Interview with Sonam Chawla: Sharing useful Content Strategies

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Hey You bloggers we are back again with another amazing interview session.

As part of our BloggersIdeas interview series, today we have Sonam chawla who is extremely obsessed with content writing and making content viral on social media.   Sonam is a Content Marketer and a Blogger. Much to the awe, her experience in content writing and SEO for the past 7 years has taken her to a level where she writes on almost every niche. She owns and welcomes challenging and inspiring content writing projects. She will be answering various queries related content writing, marketing. So lets start with the interview.

sonam chawla interview

First of all thanks a lot for accepting my interview proposal. I and my readers are very pretty glad to have you . Please tell us about yourself and your educational background.

Thanks a lot Jitendra. It is a pleasure indeed to be featured on your reputed blog. Talking about me – I am a person with multifaceted interests in life. I graduated from a reputed school in Delhi, India and my educational journey was all about reading and writing in English language. I completed my Masters in English Literature and thereafter M.Phil. in English Literature. I have always indulged in reading and writing whether it is for web or print.

And who are your blogging role models?

Neil Patel has been a person I have been reading and following all through my blogger’s journey.  I learnt a lot from his blog as well as regular updates.  He is an inspiration to Indian bloggers and site-owners indeed.

Why Content Marketing is playing keen role in SEO 2014. Do you think that only content marketing is king, other seo techniques are dead?

After the recent Hummingbird update, the SEO practices have changed drastically and it is no more the same it used to be 2 years before.  Consequently, it has given way to need of highly genuine and informative content that is useful for users and not merely created to get rankings in search engines.

Content Marketing in 2014 will fetch great result for your SEO rankings only if you plan for a promotion keeping in mind the requirements and interests of readers and users.

You will have to strategize your SEO activities and online marketing as per market and research standards. Gaining popularity on social media and attracting real and potential followers should be the prime concern.

Top 3 wordpress plugins you are using for your blog ? Please mention it in brief?

All in One SEO Pack : A unique and best way to create meta-tags on each of your WordPress posts.

GetSocial:   Easy and quick setup to help your readers share your content on all social media platforms.

Wp-Insert:  Best and quick way to place in-post or on-site ads.

How do you kick off a project with a new client?

I usually start by researching on what the competitors in the industry are working on. This helps me understand the industry standards and move at par with them. At the same time, this gives a direction on what is new to be offered  to the users and readers and is still not covered on the web

How do you optimize your content for search?

My way of optimizing content is to write informative and rich content for the user to love reading it. Keywords are not in my mind when I am writing and they occur naturally. As Google algorithm is intelligent enough to understand synonyms and antonyms, I usually use synonyms and phrases that go with my subject and that is how an interesting as well as decent SEO content is created.

How do you apply SEO best practices to your writing?

I just write the best for my readers without thinking of SEO. This leads to a content that is not only original but at the same time genuine for readers as well as search engines. Adding keywords to your content deliberately is no more going to help. Throwing them in your content naturally is a better way of creating content.

Yes, we can review and replace the searched words once we are done with our writing. Apart from this, SEO practice is all about social media now. The more your original and user-friendly content goes viral, the better you will rank on search engines.

What are the ways  to Increase Your Rankings without Leveraging Content Marketing ?

Ways to increase rankings will be few if you are not focusing on content marketing as ‘Content is the Key’. However, if you still ask me, I will simply say, increase your presence on Google+, try building trust with your readers and let them market your existing content for you. Your readers should be your mouthpiece within a few months you start your SEO.

I hope you enjoy this interview session with Sonam.

If you have any questions or doubts please do ask in the comments below !

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Jitendra Vaswani

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  1. It always best & amazing experience to learn from Experts. I wasn’t aware about “Sonam Chawla” that She is a great & well experienced Blogger but I came to know about her & got few Best idea’s that how Sonam Chawla optimize & do her work on success. Well I have a one question to Sonam Chawla, Now A days SEO is really challenge full & hard to do so in this case how do you find new clients & projects. Have you any special strategy for it.

    • Thanks for your appreciation Monika.

      Well, As far as fetching projects is concerned, it is obviously challenging to convince potential clients. However, my genuine approach regarding white hat methods, content quality which I deliver with my existing 6 years experience and most importantly an ability to work according to the requirements of the client( and not the SEO) helps me most. Remember, clients need leads and business. You and me know about SEO, clients and users DO NOT.

      High end content with best information for users will bring in genuine traffic and you will have a lot to show to your future clients. And, after Panda 4.0, this is what even Google expects of you.

  2. Of course, it is important that bloggers just go ahead and write the best content they can think of. If they think of keywords and the search engines, they may not be able to achieve a lot. I like the fact that Sonam Chawla highlighted this on the questions of: How do you optimize your content for search? and How do you apply SEO best practices to your writing?

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