it.

The software includes a toolkit that helps authors revise improvements.

With a single click, users can review the suggestions and hide or show text changes.

This way, you can quickly write high-quality content that provides you with an effortless writing experience.

Plus, you can be confident that what you have written is in correct English.

1. Rephrase & Paraphrase Any Text

InstaText can act as a user-friendly rewriter that can rephrase, paraphrase and improve any sentence or paragraph or even an entire article in real-time.

As a non-native speaker, you no longer have to worry about your writing and editing skills.

Just focus on your ideas and your messages and let InstaText do the rest.

2. Writing & Editing Tool

InstaText can be used at various stages of the writing process, from drafting to final proofreading.

It’s especially useful during the editing process.

The most difficult aspects of the writing process are reviewing, revising, and rewriting – in a word, editing.

This is the crucial stage that determines the success of your writing.

InstaText can assist you to reshape your paragraphs so that they are clearer and communicate more effectively.

It helps you to be understood and feel confident in your writing.

3. Personal Dictionary

The Personal dictionary in InstaText allows you to save words and word combinations that are part of your professional or personal vocabulary.

InstaText Review- Personal Dictionary

This feature helps you write more efficiently because your professional language remains unchanged.

InstaText’s Personal dictionary allows you to enter multi-word entries, unlike Grammarly Premium, which only allows one-word entries.

4. Language Settings

InstaText rewrites your texts to preserve your authentic and unique voice, which is valuable for any written content.

The Language settings feature helps you adjust your English dialect, preserve your writing style, and make you sound like a native speaker.

5. InstaText Online

The online tool is regularly updated.

It is available on all major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

Whether you’re writing a book, an email to a client, a media release, a contract, or anything else, the goal is to appear professional and convey your ideas clearly and concisely.

All you need is an internet connection.

With InstaText you create a text that serves a specific purpose.

Paste your text on the left side of the InstaText interface and send it to the right for improvement, using the button in the middle.

It is recommended that the text contains at least 100 characters so that the AI engine can recognize the proper context of the content.

When you click the button in the upper right, you can choose to show or hide changes to your text.

You can then make changes or edit the text manually on the corresponding interface.

You can also make the changes by accepting all the app’s suggestions at once, which will save you a lot of time.

When you’re done editing your text, copy it by clicking the button at the bottom of the right side.

How Does InstaText Work?

When it comes to writing texts that are important to you, InstaText is useful not only for proofreading but also for editing.

Editing is the most difficult aspect of the writing process.

At the same time, there is usually no one around to help.

InstaText is the perfect tool to improve your first draft.

Look for places where you can enrich your text and make it more readable and understandable.

How Does InstaText Work

Getting a second opinion is an excellent way to see if your writing is clear and effective.

Before the final proofreading, you can use InstaText to review and revise the text.

Then use the ideas to rewrite parts of the text and improve the structure and content.

Only when the editing phase is complete should the text be proofread.

You can double-check spelling and grammar and revise the words you chose.

Have you heard of iterative writing? It is a modern method of writing high-quality content faster.

With InstaText, you can naturally engage in iterative writing.

The re-edit button in the middle represents the idea that texts can be improved in iterations until the message is clear.

InstaText Review 2023: Plans & Pricing

InstaText currently offers a few paid packages for both individuals and teams.

If you choose the individual subscription, it will cost you $11.99 per month (if billed annually) or $29.99 per month (if billed monthly).

This plan is suitable for working on academic papers, copywriting, business proposals, revising translations, marketing materials, etc.

Instext pricing

InstaText provides two packages for teams: InstaText Business and InstaText Scholar.

For billing of these packages, you must contact their sales department. The business package is ideal for companies that want to improve their business through better communication.

The Scholar package, on the other hand, is suitable for researchers, Ph.D. students, and others involved in academic writing.

It helps them increase their acceptance rates and shorten the time to publication.

Both packages include all the features of the product as well as central billing, personalized accounts for individuals, and site and department licensing.

InstaText offers a 14-days free trial version for Individual plans.

For more information about the packages, prices, features, and other information visit the InstaText pricing page right away.

Why Is InstaText Better Than Grammarly?

If you are like everyone else, you have probably seen Grammarly’s ads everywhere.

It is the most popular grammar checker in the world.

It is also good at checking grammar.

However, when it comes to rewriting texts to read and understand them better, Grammarly has severe limitations.

It often sticks too closely to the original text and leaves the awkward parts of the paragraph untouched.

InstaText is a more powerful tool when it comes to editing text.

Unlike Grammarly, it always provides concrete suggestions (and does not just highlight a sentence that is difficult to read).

It helps you rewrite your text so that you are understood and perceived as a professional.

InstaText improves your content by enhancing style and word choice, correcting grammatical errors, and enriching the text to make it more readable and understandable.

Another great advantage is that InstaText rewrites your texts as if you were a native speaker.

It is fast and gets the job done in a matter of seconds.

It goes far beyond simple correction of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

If necessary, it completely rewrites sentences and makes suggestions for improvement that relate to the broader context of the topic.

InstaText Chrome Extension:

As InstaText is rapidly growing, the company is planning to roll out an important feature by the beginning of 2022, the InstaText Chrome extension.

This extension will be a cool addition to its already promising arsenal of text editing tools and will enable InstaText to all web-based applications, including Gmail, Outlook Web, Google Docs, Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack, etc.

Top 10 Reasons why we Like InstaText:

English is a global communication language.

The goal, whether native or non-native, is to communicate your ideas and thoughts.

Written communication, on the other hand, is difficult because it requires you to clearly and correctly describe your message and intentions.

Here are some of the advantages and features of using InstaText:

1. Effective Communication

InstaText helps you write better, more accurate, and more understandable English for your personal and professional success.

InstaText helps you create valuable content with well-organized sentences.

2. Life Productivity

Only by improving your text and increasing interaction will you be able to convert your content into revenue.

With its extensive vocabulary, InstaText increases the productivity of your writing.

3. Grooming

InstaText helps writers improve their writing skills and create content that stands out from the crowd.

This distinct writing style highlights and conveys an individual’s and organization’s brand image in the desired manner.

4. Cost-Effective

InstaText allows you to save on the cost of rewriting, editing, and proofreading as well as the time it takes to complete those tasks.

5. Non-Native Writers

Aside from human errors, the errors of a non-native English writer are obvious.

These errors include incorrect use of articles, punctuation, verbs, and tenses.

These minor errors alter the meaning of the context and make it difficult to understand.

It could also include omitted prepositions. InstaText offers suggestions for correcting those hiccups.

6. Scientific Writing

Technical or scientific writing necessitates accuracy for clear comprehension.

Any errors in writing will make it difficult for a reader to benefit from the content and will drive him away.

The contribution of InstaText to those scientific papers is incredible.

There are several case studies and testimonials of writers and researchers who stated that InstaText helps researchers to significantly increase their acceptance rates and shorten the time to publication.

7. Real-Time Solution

Time is an asset that can never be replaced once it has been lost.

InstaText provides real-time solutions for eliminating all writing errors, ultimately saving a significant amount of time that could be spent on more productive work for personal and professional development.

8. Personal Dictionary

InstaText allows authors to create their own dictionary of words and word combinations that are part of their professional or personal vocabulary.

This feature helps to write even more efficiently, as the author’s preferred terms remain unchanged.

9. Privacy And Security 

With InstaText, your texts are never stored.

All of your content is deleted from the software after editing it.

Furthermore, InstaText adheres to European Union law in order to protect the privacy and security of its app and users’ data.

10. Write Clearly & Concisely

InstaText employs artificial intelligence to turn your written content into easy-to-read documents.

It is an easy-to-use personal intelligent writing assistant that conveys your message in the manner of a well-educated native English speaker.

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InstaText Reviews & Testimonials

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Conclusion: InstaText Review 2023

While the vast majority of writers continue to use Grammarly to edit their content, InstaText goes much further in terms of text improvement than Grammarly.

It assists you in rewriting your text so that you are understood and regarded as a professional.

InstaText enhances your content by improving its styling and word choice, correcting grammatical errors, and enriching it to make it more readable and understandable.

InstaText manages your texts for you, adding necessary words and removing unnecessary ones.

Scan a text quickly while correcting spelling and grammar.

You can enhance the readability of your test by using suitable synonyms of words and paraphrasing the text accordingly.

Not only does the software correct your grammar and spelling mistakes, but it also goes above and beyond.

It will also rewrite your sentences for you – it considers the context of the entire article and suggests a rewording that makes sense in that context.

Overall, InstaText is a programme that rewrites any paragraph to the level of a native English speaker fluent in written English communication.

Native English content writers are difficult to come by, but a tool like this would undoubtedly save you time.

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