Interview with Todd Rambilas CEO of Blackfox Inc

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As part of our BloggersIdeas interview series, today we have Intellectual Todd Rambilas Founder of Blackfox Inc, he will be sharing his knowledge on SEO marketing strategies, kickass Facebook paid marketing, blog engagement strategies. He has wide range of  experience with  traffic generation, Affiliate management  & has worked with many big brands.

So lets get started with Todd.

Interview with Todd Rambilas the CEO of Blackfox

First of all thanks a lot for accepting my interview proposal. I and my readers are very pretty glad to have you . Please tell us about yourself and your educational background.

Thanks for having me man much appreciated. I’ve been involved in internet marketing as a whole for nearly 6 years now. This includes all of its subsets like paid marketing channels, search engine optimization, retargeting, email marketing and direct response ads.

How to do SEO for new domain. What strategies you would use for its branding?

The question should be are you trying to rank to promote offers or are you building your own brand. If you’re trying to promote affiliate offers the smartest way to go about it is by purchasing an aged domain with page rank. This shows Google and other search engines this name has authority and history. You do need to watch out as some aged domains are blacklisted.

Now let’s say you’re starting a company from fresh forget about SEO for now and focus on sponsored posts and guest posts.

Get your name out there and have brands/bloggers link back to you this will build your SEO status overtime than you can proceed with link creation automation and keyword targeting.

Branding advertising campaigns in my opinion shouldn’t be initiated until you reached at least $1 million in sales or 1 million unique visitors. The time should be spent on selling benefits rather than features. Sell your customers what they need not want.

What are top 5 content marketing strategies for tech bloggers, who are handling tech blogs from long time. How can they rank for high competitive keywords like Samsung S5/?

Here are my Top 5 Content Marketing Strategies:

  1. Keyword and Audience Research to decide if the market is profitable and a low hanging fruit.
  2. Take advantage of guest posting to spread your name, generate a following, and build authority.
  3. Onsite SEO without it your wasting time building links. . I’m tired of seeing SEO written articles all over the internet. It’s dead, it’s boring and it’s costing you visitors and conversions. If you want rank fast create engaging, shareable, newsworthy content.
  4. Headlines are key. If your headline is dull people won’t even bother to read the rest.
  5. Social is trending – distribute your content on social media platforms, get industry influencers to comment and watch your traffic and REVENUE increase.

How do you go about promoting your affiliate marketing campaigns?

Way too many explain. I’ll go over what will work for 2015. Mobile & Content marketing are two traffic sources you want to start with NOW.

Mobile CPI campaigns are crushing it. On our bad days we do around 40k conversions.  Landing pages are a must. Facebook fanpages help a lot as well. Content marketing campaigns you most definitely need a presell page. Campaigns we run on those sources have an average payout of $40+ so more time has to be invested in the formation of your landing page.

Once you have your landing pages in play its literally plug and play with some of these networks. After that you just need to optimize the source to get the best ROI.

Do you mainly go for organic search traffic only or do you also run paid ads?

We run paid ads a lot. If the offer sticks we start to run search engine traffic.

What would you recommend to others, especially the newbies?

No one takes action. Around 90% of affiliate marketers even after reading this choose not to do anything. The truth is the top affiliates in this industry took action with little to no knowledge and they’ve made it beyond their means today. What are you waiting for? Sign up and view our offers. Keep in mind we are worldwide and have offers for literally every country.

What’s hot in the Incentive marketing world right now?

Email Submits, Pin Submits and Download Offers. They never seem to go out of style. To BANK hard with incentives you need to get creative.

How to choose hot niche in affiliate marketing. Is there any trick to see which niche makes more money?

Of course, take a look at whats trending on google and ride the wave before it washes away. These niches will always be top performers in the affiliate marketing space. 1. Dating 2. Business Opportunities 3. Financial 4. Health and Diet 5. Games.

Any suggestion you would like to give on domain name buying. As having cheesy domain sometimes attract clients & advertisers to buy domains?

Again it comes down to your purpose. Why are you buying a domain to represent your brand or to promote another? If your building a brand you’d want a top-level domain and something that”ll stick. I’m not talking about but The longer the domain the harder it is for your clients to remember.

What makes your affiliate program the best ?

With our affiliate program we have a cost per lead campaigns basically if a user were to sign up or download an offer you get paid. Cost per action campaigns such as if a user were to like a facebook page you’d get paid. Cost per sale campaigns you get a percentage of sales you generate for that merchant.

We are the best at what we do because unlike other affiliate networks out there we help each publisher with campaign optimization. If you’re running SEO we can help, if your running paid we can help, if your doing mobile we can definitely help you out.

Right this moment we have 1,500 offers from fortune 500 companies such as Thomson reuters, Godaddy, Instant Checkmate and Candy Crush.

What are you waiting for getting started is free! Sign up now.

What do you feel are some of the most important factors to ranking high in the organic results?

The bottom line is creating engaging content. It isn’t about ranking or marketing. It’s about story telling. Movies are great because of the stories behind it. Content should be the exact same way. Link building, SEO, and etc mean nothing if you have boring, dull, and lame articles.

What is the best & worst thing you would like to say about my bloggersideas blog. Please be open to this question.

Very closed loop community with a targeted audience base. Not only do you share relevant and engaging content but you connect with your audience unlike other bloggers you give them what they need and I admire that.

I hope you enjoy this interview with ToddIf you have any questions  about this interview, please do ask in the comments below !

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