Interview with CPA Marketing Expert Akshay Jain: Sharing CPA Marketing Techniques

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As part of our BloggersIdeas interview series, today we have Intellectual Akshay Jain Founder of,  He will be sharing his thoughts on CPA Marketing, Mobile Marketing & PPV Marketing . He is making good amount of money through affiliates, CPA’s & many other resources.

So lets get started with Akshay.

Interview with CPA Marketing Expert Akshay Jain

1) First of all thanks a lot for coming on my blog Akshay, Tell me something about yourself & your educational background ?

You’re welcome Jitendra. It’s my pleasure to be here on this esteemed blog by you and yeah it’s well managed one. Let me give your readers a quick intro about myself.

Hi! I am Akshay Jain, An Internet Marketer from New Delhi, IN. Yeah, I started my online journey being a blogger only. It was actually cool as it was my passion once. My first blog was

I loved it but yeah later on when Google’s Zoo started their safari on my blog I accepted the fact that I should move my ways to something else and after so many fail attempts, I was able to find myself successful in CPA Marketing. I’m currently in a midway to choose Mobile Marketing or PPV Marketing as I want to make multiple stream of income obviously.

Well, I don’t find myself expert in CPA or whatever you call it Internet Marketing because I still blame myself daily that money is on the table and I am not just grabbing it. Yeah, I’m moving towards sharing my knowledge through my blog nowadays just because I want most of you to earn good amount of money within the shorter time but you have to actually take the action.

I discovered the market I’m promoting as of now myself (No one actually guided me over it) and yeah I would love to be a full time Internet Marketer as if someone ask me for my career priority.

Other than all this stuff, I like driving my car, keep on exploring the new stuff whatever it is SEO tools or new clothing and sometimes keep myself closer to the old friends.

As per my educational records, I am currently perusing BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) from JIMS (Affiliated with GGSIPU one of the well-known University in India).

2) Tell me one scenario where u will prefer CPC model then CPM model ?

Well, Actually. I would say I am doing CPM and I love it. The thing is I started my PPC journey using CPC only but later on what I really realized that my CTR is good enough and using a very minimal targeting then also people were like hitting clicks on my ads so I decided to go with CPM in that case and made good return out of it. I must reveal that, I had 2,000% ROI.

I mean, you call it profit, I call it the daddy of profit for me at-least.

Also to add some information to it, Teespring marketers, CPA Marketers are using CPM nowadays what I have learned from far from the premium forums and courses. Because if your ad copy is actually good, you really don’t need to pay for your Clicks. Pay for the views and bank money.

3) What is the first thing an aspiring affiliate marketer should learn before doing anything else?

Hmm… What I feel is, I’m telling you this through my own experience that we Indians always have a big role of our parents in our state of mind. They keep on saying us, Focus on studies, stay away from dirty stuff, don’t make bad friends and all that you must be familiar off.

But the thing I noticed that if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing, you have to be more open to the world and have that capability to grab the stuff, learn new things, listen to the person keeping your ego aside. Because, one rule of Internet Marketing can really change your journey i.e.

Think Out of The Box. Yeah, You really have to think out of the box to be achievable in this industry else really trust me, Internet marketing is not for you my mate. Because it’s not necessary that the thing which worked for me will actually work for you 100%.

Maybe it will work or maybe you will have to add your own twist to make it work. So yeah, you first have to be open and think creative and innovative.

4) What kind of products or services do you promote? What niche do you ?

I’m not into stuff like Clickbank or Whitening your teeth pills. I’m right now focusing over the stuff like Dating campaigns, Installation and Download campaigns. Mainly focusing over mobile traffic as it’s the current big thing right now.

5) What are good methods to promote CPA Promotion ? Please brief about it 

Well, I won’t say that this method is the best or that method is the best. I’m good with Youtube, Facebook and bit of SEO to be very frank. But I have noticed many people doing CPA better than anyone can ever imagine using AdFly traffic also (It’s one of the shit traffic anyone can ever use but they turned their $5 investment into $50 and I was like literally watching it). But yeah good methods can be Facebook, YouTube (Cream traffic, highly converting) and all time king SEO (will never die).

6) How to get accepted into CPA netwoks ?

That’s the best part, How to get approved into the CPA Networks. The very first day when I reached to my $1,000 per week. Yeah, I was like on the top of the world and the very first network I stopped at was MaxBounty. Haha, I mean I must tell you that I have written the application specifying that I can promote the offers using multiple traffic sources, I work on multiple niches and blah.

But I must tell you and clarify you that, You must talk specifically over the point, talk about only one traffic source which you’re damn sure and same with the case of the vertical or niche you’re going to work with. They don’t want the person who just try their luck just like you have multiple tables in the casino and you go one by one to every table and check which one is lucky for you.

They want you to be much more grown up and want you to be determined about your traffic and vertical at once. Always be honest, don’t try to make them fool.

FYI, I never reapplied for the MaxBounty but I am accepted my mostly many big networks when it comes to NeverBlue, Convert2Media, A4D, ClickDealer and much more to mention but skip it.

7)  What are the biggest challenges you have faced in CPA ? Also how did you overcome ?

Biggest challenge. I’m thinking… Yeah as a student biggest challenge for me is keep running my ads without burning the money while I’m in college and ensuring myself that yeah I must be having some leads in my account as well.

Well, seriously biggest challenge was that how to scale up my income. I had a day when I jumped from $200 per day directly to $20. I think it was somewhere in January, at that time I was really challenged by the time or situation you can say.  I came over it by one thing, somewhere in 2012 I learnt something on a forum. Make yourself fit, money will be in.

That time, I was like laughed at it but in January I checked my bookmarks, read that post and trust me I started gym. You really have to trust me over this, I met new people there in gym and few kids were there and what I noticed that they are not feeling good doing gym so I found the idea from there. USA is a country of couch potatoes, so why not to target kids over Weight Loss.

So yeah, I made good amount over there, Thanks to my college friend as well for motivating me over doing gym though need to start it again.

8) How much money you make online in a month. Please share your income stats with us ?

That’s a very difficult question to me to answer, although one should be proud of it but somewhere I feel bit conscious in sharing my stats publically. But I can’t really run over it and as my main motive it to motivate the readers of this esteemed blog, I would love to share my one day income (consider it as lower than normal day for me).

9) Are there some great opportunities using the CPA model? And if so,how do you qualify them?

Great opportunity? I never understood this term in my life really. I mean I never worked anything to get an opportunity or something ever worked for me just because I had a great opportunity. All I believe is, I work or do something to achieve my needs my wishes. I wanted to buy iPhone and the only way I had to achieve it was doing CPA Marketing. If you ask me best opportunity one can get is “Do yourself a favour, Take Action from Now!”

10) Can you give an example of a deal breaker and an example of a deal that worked out profitably for both you and the client?

Well, I never had any kind of clients in CPA Marketing. But yeah before doing all this CPA Marketing, I did Guest Posting Service stuff as well. Made over $6,000 from it as it was once a big hit naming so yeah I had very good clients from it.

The best deal that time worked for me and profitable for my clients as well was, Circulating very high quality article over the blogs (written by native English top notch writers) and having single backlink in return for my clients and all were genuine links I meant to say, like from the article not from the author bio and similar stuff. This never actually harmed my clients till now, though few of them had myth so I removed them asking the blog owners but most of them are live if the blogs are live.

 11) How do you measure success of CPA campaigns ?

I measure success of the CPA Campaigns by following one simple logic. You can call it foolish, But I am one step ahead of you, I call it stupid.

If I spend 1$ then I dream to have 3$ in return. Let’s start the mathematics, Out of 3$. 1$ if for the amount I spent, 1$ for my next day or newer campaigns and 1$ for saving.

So yeah $(1+1+1) = $3. This is a very easy maths and it’s always working for me, If it goes even 1 cent below the $3 I stop the campaign. I keep on running the campaigns if it’s $3 in return or more.

Now you can apply it over your bigger digits and have yourself good decision to stop the campaign or continue banking money.

12) What are the tools you have used for CPA campaign’s ?

Tools, when I was doing SEO with CPA. I used GSA Search Engine Ranker, Captcha Breaker, Some premium List of sites for GSA, Proxies and a powerful VPS running day and night generating me thousands of backlinks daily. I love GSA the most and I must say, It’s the best thing I loved driving after my car.

13) What kind of tools you have used to increase your knowledge in CPA ?

I would not say that tools helped me to increase my knowledge but some forums exclusively helped me to reach at this level in my life. You can follow many blogs and forum for it. Like CharlesNGO.

14) How did you got into CPA? Who is your mentor here?

Well, As I already mentioned no-one actually grabbed my hands and taught me CPA or I must say I wasn’t even aware of it to be very frank. The thing is, One day I was trying to download some free ebooks and that time I noticed this market and just jumped over it and started milking.

That’s it, no one ever guided me over it. Though few of the people gave me tips over the time but if you say mentor then I mentored myself and still doing it as I believe, What I’m today is for myself not for others.

15) Tell me about your 2 CPA gurus who inspire you to learn more about CPA ?

I would not say that there is actually who is Guru. But I would say you must follow them for creative ideas, tips and out-of-the-box concepts. i.e.: CharlesNGO, Luke PeerFly and I must prefer to add the third one that is your dear Account Manager.

Because only Account Manager can give you the best tips and ideas when no one can help you CPA. Don’t expect Account Mangers of Content Locking networks will actually help you. Account Manager from non-incentive networks are really helpful.

16) What things can go wrong with a CPA campaign?

This can go wrong in CPA, I spent $100 and made 0.03$ once. This can be the worst scenario anyone can ever have in their life or while doing CPA Marketing. Well, I am not trying to scare you but trust me, you have to take action and try the stuff.

Like right now I am thinking to try Mobile Marketing or PPV and someone told me that it would take minimum $3,000 to test what works and what doesn’t.  Now most of you will just say, It’s not the right deal just forget it. But the actually hidden secret behind this is Data Collection.

These $3,000 will be the best investment in your whole journey of CPA Marketing because you must be knowing what works, what fail, what people like, what increases CTR, which type of vertical is having clicks but lesser number of clicks and much more related question marks on your campaigns.

At-last, I would say it was good experience to have interview with you Jitendra. I must say motive yourself and your readers about CPA Marketing because money is on the table and we’re just not taking action to have it mate. People on net are finding their solutions and you have to provide them solution and earn money back it’s as simple as that.

Keeping in mind one thing, Keep yourself simple and stupid makes the thing work in CPA Marketing which I have noticed and keep on experiencing still now. If you guys wants to be in contact with me can actually disturb me via:

Email: [email protected]


Facebook: @MrFriendism

Twitter: @MrFriendism

Instagram: @MrFriendism

Haha, Feel free to contact me anytime, you’re not disturbing me don’t worry. I am happy to give you knowledge as much as possible or I know. Rest, Stay tuned with Jitendra on this growing blog and Happy Money Making! J

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