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Hey You bloggers we are back again with another brilliant interview.

As part of our BloggersIdeas interview series, today we have Venchito Tampon, He is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultant who started in the search industry in December, 2012. Since then, he became passionate in helping his clients generate leads and sales to their websites through his strategic content development and link building services.

So Let begin with this chat session !!!


Please tell us about yourself and your educational background ?

I’m Venchito Tampon, an SEO consultant and blogging enthusiast at I started my career in internet marketing way back in December 2012. That time, there are several bloggers who freely published search-related tips from on-site optimization to link building tactics.

Those tips/insights from well-known authors help improve my skills in internet marketing (writing, technical, marketing, communication, etc.) and get me inspired to start my own link building blog.

Top 5 tips you would recommend to Increase insanely traffic to blog ?

  1. Invest in design. First-time (unique) visitors are more likely to follow the site/blog when it is designed properly for them. First impression lasts (as quoted by others).
  2. Match your keywords with your internal pages. Optimizing your important pages for search (especially your target pages for conversions) can increase its likelihood of getting search traffic.
  3. Create content for your target users. Look at your analytics data and see the behavior of your visitors. For instance, if there are more than 50% unique monthly visitors in your site, then you might want to consider publishing a beginners guide to a topic related to your industry. This way you can let those UVs go back again to your blog because they get something from you.
  4.  Promote your content via email. Create an email copy on a specific content promotion tactic. Personalize your email and add value/benefit to it. Send it to prospected influencers. You can check out my post about content promotion. You can get a lot of tips from that guide.

 Promotion Tip: Ask permission before sending a link.

Fix broken links on your site. You can miss out relevant traffic when you don’t fix those defunct links. You can either redirect them to your homepage or to the page that is relevant and has the same sub-topic. Or create a customized 404 page so that visitors can easily go through a list of resources when they arrive at a 404 page.

Top 10 wordpress plugins would you recommend to webmasters & what plugins you are using for your blog ?

I only use a few plugins that work best for me. Here are some gold plugins that you can use for your site:

  • W3Cache
  • Flare
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Schema creator by Raven
  • Yoast SEO

Recommended: Top WordPress Plugins

What tips you would like to give for landing pages optimization.

I’m studying CRO these days and I realized that there are basic yet overlooked elements in CRO. Let me give you a few of them:

  • Include testimonials to your landing page to add credibility to it.
  • Identify one specific action you want your target users want to take. Then create a landing page that get your visitors to take only one action (e.g. subscribe to your blog).
  • Add social sharing buttons to your landing page. When people liked it, then they would have a chance to share it to their peers (good for branding).
  • Focus on benefits your product/offering can give to your potential converters. When you know the value that your page is willing to offer, then it will be easy for you to create an enticing copy.

I will be launching my new ebook and will be sharing a case study on how I optimize it to earn subscribers. Wait for that.

What is the future of internet marketing?

I can’t predict the future of IM. However, I see that in the next several years, internet marketing will be a ground for all the SMBs and enterprises to market their offerings (products/services) and to engage with their targeted customers. Traditional marketing will be less important as it is before and IM will be the top spot for market analysis of customer’s behavior.

What kind of link building strategies you are using for clients ? Please share?

 I always make my link building strategy simple so that my clients could easily understand what I am doing for their websites. The process is simple:

  • Content inventory – identifying existing useful assets of the brand and maximizing its value through further content promotion.
  • Content creation – Creating content assets that are useful, targeted and have an end in mind. Always look first at the different niche-specific community sites, Q&A sites, and other blogs/sites that you think are the web places where your target customers listen/talk in. You will see some ideas that are gold which can use as the topic of your content ideas.
  • Link prospecting – Find link targets not only for the sake of links or for SEO purposes but find them because you want to increase your branding, get more traffic and/or increase your conversions (e.g. find guest blogs that have user engagement and have decent amount of social shares for their recent top five blog posts).
  • Content promotion (including outreach) – reaching out to your link targets with other purposes beside link building (e.g. brand exposure, collaboration/partnership, etc..)

Get only the best and natural/organic links for your site so you will not regret anything afterwards.

 If you want a more detailed explanation of common link building techniques today, you can check out this list of link building resources.

Are link from blog commenting , forums & profiles are still relevant & credible from SEO standpoint of view ? 

It depends on how you approach those link building tactics. One way to see that those techniques are of high quality and will not be against Google guidelines is to determine the intention of the link builder/SEO who is doing those activities.

Oftentimes, link builders will do it for SEO purposes but for IMs and those who follow best practices, they will use community-based sites to get more topic ideas, mentions, engagement and other more important factors.

 What is your link building plan in 2014 ?

The same as my answer in number 6.

 What social media tools you are using currently. ? Please share ?

I don’t use any social media tools right now but if I will have to purchase one (premium tool). I will use Followerwonk. It is best in prospecting influencers (old/new) who’re working in the same niche as mine.

Why guest blogging will or will not work in 2014 As Matt Cutts is against Guest Blogging . Explain it with examples .

The only thing that I understand with his statement is that guest blogging will not completely be ineffective in link building or in SEO scene. What I mean is that Matt Cutts wants link builders to be cautious about this link building technique and use it to improve their branding, social/customer engagement and other important factors. The more natural your guest blogging tactic is, the better.

Neil Patel wrote a post about this topic. You should check that out.

If you have any questions or doubts please do ask in the comments below !

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