Instazood vs Kicksta 2023: Which One Is Best For You? (Our Pick)

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Looking for an in-depth difference between Instazood and Kicksta? I will bring you the comparison in detail to help you select the best Instagram tool.

Instagram has become the new face of business. With people spending hours scrolling through Instagram, brands have recognized that’s where the best audience and potential clients are. So starting a business on Instagram seems like the best idea, right? But no matter how good your product is less the number of followers, less credibility. so it makes sense that everyone wants to be Instagram famous and have a lot of followers.

In today’s world, technology comes to your aid to help you to achieve that glowing 10k goal. Some of you may think, why do I have to have more followers. Well, you can’t make money on Instagram or run a business without 10k followers. Moreover, reaching 10k followers is a turning point on Instagram as the Instagram algorithm is simple – the more likes and views you get, the more people to see it. So naturally, an increase in the number of followers causes an increase in opportunities, more gigs, and more chances of a paid partnership and so on.

So now that we have established the importance of more followers, let’s look into the services that can help you get to that goal.

Instazood vs Kicksta Overview:

Kicksta Overview

Kicksta is an internet service that ensures to extend your followers organically. They use the most up to date artificial intelligence to attain this. Instead of just providing you with a number, Kicksta gives you genuine followers who are really curious about your product.

 Kicksta Overview

This could dispense with the chance of a ban as Instagram erases any suspicious action. Kicksta doesn’t guarantee a specific number of followers, as the client will have to decide whether to follow you or not. Kicksta uncovers your presence to potential followers. Their greatest fascination -they do have a fourteen-day refund approach. Yes, in the event that you’re not fulfilled with Kicksta inside 14 days of your utilize, you’re aiming to get all your cashback.

Instazood Overview

In a day, you spent a lot of time on Instagram to like, comment, follow, and unfollow. Instazood is an automation tool that uses a bot to automate all these actions for you, thus saving you loads of time. This can be a perfect solution to people who have little or no time to spend on Instagram but also wants to keep their Instagram account thriving.

Instazood Overview

Instazood operates separately from Instagram, and it doesn’t try to capitalize on Instagram’s reputation. Instazood is safe to use as they reduce speed. And they analytically reduce the rate of all these actions to avoid suspicion. So we can say it is safe to use Instazood compared to other bots.

How do Instazood and Kicksta Work?


Once you’ve got registered and received a confirmation e-mail, you have got to provide Kicksta a target that’s comparable to yours. This account should have the individuals that you would like to pull in to your account. At that point, Kicksta would select users from the target account and like one to two photographs of each user.

Kicksta - How It Works

This activity would send a notice to the user. As they are already following an account exceptionally comparative to yours, it is secure to expect that they will be inquisitive about your account as well. Hence, voila… new follower. Just watch out the target account you select. In case the target account does not have genuine followers, but some bot created numbers, then all the exertion will be unsuccessful. Make beyond any doubt that the target account is as similar to your account as possible. The more comparable the contents,  the more are the chances that the users will discover your page, follow you, and maybe more.


Let’s say you are running a business on Instagram. You will have to continuously follow people who are interested in the same niche, comment, DM them, and be present 24*7 to gain customers. Using a trusted Instagram bot like Instazood, you can just select the niche or hashtag and let the bot do the rest of the job.

Instazood - Instagram Bot

It will automatically like the user’s photos, comment them, sent an automatic DM, and follow them. Upon receiving the notification, they will be curious and would check your profile. You will gain a follower/ customer, given that you post quality content.

Just keep in mind to choose the right type of target users who will be interested in your product.


Both Instazood and Kicksta provides you with real and loyal followers. Instazood offers a three-day free trial, whereas Kicksta provides a fourteen-day money-back offer. Both of them have an easy enrollment procedure and are hassle-free to use. But keep in mind in both cases, as they are providing with real followers, the process will take time. The users will have an option not to follow you. So be very careful when choosing the target.

Growth measurement/ tracking: Instazood vs Kicksta


In theKicksta, you can customize the visual track, which will analyze your performance. Ipo can meet the needs and specifications. You can set your target accounts, change the underperforming targets, and can use the right hashtags to reach the appropriate audience.

Kicksta -Features

Furthermore, you will also be made aware of the following features to increase the growth and target of your audience. You can

  •  Ignore inactive accounts
  •  Ignore new accounts
  •  Ignore private accounts
  •  Ignore suspicious accounts

More advanced features

  •  Profanity filter
  •  Gender filter
  • .Blacklist filter
  •  Foreign language filter

Can monitor the effectiveness of your recent posts upon the rate of engagement on your read post. This service is provided without the use of bots, spam, or fake followers.

It gives faster organic growth with your audience. It also targets the audience to your specific demographic, and it will never follow an account that is not directly associated with your target. They tend to make your Instagram account grow by more niche related audiences and sticking with a following of less than 1 million.


Instazood users can make use of their growth and statistics. Here, the users can keep a record of the following

  •  Promotion status
  •  Promotion type
  •  Time
  •  Unfollowing
  •  Metric

It helps in measuring a few of the world’s most prominent social media, which involves TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

Instazood- Tik Tok Bot

It will gradually increase your likes, follows, comments, and unfollows every day and automatically delete your desired target that has under 15% conversion(the success rate) after two days of adding your desired target section. It is much like using advertisement platforms. You should keep testing your optimization feature once in a while.


Each does have a different way of growing Instagram accounts. Kicksta would use the target of the right accounts, and Instazood would concentrate more on the right hashtag and location.

 Instazood vs Kicksta: Customer Reviews


While using any automation tool, the very first question that comes to mind is, “Is it safe ?” In the case of Instazood,

Most of the reviews are negative.

The clients/ consumers don’t feel safe and secure on Instazood.  The reviews on the Instazood website are not real or posted by real users.

The actual review says service randomly follows people during the trial. Even the software doesn’t work properly as it unfollows their personal followings and the one who follows the user back.  Some reviews say that the three-day trial is not actually free; it costs nearly $9.99. Suppose you are thinking and hoping that your Instagram account will grow and have consistent growth. You are wrong.


The very same question, “Is Kicksta safe?”   You might get an answer when you visit their website, which has an Http URL, which indicates that even Google trust this site.Kicksta walks to the talk. It maintains its reputation by providing actual followers who give engagement too to your account.

 Kicksta - Target Account

It proves to be a powerful Instagram growth service as compared to other such services that failed to supply real and genuine followers and organic growth to the user Instagram account.


If you go by my suggestion, Kicksta should be given preference as it is safe and secure as compared to Instazood as well as it provides natural growth to your account. If you want to save your money, don’t go for Kicksta. Although it has many features and offers organic growth to your account, there are several much cheaper automation tools that have a similar feature that provides you the same quality too. They come with human supervisors, hashtag targeting, and they do like the post as well.

Pricing Comparison: Instazood vs Kicksta


 Kicksta gives two month to month plans (entitled standard and premium) to chose from to its client according to client preferences. The standard plan costs $49/month. In this plan, the client gets moderate development, video onboarding, and indeed targets.

Kicksta - Pricing

The premium plan costs $99/month. In this plan, the client gets the most extreme growth possible, VIP mail support, live chat support, blacklists, and indeed progressed, focusing on mechanism. Kicksta moreover offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, which implies in the event that the client isn’t happy inside, to begin with, two weeks of benefit, then issue a refund.


Instazood’s pricing is direct and is based on the services that most of the users are interested in. The plans come with a three-day trial, so you’re able to test for yourself whether or not it’s something that will assist you in developing your account. Instazood offers four different monthly plans that potential customers can choose from:


 Instagram bot  – The main Instagram feature costs $14.99/m and provides automatic follow/unfollow, liking, commenting, etc.

TikTok bot  – The TikTok bot comes with all of the TikTok features and costs $14.99/month.

Auto direct message – This add-on costs $14.99/month. This feature sends direct messages to everyone.

Post manager costs $9.99 – Posts will be scheduled and drafted for you.

Comment tracker –  Another add-on, and it costs $7.99/month.


Instazood, in the first look, seems reasonable and inexpensive, but it can rapidly become a pricier choice in case you want to get all the chimes and shrieks it comes with. Carefully consider the features you’ll really use and make your decision based on that.

Pros and cons Instazood vs Kicksta


Kicksta Pros

  •  Natural growth: with Kicksta, you don’t need to worry about your Instagram account just put it on autopilot and you can now focus on more important areas in your business.
  • Advanced targeting mechanism: They use machine learning and AI  to get you more followers and likes to your account.
  • Time-saving: you don’t need to manually look at photos each day. Kicksta it-self provides consistent Instagram growth. By providing natural and genuine followers to your account
  • Safe and secure: your data with Kicksta is completely safe and you don’t need to worry about your privacy. Your data is not shared with anyone.
  • Analytics dashboard: You can check the activity of your account anytime for your new Instagram followers. As well as get insights upon the next best course of action.
  •  Attract new followers:  The best thing is it actually asks you to filter your engagement with people. You would be asked to select a list of target account which will help you to find your content intriguing and decide to interact and follow you back.
  • Real followers guaranteed: Kicksta does not provide you with any ghost followers. It helps you with the real followers who would engage with you.

Kicksta cons

  •  Choose your best target: The growth is not predictable. This service itself likes 1-2 photos of each target, and even DM them, comment on their posts to increase the interaction and make them interested in following you back.
  •  In the very beginning when you start to use it, it asks for your credit card details, which turns off near about 70% clients along with it you have to remember that you have to cancel it after 14-days free trial of you opt not to use it
  •  You will not be able to see the username of the person who has followed you at the dashboard.

Instazood pros

  •  Some key things that will be monitored automatically are:
  • Hashtags for wider audience and location did automatically.
  •  –  Likes, comments, follow, unfollow and filters with the help of bot action
  •  – Targets competitor’s followers to build a similar following
  •  – The exclusive option of screening for its best marketing strategies

 Manual promotion: you can

  •  – Recommending the targeted users to give you a follow
  •  – Approving posts for liking and  engaging on
  •  – Filter did for language, mark posts and filter by engagement rate
  •  Managing to post the schedule posts: Uploading to the cloud to adjoin your posts on the feed, which can be automated. Planning unlimited posts and deciding the time to engage and putting up your stories.
  •  Helpdesk: Instazood will guarantee that you’ll receive technical assistance whether you will be in need of it. They will get back to you in 24hours.
  •  No download: You don’t have to download any application as you can also use Instazood directly on all browsers. Instazood also allows you to buy bulk Instagram likes and video views.

Instazood cons

  •  As a bot, there are no account managers
  •  Support is limited – No assistance in the real-time
  •  Non-inclusive pricing structure: Biggest drawback is that you have to purchase separately for each functionality.
  •  It violates the terms and conditions in the given platform.
  • There is a chance where your account can get blocked.

FAQs Instazood vs Kicksta

1. How can I increase the number of my Instagram followers fast?

Promoting your hashtag on other social platforms or using your bio link to increase the traffic can work. But today, you can use many online applications like Kicksta or Instazood, to gain more followers in the shortest time.

2. How does Kicksta work?

Once you have registered on Kicksta, you have to provide them with a target account that has the population you wish to attract. Then Kicksta would expose you to the target audience by liking 1-2 photos from the user’s page. It would be the person’s choice of whether to follow you or not. Frequently asked questions.

3. How does Instazood work?

Instazood automatizes the process of liking, commenting, following, and unfollowing. By making such a time consuming automatic it enables you to expose your work to the target audience and also saving you loads of your time.

Instazood vs Kicksta & Testimonials

Kicksta Customer Review

Kicksta - Testimonials

Instazood Customer Review

Instazood- Testimonials

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Final Verdict: Instazood vs Kicksta 2023

Kicksta will be worth for national and international brands. It is you away from fake followers. So what else can you ask for?


It seems like a good action if you buy different plans with high accuracy of your growth success.  But in the end, you have to ask yourself, do you want high-quality real followers that could potentially boost your sales through leads.

Or do you just want a huge follower base? So as for the winner of this battle of the Instagram growth tools, it is just up to the individual and what they are looking to gain.

So I gather all this information for you, and I hope it helps you reach an appropriate decision that is most tailored to your brand. As well as the one that would bring about the most profits. If you really enjoyed Instazood vs Kicksta comparison then please do like and share this post with your friends. Also, share your experience with me in the comment section.

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