26 Investments at the Age of 26: Ritesh Malik Founder of Project Guerrilla & Innov8

I love interviewing entrepreneurs who inspire me to hustle and Ritesh Malik is one of the serial investor & entrepreneur I met at Innov8. Innov8 is awesome Coworking space & I met Ritesh there only. Ritesh Malik, the 26Рyear- old doctor turned entrepreneur and investor. Ritesh is also the Founder and CEO of Guerilla Ventures, an angel fund that was founded in 2013, with a focus on hardware companies.

As per Forbes, one of the portfolio companies, Fin Robotics, a wearable gadget manufacturer, is the first hardware product company to raise Series A funding. Ritesh has invested in over 26 companies that include RHLvision, Wigzo, AddoDoc, Mashinga, and Flipmotion, among others.

Ritesh Malik Innov8 & Project Guerrilla Founder

I was really impressed by the culture at Innov8. When I had talk with Ritesh about my journey, he really appreciated my hustling attitude. He is investor in 26 startups and this is super cool at the age of 26 only. Ritesh also loves taking selfies have a look at selfie with PM Narendra Modi. He is just like me who takes selfies all the time. LOL ūüėõ

ritesh malik

Innov8 Coworking Space Inside Photos: This place is heaven for startups & entrepreneurs. 

Innov8 coworking space delhi

Innov8 coworking space cp delhi best coworking spaces in delhi

Innov8 coworking space cp delhi top coworking spaces in delhi

Innov8 coworking space cp delhi

Innov8 coworking space delhi cp

Innov8 coworking space

Ritesh has been featured by Forbes 30 under 30, Yourstory, Yahoo & many other top publications. At 26 he is already successful entrepreneur who made dent in entrepreneurship. I interviewed him at Innov8 only and I am sure you gonna love his hustling attitude. If you guys want to join Innov8 coworking space in Delhi. Do come here and I am sure you will love the energy here. It is best Coworking space in Delhi. I am happy to be part of Innov8ers.

Check out the interview here:

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  1. Yup. It’s was quite interesting interview… And I especially loved the 3 strategies that he shared for the newbies. Thanks Jitendra for taking such an wonderful interview

  2. Amit profilecircle

    I heard about ritesh malik. What a great guy. 26 investment at 26 age. Great

  3. Rohan

    i loved this interview he is just a mind blowing man if u can interview……….keep on Jitendra i always fyn awsome to read ur interview blog posts keep on go grt …. keep sharing quality.. ūüôā

  4. Wow!! I loved this interview he is just amazing. It is good for newbie as well as for pro also. Thanks jitendra for taking a such interview I really love it.

  5. Thanks Jitendra for taking such an wonderful interview


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