Inspirational Story of Internet Marketer Gaurab Borah AKA Product Launcher

So here is the inspirational story of Gaurab Borah from Hyderabad who is running his product launching business and he is inspiration to many people who are struggling in IM niche. Gaurab inspired me lot in launching my own product because I was hesitant and didnt knew what will happen when I will launch SchemaNinja. But Gaurab told me whatever you are doing just do it and dont give up on your dreams at any cost. You had guts to launch the product and you did it finally.

Gaurab left his job in January 2013 to pursue IM full time (after being in a job for 6 months after college) – best thing he ever did and you’ll know why?

Like most of us, he started off with SEO, review blogs, he  made good money but it was not a long-term business. he wasn’t building a list. Few Google updates, guess what??? 

He lost over 80% of his income overnight! Then he started looking for a long-term income source. He stumbled on List-building on internet and then life took a Uturn from here.

Since then, he is building his list using various strategies such as Facebook, FREE WSOs, Bonuses on paid products, product launches to name a few…

Life has really changed in last 12 months. he make more than in a day than he used to make in 30 days while in job. 

I felt very proud that time because Gaurab praised my work and told me that we can work in future product launches. What a wonderful thing it is to work with IM geek Gaurab. Thanks a lot Gaurab for inspiring me to work hard and hustle more in my business.

Check out his interview at his Hyderabad office :


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  1. uday

    This is really inspiring watching guys like really motivates us at the time of falling down.When ever felt like demotivating with internet marketing leads to confusion stage definitely should read your blogs or watch vlogs ,enough the charge is back.

    All the best dude.


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