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Ease Of Use
Inventory Management
User Interface


  • Free Access Account
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Easily Mobile Accessible
  • Display real-time inventory from the supplier
  • Track the status of your drop shipments
  • Process orders directly with your suppliers
  • Automate & Customize Your Dropshipping
  • Daily inventory feed monitoring & automatic updating of price and quantity
  • Automatic Inventory Syncing
  • Automatic Order Processing
  • 25+ Ecommerce Platform Integrations
  • Multi-Supplier Split Order Routing
  • Bulk Feed Management Tools


  • Separate Fee Per Supplier
  • More pricing options needed for newbies

Automatically Upload Products, Sync Inventory, & Route Orders from your Dropship Suppliers or 3rd Party Warehouses to your Online Stores & Marketplaces With Inventory Source.

Price:$ 50

Dropshipping is the most trendy thing of 2018 but One of the biggest challenges of dropshipping is that it can be difficult to know when an item is available in the storeroom and when it is sold out. If a customer requests an item in stock and determines that it is not available, the experience is very poor.

If this happens more, it may affect your company’s reputation and for this reason, most of the suppliers became frustrated with the time and effort required to maintain a proper inventory.

Bottom Line Upfront: Inventory Source is more like an inventory management software company that basically specializes in monitoring, integrating, and updating product data from your dropship suppliers to your e-commerce store. It includes all of the product details that can be found in the supplier’s feed. Integrate your supplier’s inventory to automatically upload product data and sync inventory quantities with over 25 online store platforms, marketplaces and multi-channel management platforms. Get your special discount on Inventory Source today.

Inventory sources reviews

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How to use Inventory Source Coupon Code 2021

Step 1) Go to your account manage subscriptions settings:

Step 2) Select your  suppliers & channels :

Inventory Source Discount Inventory source reviews

Step 3) Choose your plans according to requirements, coupon code works on all plans of Inventory Source

Inventory Source Discount Coupon inventory source reviews

Step 4) Apply Coupon: BID15

Inventory Source Discount Coupon

Inventory Source Review: In a Nutshell

The Inventory Source has been in business since 2002, a platform that enables the seamless synchronization of thousands of Dropship products and Orders.

But what if I tell you that there is a product called Inventory Source that can solve your problem? It would be a great right.

Inventory Source is one of the oldest shuttle providers in the world. Inventory Source prides itself on providing accurate product information, tools, and resources to help executives so that they can find the best suppliers for their needs.

Review for Inventory Source

In this review, we’ll analyze in detail what makes Inventory Source one of the best order management software candidates for your direct shipping needs.

Inventory Source is dropship inventory and order management software for online resellers that allows you to upload products, perform sync inventory, and automatically place orders with dropshipping suppliers in virtually any online store, marketplace, or option the ecommerce platforms.

The inventor source data solution system enables the inventory growth engine to integrate with any wholesale supplier with our catalog manager.

This is done without the use of API, The data is captured and imported in the proprietary format “Simple Specification Is” for the product data. This allows Inventory Source to map data to any e-commerce import structure of a wholesaler. Between the source distribution channel and the providers, the inventory source system provides a graphical interface with button commands.

Leave the store owner in control of format category, prices, branded products and filters, and more.

The owner of a store or order manager can control its own inventory updates in exactly the format they need. Then automatically download Source Inventory products and updated images as well as changes in the price, quantity, and condition of catalog management without the technical data or code changes required by the site owner.

In retail, Inventory Source offers a growing number of shopping cart and ecommerce platforms (eg Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, VirtueMart, ZenCart, Open Cart, Prestashop, eBay ProStores, and more). as well as markets like Amazon, eBay, Overnight, Grabber Award, etc.

Inventory Source is the best dropship inventory and order management software that allows you to automatically upload products, sync inventory and route orders with dropship suppliers to virtually any online store, marketplace or ecommerce platform.

  1. Connect to our 230+ dropship supplier network or add your own private supplier.
  2. Auto-upload product data and keep inventory in sync – no manual file imports.
  3. Auto-route orders and sync shipment tracking.
  4. Push supplier products to virtually any online store, platform or marketplace

Key Features of Inventory Source 

Inventory SOurce coupon codes

  • DropShip automatic site

After all, this incredible tool has its own service, which is to create a full autopilot website and host it on its own servers without coding it. With this option, you do not have to worry about anything, you can develop, design, and install everything you need while you enjoy your time.

With the Dropship website offer, it’s very easy to start a website and selling your products.

  • Custom import file

Inventory Source discount coupons

If you want to integrate supplier data into a store or market that is not currently compatible with Inventory Source, you can opt for this service. With $ 40 / month for one supplier and $ 40 / additional provider, you can reduce your inventory update issues.

You can set prices and categories. With Inventory Source, you can customize the file so that your supplier’s inventory fields are assigned exactly to the format used by your channel.

This eliminates the need to manually update each field. Inventory Source updates product quantities and catalog entries twice a day.

  • No intermediary

Inventory source catalog reviews

In Inventory Source, we eliminate intermediaries by not marking a product and offering the same price as the supplier. We are also in direct contact with the supplier to enable volume reductions, access to exclusive brands, seasonal specials, a true model, and a partnership to grow your business

  • Reliable integrations

We manage data complexity (multi-inventory calculation, auto route orders, order pending management, sync inventory, product status, sku mapping, etc.) for our more than 180 dropship supplier network integrations. The same integration and consulting integration detail for custom private integrations. Inventory Source has one of the biggest supplier integrations.

How To add an Inventory Source to a Ship From Location?

There are the Five steps below  to add an inventory source to a ship from a location:

STEP – 1 Access your account settings (the key icon at the top right).

Inventory Source review with promo codes

STEP – 2 Select Shipping option and then Ship from the location in the left sidebar.

Discount Coupon for Inventory Source

STEP – 3 For a shipment to a location that requires a link to a source, click Edit.

Inventory Source review coupons

STEP – 4 Click the Inventory Source drop-down menu and make your selection.

Review for Inventory source coupons

STEP – 5 Click Save Changes.

Why Inventory Source?

 Your primary asset in selling wholesale products online is the accuracy of your ordering product information.

coupon codes inventory source

Inventory Source provides business owners with the resources and tools they need to find the right vendors, retrieve inventory data in the appropriate format (across multiple channels), control their contact information and pricing strategies, and avoid issues with daily fluctuations and volume changes.

While other companies offer “millions of products for sale”, They believe in the transparency of supplier sources and the right of the reseller to establish a direct relationship with that source.

Since our inception, we have held onto some simple beliefs that earned us the trust of thousands of clients.

Inventory Source Features

Inventory Source Supplier Directory

24/7 Customer Support

Inventory Source’s dropship support team and staff provides telephone, email, and help desk support to help you meet your e-commerce and drop shipping requirements needs so you’re always just a call or want to join our network, we want to put you in touch with the right person! Click away if you encounter a problem.

Inventory Source Integration

Inventory Source coupons

Inventory Source Pricing Plans

Inventory source gives a free trial to the customers. After the free trial is over, you can choose anyone out of the 2 plans


Inventory Source Pricing

Inventory Automation starts at $50/mo for 1 Integration and includes product and inventory syncing. Full Automation starts at $150/mo and includes Inventory Automation, but also adds order routing and shipment tracking syncing with no manual file imports.

Inventory source promocode


Inventory Automation ($50/Month)

  • 150+ Pre integrated suppliers
  • Auto update product data
  • Bulk feed management tools
  • Email & Chat Support

Full Automation : ($150/Month)

  • Includes Inventory Automation plus
  • Auto order routing
  • Automatically sync shipment Tracking
  • Email & Chat Support

inventory source coupons discpunt



Pros and Cons of Inventory Source


  • Automate & Customize Your Dropshipping.
  • Large Supplier Network.
  • Daily inventory feed monitoring & automatic updating of price and quantity.
  • Process orders directly with your suppliers.
  • Track the status of your drop shipments.
  • Display real-time inventory from the supplier.
  • Easily Mobile Accessible.
  • 24/7 Customer Service.
  • Free Access Account.


  • There are some drawbacks with its fees.
  • Separate Fee Per Supplier.

FAQs On Inventory Source Review

✌How much does Inventory Source cost?

It depends on which plan you’re choosing. There are three different plans, first one is for free, the second one is inventory automation which costs $99/mo and it also has two categories and the last one is full automation which costs $150/mo, it also has two categories. Now its upto you to choose a plan according to your business.

✌How do you source an online store?

You must choose your partners carefully and then choose a reliable dropshipping service. To control and manage your inventory, you can choose Inventory Source. It is an amazing place and it provides trusted suppliers.

✌What is inventory source?

Inventory Source is a place which focuses on inventory management. You can get all your inventory managed with this platform. I have been using this website to manage all my inventories of my e-commerce platform.

✌How can I integrate my inventory into an eCommerce website?

There are many ways you can integrate your inventory into the e-commerce website. You just have to integrate your website to an e-commerce website then your inventory will integrate with it as well.

Inventory Source customers Reviews

Army Navy Outdoors

“With Inventory Source’s Full Automation service, we can now do much more order processing with less people. We went from two people to one person managing orders while over the same period of time our orders were doubling.”

Quick Links: 


Inventory Source helpful Video Tutorials

Final Verdict: Inventory Source Review 2021 

As a dropshipper, you always need tools that make your job easier and generate more revenue through automation. If you work as a full-time dropshipper and have a full workload, this tool works even better for you. Inventory Source is one of the best dropship inventory order management software which serves the purpose of full automation for my Dropshipping needs.

In addition, you can add it as a Google Chrome extension so you do not have to access the website. Previously, I had reviewed several dropshipping tools, but this tool had unique features that fill in the gaps.

I would Give Big Thumbs up to this fantastic tool! This was my review of the dropshipping management tool Inventory Source for your dropshipping business. Grab the promo codes for the Inventory Source below.

2 thoughts on “Inventory Source Review 2021 Discount Coupon (100% Working)”

  1. Inventory Source is 100% free to start. You can create an account and start browsing their supplier directory immediately. This way you can assess which supplier is best to partner with before even paying a single dime.
    It lets you deal with suppliers directly. It’s easier to get access to exclusive brands, volume discounts, specials, and more.
    It has more to it! I’d say just try it out, amazing thing!

  2. The idea of Inventory Source is incredible, for anyone who gets excited about APIs and databases at least. Combine that with the e-commerce sector and you’re looking at Inventory Source. The sheer amount of suppliers is amazing, and I’m yet to fully test out every aspect of this software.
    Very simple to set up, and it was the ONLY solution that would integrate with my favorite supplier.


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