Interview with Tanya Garg:Sharing Effective SEO Strategies

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Hey you bloggers we are back again with another brilliant interview.

As part of our BloggersIdeas interview series, today we Yogita aka Tanya here, She is the founder of, and having around 4 years of experience in Online Marketing and have keen desire to became full time blogger, She loves blogging a lot. In this interview she would be sharing some useful SEO strategies.

Let’s start with interview!

Interview with Tanya Garg:Sharing Effective SEO Strategies

First of all thanks Yogita for accepting interview request for my blog. Please tell me about your amazing blogosphere journey. Who introduce you to blogging? 

Hi Jitendra, Thank you for bringing me here  J

Hey Readers,

I am Yogita aka Tanya, a tech blogger from Delhi NCR. I am a pro blogger from last one year only before that I was doing into blogging for fun. My first job introduced me to blogging.  I blogged a lot on free Blogger blogs but these days I am only focusing on my blog

How to increase your conversion rate for an ecommerce website?  

To increase the conversion rate of an ecommerce website first one should improve the trust rate of that particular website. Most basic trust signals are free shipping, free return and money back guarantee.   These three basic signals build users’ trust on your ecommerce site and they will make a purchase without worrying about their money.

Also if your ecommerce sites already having these three features but still you are not achieving expected conversions then the issue is with your site layout or might be you are not highlighting about mentioned three most crucial points on Product page.

Some other points that may help you in increasing your websites conversion rate –

  • Use live chat support. Check these live chat services providers.
  • Get an indepth FAQs.
  • Show user’s rating and reviews on product page.
  • Show recommended products on same page.

How to increase YouTube video engagement?

Youtube is a great platform to get exposure these days.  Below are three most important tips to increase Youtube engagement –

How to increase engagement on facebook page?

  • Post on Facebook fan page frequently.
  • Use quotes and funny images time to time.
  • Tag your friends and followers.
  • Get a perfect look and feel for fan page.
  • Run time to time contests.
  • Include #hasgtags with FB post.
  • Do reply to each and every comment.

What blogs do you read? Tell me about an article you recently read that stuck out to you.

I am the regular reader of SearchEngineRoundtable and

Few articles those engaged me in last some days are –

Do you find WordPress platform better or blogger? Explain it.

Yeah, WordPress is so cool and flexible. Also it is an easy to understand blogging platform for beginners.

Blogger is good but only if you are creating your first blog not for the professional one.

Below are the reasons I would say WordPress is better choice over

  1. WordPress gives you more control over your blog.
  2. Unlimited WordPress plugins and themes option to improve your blog.
  3. WordPress support forum is always there to help newbie.
  4. SEO friendly behavior of WordPress makes it my first choice.

Check out Codeus Responsive Theme for WordPress

Using of excessive plugins on WordPress platform hurts your blog speed and creates clutter in codes. How many plugins you use for your blog?

Right now I am using 15 plugins in my and till now have not realized any site load time issue.  I am using most basic and essential WordPress plugins like –

  • Yoast SEO (Just migrated to Yoast from All in one SEO)
  • WordPress Database Backup
  • Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox
  • CommentLuv
  • Akismet
  • WP Super Cache
  • WP

Also see: Best & Essential WordPress Plugins List 

Do you think SEO Is a game now? Can everyone rank on keywords? What type of optimization need to be done in order to rank for a keyword?

Well that’s funny; SEO is not at all game. And to get ranked in Google for good keywords is not a joke. Proper SEO strategies and lots of efforts are required to achieve SERP.

To get ranked for particular keywords:

  1. First of all optimize your content and Meta title and desc tag.
  2. Use your keyword in starting of the Title.
  3. Make your content SEO enriched with similar keywords. Use keywords in generic way, no need to run after keyword stuffing.
  4. Once you publish the article create a few backlinks for that post.
  5. Use Google Authorship.

What type of keyword research tools you use for client business?

I only prefer Google Keyword Planner and apart from that I check webmaster tool to get keyword ideas.

Check out : Alternatives to Google Keyword planner

What type of SEO audit you do for new websites? Please explain necessary steps.

I start with Onpage optimization. In that I check

  • Look and feel
  • H1, H2 and Meta tags
  • Site load time
  • Canonical and robots tag
  • Content, Keywords and Internal Linking
  • URL structure
  • User friendliness

Then I move to off Page optimization and analyze –

Backlinks (Inbound & Outbound links)

I check social presence of that website.  (Social signals help a lot in achieving better SERP.)

Suppose your client business is penalized by Google algorithm. How you will check that is being affected which Google update? Please brief it .

If there would be any manual penalty we will get the message in Webmaster tool.

Else we can note the sudden ranking changes and traffic changes dates and then we can check the latest updates dates.  If there would be any relation between dates of Google updates and our traffic or rank changes then we will get the fair idea about the site penalty status.

Top Social media websites you use for sharing your content? 

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google PlusJ.  That’s it…. I do use some other sites but my favorites are above five.

What is your Klout score, how to reach high klout score?

My Klout score is 59.45, which is good enough.  And I got this score because of my active social media profiles. To improve your Klout score create content on your social profiles that people want to share and respond to. Check helpful reference to improve Klout score with the help of Twitter –

I hope you readers really enjoyed interview session with Tanya, she had put her lot of efforts in this interview.

If you have any questions or doubts please do ask in the comments below !

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14 thoughts on “Interview with Tanya Garg:Sharing Effective SEO Strategies”

  1. Yes i am following via her twitter. She is sharing good tips. Her tactics also practical and most of the cases succeed. I am satisfying her tips. Thanks to you and Yogita

  2. Great note about trust rate Jitendra. Get those signals out there to boost conversions. Thanks Tanya and JT!

  3. Hi Jitendra,
    Yet another lovely and informative interview,
    Though there are well knit questions and well
    said answers I felt somewhat abrupt end to the interview
    Of course you covered some of the important area and she
    presented with relevant links etc still i felt there was an abrupt end
    Sometimes that feeling may be only to me LOL 🙂
    I Wish you and Tanya Garg a great time ahead in the world of blogging and internet connected tech activities, Thanks Jitendra for introducing this wonderful personality to us.
    Thanks Tanya for sharing your valuable information and experiences with us.
    Keep Going, we wish you all the best for a wonderful full time blogging time ahead,
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

  4. Hey mate,

    Excellent post. I know there are so many haters in FB and jumping over to G+. However, one point is that FB will dominate social media for a long time.

    The tip on posting on FB pages is great. That’s important but for starters, you are bound to have a lower involvement rate. That’s fine and if you keep that up, you should be doing pretty well in the coming time.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hello Jitendra,
    This is a really informative interview of Tanya. i was fascinated by her command oveer writing and the vast knowledge about SEO.

    Here, You talked about how to increase the conversion rate for an e-commerce website. All the points shared by tanya in this interview are right. For increasing the conversion rate an E-Commerce website must have good trust rate and great 24/7 Helpline or chat support to customers.

    Anyways, it was a really good interview!

    Have a Nice Day!

  6. When I read some post titled as “Interview with ABC/XYZ..”, I feel like i have fond another great inspiring story and I end up in reading the interview post.

    About this interview, I must say Jitendra have asked some of the valuable questions/queries that most of the bloggers are confused about or having lack of proper knowledge for those issues.

    Further, Yogita has also presented simple, effective and best solutions for those issues that would surely help bloggers in making their blogging more powerful.

    I would recommend this interview post especially to new bloggers and SEO newbies. Thanks for sharing this interview with us.
    Anyways, I found the post shared on too.


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