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As a part of our BloggersIdeas interview series, today I have one of my my inspiration and kickass SEO start Jeremy  Schoemaker with me. I managed to take his interview via email and decided to share with you guys.

From selling washers and dryers at Sears to managing multimillion dollar payperclick campaigns, Jeremy have been exposed to so many types of marketing. He use this experience now to focus on his own company and hope to make it one of the most profitable internet based companies there are.

From his LinkedIn Profile : Jeremy has been awarded many times.

Jeremy Schoemaker from ShoeMoney

2013 Best Selling Amazon Author
2007 Affiliate Markeing Blog Of The Year – SEJ
2007 Contextual Advertising Blog Of The Year SEJ
2006 Time Magazine Person Of The Year
2006 Search Engine Journal Affiliate Of The Year
2006 Digitalpoint Search Engine Marketer Of The Year
2006 Digitalpoint Affiliate Of The Year
2005 WebAwards Affiliate Of The Year
2005 WebAwards Best Affiliate BLog
2002 Wells Fargo Company – IT Employee Of The Month

First of all thanks a lot for accepting my interview proposal. I and my readers are very pretty glad to have you . Please tell us about yourself and your educational background?


Hello I am a father, internet marketer, blogger, and author.  I am 100% self taught

How did you started your journey in affiliate marketing ? What was your first blog ?

I started in 2003 when I built a website that converted audio files into ringtone formats.  It was just for fun but grew pretty fast to over 100,000 people a day.  I first made money with Google AdSense but then branched out into subscription and affiliate revenue with the website.

How  many hours you worked to learn money making secrets of  affiliate marketing?

Well 12 years of experience.

Which top affiliate networks you working right now ? Can you please share it?

I like JVZOO a lot.  Its easy and they pay in real time via PayPal which I love. 

How many workshops you attended to increase your knowldege in affiliate marketing ?

I attend 6-7 a year but I rarely goto any sessions.  I like to network and meet others in the industry with experience.

Do you think paid courses available online to make money are worth to buy ?

They are worth it to me.  Any information product whether it’s a book to learn how to write PHP code to a product to do list building.  Investing in education has always been great.

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How  affiliate shaving is affecting the business of  affiliates ?

Well shaving is everywhere you can make money onlineAffiliate networks to Google AdSense.  If the quality isn’t there, then they will cut you back.  If you deliver quality, then they will want more of it.  It’s a 2-way streak.  If you deliver quality results, then the advertiser is not going to shave you but probably pay you more.  I have been doing this for 12 years and I have worked with every major affiliate network and for most have been their top affiliate at some time or another.  I have only increased in payouts.

Every case I have seen where an affiliate claims to have gotten shaved or not paid there was a good reason behind it.  But I have only seen a few. Again

How you invest your money you earned. What is best investment advise you would like to  give?

I invest in things I understand – realestate and some angel investing.  I don’t put money into the stock market because I don’t understand that.  I take enough risk making money online and I would like to keep it.

Do you read books to motivate yourself. Which books you read for encouraging yourself?

I listen to audiobooks on occasion.  Anything by Seth Godin is great.

How to do SEO for new domain. What strategies you would use for its branding?

My strategy for SEO has always been to build something or write something of value to others.  They will link to it, and everything will take care of itself.  I have ranked for some of the most competitive keywords out there but it wasn’t a goal from the start.

What are top 5 content marketing strategies for tech bloggers, who are handling tech blogs from long time. How can they rank for high competitive keywords like Samsung S5?

See above

What is the best & worst thing you like to  say for BloggersIdeas?

Don’t start a blog with the intent of making money.  I don’t know anyone that has made a signficant amount of money that had that plan.  I do know many multi millionaires who have blogs that wrote about what they loved.  My blog @ didnt make $1 the first 4 years.  I was fine with that.  Someday if it makes nothing again I will still enjoy writing on it.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Jeremy, I am really inspired by his journey and following him from long time. If there are any questions you would  like to ask please drop in comments.

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  2. Nice Short Interview Jitendra… I remember, very first time in 2008, i come to know about, when Jeremy Schoemaker has posted his picture with a Google Adsense Cheque worth $132,994.97 for one month of clicks.

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