Intelligynce Alternatives 2024: Best Shopify Analysis Tools (HANDPICKED)

 Sell The Trend  is a great platform using which you can research, about various products and many stores.

Ecomhunt is a curation of the best new products, every day. Stop wasting money on bad products

Do you want to know about the available Intelligynce alternatives? This article is just right for you. Continue reading and know everything you need about the alternatives available and which one is the best for you.

If you’re a shopping lover and you want to have all the latest trends and products on your screen you can use websites such as Intelligynce. Many times it becomes really difficult to decide which product to sell, using websites like Intelligynce you can easily decide that.

Such websites allow one to easily spy on over a million products and stores using your fingertips on the screen of your device. These websites make finding products that are in trend and are demanded by users effortless and very simple.

It will become very easy to research products and save plenty of time.

Intelligynce Overview

 Intelligynce is known to be the best and unique tool using which one can research, sales and analyze them, not just look at the hot products but it also allows you to check all the available data.

Intelligynce Overview- Shopify analysis tools

Even though Intelligynce is the most popular website, its alternatives are mind-blowing and they have capabilities to provide you the best of what you need.

Such platforms help you in knowing about the products that are winning the marketing game and the products which are loved by the people.

Using Product research tools is a great option for sellers and buyers to easily make decisions and make sure that your next products are the ones that are succeeding. Many research tools also help you in knowing about your competitors and this will help you get an advantage and go ahead of them.

You might think that you don’t need product research tools but it is really important as they will help you save plenty of time and stay on the right track.

Intelligynce is an all-in-one eCommerce research, analytics, and automation platform designed to help online sellers make profitable decisions. With Intelligynce, users can quickly identify profitable products, suppliers, and trends, automatically track competitor prices, and more.

This comprehensive review will cover the features of Intelligynce and how it can help you succeed in eCommerce. Get the full scoop on Intelligynce and find out if it’s the right tool for your business.

Best Intelligynce Alternatives That You Must Try 2024

Trying To Find Simple Alternatives For Intelligynce Reviews? Look No Further!

1) Sell The Trend 

 Sell The Trend is a great platform using which you can research, various products and many stores.

What does selling the trend tool do?

Sell the trend overview- best Intelligynce alternatives

  • It checks all products on the application called Ali express and updates with its most famous products.
  • It also monitors the world-famous platform called Amazon and all its high-rated products and the ones which are extremely trending.
  • Sell the trend checks the Shopify products list too and brings to you the latest trends and products.
  • This tool moreover looks at all available ads on Facebook and checks the latest products
  • In just a few tap-taps you can view all the available data on nexus and it will show you all the trending products and the most popular items.
  • Their servers will provide you with amazing data using which you can view many money-making product ideas.

Sell The Trend Pricing 

The recent rates of selling the trend work monthly.

If you do the payment for the annual plan you will get two months of 0 cost usage but the rest 10 months’ price will remain the same as the monthly price.

If you are unhappy you can cancel the plan whenever you want, we will not make you sign any contracts. You will be the boss.

The current plan costs $39.97 per month or 2,994.87 Indian rupees per month.

Sell The Trend

The plan includes:

The NEXUS is compatible with Amazon, Facebook, Shopify, and Ali express. It provides 24-by-7 customer support options. It will offer real period charts for trends.

They offer a short trial period of 7 days using which you can decide if you want to purchase the main product and fall in love with the features.

2) Dropship spy 

Dropship Spy- Best Intelligynce alternatives for Shopify

 Dropship Spy is another great platform to spy on the trending and hot products in the market and add them to your store.

In a single subscription, they offer you with amazing 10 tools.

They put in the most popular and winning products each day on their platform.

This tool is very good if you want information about the products to get inspired to add products to your shipping stores.

Dropship spy Pricing

 They provide you with only one plan with just amazing features for just 20 dollars per month or 1,499.34 Indian rupees per month.

Dropship Spy Pricing- Best Intellegynce Alternatives

They offer a variety of features.

List of features:

  • You have access to training resources.
  • Information about winning products.
  • It blends well with Shopify.
  • They offer amazing available for usage video advertisements.
  • It also has an amazing feature to build an audience on Facebook
  • It also allows you to search for influencers.
  • Dropship spy has an amazing product spy feature.
  • It provides great advert to the engagement records
  • You can easily search and find stores and even spy on them and get details
  • One can also download the reviews easily using drop ship spy
  • It also allows you to put in requests for products.


  • Sadly, dropship spy doesn’t have any available free trials or free plans. Which proves to be a big turn-off.

3) Ecomhunt (Best Intelligynce Competitor In The Market)

 It has similar features to dropship. Even they add new products every day and always keep their platforms up to date.

This is an amazing option if you are a beginner in this world of drop shipping.

Ecomhunt winning product- Intelligynce alternatives

Ecomhunt Pricing

This platform’s recent price rate is 20 dollars per month or 1,499.34 Indian rupees per month.

Gladly, Ecomhunt provides you with a free plan which has a few good features.

Features in the free plan:

  • Permission for two products in a day.
  • Only a fixed amount of data.
  • Permission to save up to five products in a day.
  • Postpone three days in the coming of new products
  • Availability to community members is not permitted.

Features of the pro/ paid plan:

  • Access to an endless number of products in a day.
  • Availability of the complete data
  • An infinite amount of sales
  • You get to be a member of the private community of Ecomhunt
  • No delay in the coming of new products.


  • They also offer yearly plans which are at discount for up to 41% and they provide you with the same features as I listed above in the pro or paid plan of Ecomhunt.
  • Crazy fact: one can easily compensate for the payment for the paid or pro plan in just two sales. So you don’t have to truly worry about the price and the finances for the usage of Ecomhunt.

4) D-Nicheur(Best Intelligynce Alternative)

 This platform allows one to view new and latest trending products every day. According to your payment plans, you will get access to demanding products.


The best thing about this platform is that they provide all its users with two great features that can be used by anybody and they are available to use free of cost. They are:

  • Google search: this feature allows users to search on Google using its operators and as everybody knows the number of details stored in Google is uncountable, you get a wide search option.
  • Some free extensions for chrome: this feature lets you find people who supply products on Ali express just by looking at the image link. This implies that you can find people who are selling the product which is shown in the image in Ali express but this happens exclusively if that specific product is being sold by a seller on the platform of Ali express.

D-Nicheur Pricing

 It has two plans which are for according to how many latest products you want to get updates of every day.

  • The first plan costs 20 dollars per month or 1,499.34 Indian rupees per month. In this plan, you will be able to view one new and in people’s demand product every day.
  • The second plan costs 30 dollars per month or 2,248.93 Indian rupees per month. In this plan, you will be able to access and view up to three latest and hot-in-the-market products every single day.

5) Niche scraper 

 This is another research platform that is amazing too. It has features like the features of the sell the trend with some variations.


  • It has an option using which the users can view handpicked available products.
  • They offer only 4 research tools, which is quite less but they still provide us with great features and specifications and those 4 tools will not let you down.
  • It has beautiful available themes and designs.
  • This is good for people with a low budget as their free plan has a good amount of features.

Niche scraper Pricing

Their plan costs 39 dollars per month or 2,923.32 Indian rupees per month.

They offer an amazing free plan using which you can effectively use and judge the services and then shift to the paid plan with extra available features.

List of features that are available in the free plan:

  • A narrowed available usage for the products and the tools.
  • A delay of three days on the availability to view the new winning products list.
  • It gives very restricted access to Facebook ads and its video generator.
  • this plan provides a very limited availability to the dropshipping guides.
  • This plan is great but it doesn’t allow you to stop or block others from spying on your dropshipping store.

6) Alishark 

This is a very good product for people who need to use many filters option during the search for products on the platforms like Ali express or banggood.

AliShark- Intellegynce alternative for Shopify

Filter options that they offer are:

  • Categories
  • Niches
  • The Top countries
  • Shipping
  • Shipment from
  • Price range
  • The range of the total number of orders
  • Orders in a period
  • Orders in a day/ daily orders
  • Number of votes
  • Wishlist
  • Old by how many weeks

Some advance available filters

  • Products with a video
  • Products that are drop shipped
  • Sellers/ payments that accept PayPal
  • Products that are saved only

They also have features using which you can do your research by looking or various keywords.

They give you options using which you can involve the keywords you want and you can exclude them too if you don’t want to see products related to specific keywords.

Alishark Pricing

 The paid plan of alishark costs 20 dollars per month or 1,499.34 Indian rupees per month.

Unfortunately, there are currently no available options that you can buy annually.

They have many features to offer:

  • You can search countless times.
  • You can have easy access to all the available data.
  • You get a feature using which you can save products and check them later.
  • Access to all the new products which are added daily on Alishark’s platform.

This platform also lets you try this plan for 2 days for just one dollar or 74.96 Indian rupees.

Using this plan you can access all the functions that were listed on top in the list of features and then you can easily judge the services and then buy the monthly plan.


 This wonderful platform helps you in researching the Ali express application. It will give details about all the trending and popular products on Ali express. This tool will inspire you in deciding your next sale and prosper at great lengths.

Thieve Overview- Intelligynce Alternatives

Thieve. co Pricing

They have an exceptional free plan available for you. Which is free of cost.

Their paid plan is called the thieve supply.

It has two options the dropship plan and the pro plan.

About the dropship plan:

It costs 29 dollars per month or 2,173.67 Indian rupees per month. If you take the annual plan you get a discount of 20℅ with annual billing.


  • Systematized products from Ali express.
  • About five to ten latest products are every day.
  • Limited dropship systematized products.
  • Great statistics for the popularity level of the products and conversion
  • Refined filter feature and sorting tool choice
  • You can erase the logo from the image too
  • Endless searches for reverse images

About the pro plan:

This plan costs $99 per month or 7,420.23 Indian rupees per month and if you opt for the annual plan you will receive a 20℅ discount and the billing will be done annually.

It has all the features that were explained above and two extra spectacular features. They are:

  • Permit to release the product before others
  • Availability of premium product details and information.


  • It doesn’t offer any free trial services, they have only two paid options and one free-of-cost plan which is good too to explore the features and services of this platform.

8) Find Niche 

This amazing platform and its tools will help you with various things. Using this tool, you can get inspiration for your niche, and about what kind of product you wish to sell, you can also have access to and find on various Shopify stores.

FindNiche- Best Alternatives to Intelligynce

Find niche Pricing

It offers two types of plans the starter plan and the pro plan.

About the starter plan:

It is totally free of cost and even though it doesn’t cost it offers great features and specifications.

List of features in the free plan:

  • Only searchable numbers
  • Only some filtering features
  • Analytics for the Ali express application
  • Analytics for your niche
  • It gives Shopify a list

The pro plan is great with additional and amazing features like

  • An infinite number of searches are possible
  • Filter as much as you want to with an unlimited filtering option
  • Analytics for the Ali express application
  • Analytics for your niche
  • It gives Shopify a list
  • Priority online support.

This pro plan can also be used free of cost if you share it with a few friends. It’s great.

9) Ali Express Dropshipping Center 

This platform offers just a few simple and very common features.

It can be used with the account that you have on the Ali express application very easily.

The best part about this service is the expenditure. It is free of cost. Zero payment, just begin using it and receiving all outcomes.


  • It offers basic features only.

Check out the powerful Intelligynce Chrome Extension! Unlock advanced eCommerce research and analytics with just a few clicks.

FAQ On Intelligynce Alternatives

What is the best e-commerce drop shopping tools for 2020?

According to many reviews and popularity, Intelligynce is said the best but it doesn't offer features that other alternatives provide.

What are the dropshipping tools available for Amazon?

Sell the trend that offers the best tools that are compatible with Amazon.

What is the easiest way to drop shop on Amazon?

Using a drop shipping research tool you can look at the best and highly rated products on Amazon and using a catalog or a company that you trust you can start selling on Amazon.

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Conclusion: Which One Should You Choose?

 All the available alternatives prove to be amazing and extraordinary in themselves. Each alternative has up-to-the-mark features which will provide great research facilities to all the users.

According to your needs and requirements, you can easily decide which alternative will be good for you. You must also look into the pricing plans according to your financial funds and decide on a plan which suits it. Using research tools anybody can effortlessly get details about all the winning products and achieve great results.

I believe that every platform is wonderful and they comprise great features and specifications using which one can prosper.

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  1. Sell The Trend is a great product research tool to try for yourself at $39.97 per month. Feel free to test things out for a few months to find what works best for you. Use the dashboard to see how intuitive it is to use versus the other product search resources that Sell The Trend provides.
    Sell The Trend can be very beneficial for anyone who’s new to dropshipping or just wants to use the free 7-day trial to get their company off the ground.

  2. I really liked using Dropship Spy. There are pros to using it like:
    ~Provide data on Promising Items and Winning Items.
    ~Offer Facebook Ads Advanced Targeting Lists.
    ~Spy on Facebook Ads.
    ~Allow you do Instagram Influencer ~Marketing by giving useful data.

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