Jeremy Ellens | CEO of LeadQuizzes Shares His Inspirational Journey to Six-Figures

Jeremy is the co-founder of LeadQuizzes, a quiz and survey software built for marketers to increase their leads and learn about their audience. Jeremy has been an inspiration for young entrepreneurs and startups.

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Jeremy Ellens

I started my first company as a senior in college. I won a $10,000 grant from Arizona State University and received recognition from media like Entrepreneur and CNBC for a veterinary app that would help vets diagnose animals faster. 

It was a great learning experience but it was clear to me that it wasn’t going to support me after college. Wanting to stay in tech, I started networking with the best developers I could find at ASU.

Ultimately I met my current business partner Dornubari Vizor during that process and we started a marketing agency.

Seven years later we’re still working together but now running our business LeadQuizzes



  • Can you please tell my readers about your company LeadQuizzes and how it can help the young entrepreneurs? 

LeadQuizzes helps marketers capture more leads and learn about their audience with quizzes, surveys, and forms. Our software allows you to easily set up and integrate these content types with your marketing platforms and publish on your website without having to hire a developer.


  • What Inspired You To Launch Lead Quizzes? 

Our marketing agency was at a crossroads. We lost 3 major clients worth 35% of our monthly revenue. We looked back at what we had done well and settled on a hormone doctor who we helped generate 35,000 leads using a quiz.

Jeremy Ellens LeadQuizzes

We decided to start doing this more with other clients. As we generated consistent results, we invested in developing our own software, LeadQuizzes to speed up the development for each client, ultimately launching that software to the public.


  • Do you have any Role Models that have influenced you?  What Impact they had on you? 

One of my most helpful mentors has been a guy named Loren Howard. I met Loren when I was in the Entrepreneur Organization Accelerator program. He taught me how to put structure into our business. Things like job descriptions, training, and KPIs to measure each position by. Things we should have put in place by reading books like Traction and Scaling Up but didn’t put in place ourselves. He was a big reason we were able to grow LeadQuizzes so quickly. 


  • Besides Quiz, What are the other ways to generate leads for your business? 

One huge lead generator for our business is using a free trial. Shifting from an agency to software, we immediately reduced the number of competitors in our space. Creating a piece of software is expensive and not many people will do it so offering a free trial is a great strategy to get people to try your product but also to capture their lead information. 


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  • Can you tell us something about your marketing strategy and what approach has been the best? 

We’ve tried lots of marketing strategies. We’ve done cold outreach, we’ve run paid advertisements, content marketing, and podcasts. They all work but at the end of the day, we were looking for a more affordable traffic source that would also have compounding results.

Jeremy Ellens LeadQuizz
Content marketing has always worked best for us. From the beginning, traffic from organic search converted at a higher rate and at a lower cost per acquisition. Over the past couple of years, we went all in on SEO and it’s paid dividends as our traffic now exceeds 45,000 visitors a month and is our primary source of traffic. You can read more about our initial content marketing strategy here.


  • Quizzes are always fun to take because they often give clarity and focus to the person taking the quiz. But for businesses, how do they begin to think of creating a good quiz? Where would they start?

You really need to start by first figuring out what your goal is. Do you want to better qualify leads so you know who to follow up with for your sales call? Do you want to segment your leads so you can put them into automated marketing campaigns? Do you want to maybe just learn more about the makeup of your audience and start to understand what segments are most profitable? A quiz can do all of these things especially for those in B2B markets. 

After you know your goal, there are many ways to come up with a good quiz idea. For example, you can go to relevant Facebook groups or Quora and review common questions that people have in your industry and create a quiz around that topic.

You can also look for existing quizzes via a Google search and create your own variation!


  • How do you manage your personal life with your professional life? 

I try to make sure I take enough time off work. I learned from Dan Sullivan that having Free Days is extremely important to recharge so that you come back rejuvenated. Being in technology, a lot of what we do requires creativity. Sure it requires hard work but if you are working hard in the wrong direction it doesn’t help you.

You need enough downtime to create space to think creatively and strategically. I try to create this in my personal life by taking time off or taking vacations and making sure I get enough exercise to keep my mind clear as well. 


  • What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs and business owners? What do you wish someone told you?

I really wish I had a mentor that held a gun to my head and made me figure out how to generate consistent, predictable leads for my business earlier on. For years, I relied on referrals and networking to grow my business. While we closed business this way, we had very little control over getting the right type of client, which resulted in a whole heap of problems.

We also had very little control over how quickly we grew as we couldn’t easily crank up leads and sales. Once we did take control of our lead generation, I was able to close 189 of the right clients in two years and grew our marketing agency revenue to $720,000 in annual sales. 


  • Last Question, Tell me some of the reasons to choose LeadQuizzes? 

Quizzes have been around a long time in print and even online. LeadQuizzes has focused on helping marketers use them more effectively to capture leads and learn about your audience online. We’ve helped our users generate over 4.7M leads and capture 73.9M answers so far. With that experience, our goal is to continue to make that job easier for marketers like yourself.  


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