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      In this world of digitalization, technology is taking place rapidly everywhere. Be it studies, household needs or work; the internet has taken place everywhere.

      Nowadays, people are taking their businesses to the internet. Yes, gone are the days when people use to work offline. Now, everything is done online. People own websites now which helps them in the growth of their business.

      Websites are now the essential part of people’s business. And for hosting the website, one needs a good hosting plan. No? So well, today, we are going to talk about Ipage hosting and some amazing deals and coupon code/promo code to get some great discounts.

      iPage is a web hosting company based out of Boston, MA that has been in business over 15 years, they boast over 800 servers and over 1 million websites hosted. Their focus is being an environmentally friendly company that serves the web, email, and online security needs of its clients.


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      Typical customers of iPage use their services to host personal, business, non-profit, and social websites. Users can choose from WordPress, VPS, and dedicated hosting packages at very reasonable rates. iPage offers platforms for coding, blogging applications, online site builders, and even software like Dreamweaver.


      Ipage Coupon Code & Promo Code 2020

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      iPage Features: Why you should opt for it

      Ipage features- iPage Coupon Code

      Ipage offer tons of free and awesome features to help beef up your security. iPage offers free domain verification (an anti-phishing security measure), optional daily malware scans, and spam protection. They are similar to Godaddy, Dreamhost and Hostgator in their offers to new customers: Free $125 in advertising credits, free drag and drop site builder, free e-commerce software (shopsite). So choice is yours whichever  plan suits  you opt  for it.

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       How Ipage Coupon Works:

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      Usually if you sign up for their web hosting the plan also includes free domain registration. They also have very lucrative deals if you are willing to sign up for 2 or 3 years of hosting, generally you can obtain a plan that is less than $2 per month with a 36 month commitment. And you never have to worry about being stuck in the deal.

      iPage offers an almost unheard of guarantee to their customers, you can cancel at any time and they will refund the remainder of the hosting plan. They call this their “Anytime Money Back Guarantee” and it literally takes away all the risk of trying them out. If you cancel within the first 30 days you will receive a 100% refund of your purchase price even if you ask for a refund 29 days into your service.

      Pros and cons of Ipage

      Before choosing anything, we should know both negative and positive side of the product. And the same goes for ipage. Before opting for it, you should know the pros and cons of it. So, let’s take a look.


      • Reliable experts- Ipage has a team of reliable experts who will be there for you 24*7. No matter how big or small your issue is, they will solve it for sure.
      • Protection from malware – Ipage will help you in detecting malicious files and malware on the website.
      • Flexible chat support- for all your questions and queries, you can either have a quick chat, call or through email as well. They’re quite flexible with the chat support.
      • Great deals and discounts – Ipage never disappoint their customer. They will often come with great deals, coupons and promo codes to give you a maximum discount.
      • Money back guarantees – As mentioned in the features, you will have the money back guarantee in Ipage. If you are not happy with the service, you can simply ask for your money back within 30 days.
      • Sitelock security- to help you better regarding your security, they will provide you sitelock security.


      • High renewable price – You will need to pay the high price for renewing the web hosting. However, when you purchase it for the first time, it will be much cheaper as compared to its renewing price,
      • 48 hours for setup –  It might take 48 hours for setting up the dedicated server.

      Here  is quick video  from ipage :How To Configure Your New iPage WordPress Installation

      Features of iPage

      Now, let’s have a look at the features of Ipage which will make it worthy.

      Uptime – For any website, the most important thing is its uptime. A reliable uptime is a key element for any website. No matter how good content your site is providing, if your website doesn’t have reliable uptime, it is all waste.

       Ipage is a web hosting that will provide you with 99.91% uptime. Indeed, it is an impressive and one of the most reliable uptime you can ever get. Ipage is best known for its affordable web hosting services and the reliable uptime which is really important for any website. And if your site will ever go down, their team with full of experts will always be there for helping you out.

      Customer support- Having good customer support is an equally important thing a web hosting provider should have. Ipage has exquisite customer support of 24*7. For any issue, you can contact them via their live chat option. They will serve you the best. However, if you are facing any complicated issue, you might need to drop them a mail to their support team, and they will get back to you in 24 hours.

      Disk space and bandwidth- When you will see the hosting plans of ipage, there won’t be any limit mentioned of the disk space and bandwidth in their plans. However, according to Ipage, there will be unlimited disk space and bandwidth in their plans. Also, they will be monitoring your usage just to know if you are working according to their terms and conditions or not.

      If you exceed the limit of the bandwidth, they will first send you an email regarding the same. They will ask you to reduce the usage. However, if you do not reduce it in 48 hours, they will take your account offline.

      30-day money back guarantees – This is one of the best features any web hosting provider can have. If you feel like you are not sure with the ipage service, you can ask for your money back before completing 30 days.

      How To Configure Your New iPage WordPress Installation

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      Ipage is a great option for many users. It does have some benefits that can compell you to choose it. Here are its advantages-

      1- Affordable Price

      Ipage hosting comes in very affordable prices. It is one of the cheapest web hosting options available. The shared web hosting packages are available at low cost making it in the reach of more customers. So, if you don’t want to spend a lot on web hosting or a newbie you should consider ipage hosting as it may fits into your budget.

      2- 30 days Money back guarantee

      The web hosting has a money back policy within 30 days. The hosting company ensures your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the features and services provided by ipage you could ask for a refund. They will give you all of your amount of hosting back without deducting anything.

      3-Easy interface

      Ipage hosting is quite easy to use. You can easily use its own Vdeck panel which gives you all the required options. Vdeck is a replacement of control panel by Ipage. It doesn’t affect much and let’s you use it conveniently. The interface of Ipage hosting is user friendly. You can even install scripts in just one click without any technical knowledge.

      4- Live chat support and toll free phone number

      For businesses and websites, it is essential to act immediately on their hosting related issues. Live chat support is an option that you would prefer before choosing any hosting service. Fortunately, Ipage users have this advantage. Ipage provides customer support through live chat, phone, and email. You can easily contact them through chat and take immediate support. Additionally, It has a toll free phone number that is again advantageous for users. You can ask for assistance through on telephone.

      5- It supports third-party apps

      If you want to add a payment feature on your website then Ipage hosting is a great option for you. It supports third part apps of payments and thus allows you to easily link your website with payment gateways like PayPal.


      1- Slow Loading time

      The loading time various hosting services provide is 2 secs usually. However, many Ipage users have experienced slow loading time on the web hosting. The Ipage web hosting provides an additional add on dynamic speed accelerater. This add-on feature is available free if you have purchased new hosting, and will be paid for existing accounts. This is a negative side of Ipage hosting, as users should get good loading time without using any add ons.

      2- Private registration of domains unavailable

      Many users want to protect their contact info such as name and address from getting publicly visible. Ipage doesn’t have whois data protection. This makes your information public. Ipage doesn’t let you register domains privately and this is definitely a big disadvantage for all the Ipage web hosting users. So, if you are looking for privacy protection mainly, Ipage is not an option for you.

      3- Lack of Built in features

      When you purchase a web hosting you expect built in security features in the package. Ipage lacks in that. It does not provide many required security features in its launch package. To access these features user must have higher packages of hosting. However, Ipage provides these features as add-ons to launch package users at some price. These security features include SSH access, backup and restoration etc. A good hosting provider should give these features as inbuilt hosting features in each package.

      4- Processing fees

      Although, Ipage hosting provides 30 days money back guaranty and 100% refund on hosting. You would get deducted with a $15 processing fees from your registered domain amount in case of domain cancellation. On domain cancellation, the hosting company deducts the amount which is quite annoying for the users as no one would like to get less refund on their cancelled purchase.

      However, the deduction of processing fees is not only with the Ipage hosting, instead other hosting providers also deduct the amount. The best way to avoid deduction is to make your purchase carefully.

      5- Billing process is annual

      Many users get annoyed by the billing process of Ipage web hosting. If you are trying Ipage for testing its services for few months then its a disadvantage for you. Ipage doesn’t let you purchase hostings for few months. It has an annual billing process.

      Annual billing may cause problem to many users who are not willing to pay for a year in a single payment. Beginners specially try different hostings in search of perfect services in this case they could not get it for some months in Ipage hosting. Other companies offers small interval hosting packages which are more feasible in such cases.

      Conclusion:  iPage Coupon code & Promo Code

      Wrapping up, Ipage is undoubtedly one of the best web hostings we have. Especially for those who are not willing to pay much for the web hosting, Ipage is highly recommended. If you use the coupon codes mentioned above in the article, you will surely get a vague discount.

      So, if you are looking for an affordable web hosting service provider, you can surely go for Ipage and also can use these coupon codes while purchasing the hosting.

      I hope this iPage coupon code will help you to save a lot of money while buying hosting from ipage. If you  face any problem while this coupon code please let us know. We will help you to get your best deal out there.

      Note : We update iPage Coupon Code on this page every month. iPage Coupon Code gives you an extra discount on the overall purchase.iPage Code changes every month or it may be available for a limited time. So, I recommend to Bookmark this page and always check back before your next iPage online purchase. It will help you save a lot of money while buying iPage hosting. I hope it helps you lot.

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