Is rocket languages Free: Can you become fluent with Rocket Languages?

Rocket Languages courses are simple and logically organised. They’re helpful if you want to practise utilising the language and navigate ordinary scenarios. The lessons can become monotonous with Rocket Languages. Even at advanced levels, they use much English.

Rocket Languages has created many language course elements since 2004. Rocket Languages courses vary by language, but these are the fundamental features.

Rocket Languages Features

Can you become fluent with Rocket Languages

Audio Lessons

Rocket Languages focuses on dialogue. The courses include audio lessons to get you speaking right away. The 15- to 40-minute classes are manageable and won’t overwhelm you.

You may stream or download them via the app. Every class is a full conversation on a different topic. As the class develops, you’re asked to speak and answer in the target language.

Play It!

Audio classes typically feature two-person dialogues. After listening to the whole chat, use Play It! to take part. You can play Juan or Maria in Play It! if the audio lesson includes a discussion between them.

This is a good approach to learning, but it has limits. Because you follow a script, it’s not like a street conversation. When learning a new language, it’s helpful to emulate real-life discussions. This will improve your sentence writing.

Rocket Boost

Rocket Languages has more opportunities to practise than Play It! Flashcards, listening/speaking practise, writing tasks, and a quiz are included.

Simple activities help you remember what you’ve learnt. Sometimes they’re repetitive, but it’s your option to do them. You can skip repeating ones. Drops and Clozemaster are useful for practice.

Lessons in Language, Culture

I enjoy this Rocket Languages feature. Other apps, like Duolingo, teach the language but not the culture. Rocket Languages teach language and culture together.

Speech Recognition

In prior Rocket Languages versions, you could just record yourself and compare to native speakers. Speech recognition can help your pronunciation by 2021.

Using technology to improve your pronunciation and fluency isn’t ideal. Speaking with a native will help you sound more natural. If you don’t know anyone, try italki or Preply.


Some people appreciate gamified language apps, but I don’t. You earn points for every Rocket Languages activity you complete.

Rocket Languages Pricing: Is Rocket Languages free?

Is rocket languages Free

Rocket Languages courses range from $99.95 to $449.85. The table below provides course costs and level counts.

Rocket Spanish and French cost $149.95 for one level, $299.90 for two, and $449.85 for all three. You can pay $75 each month for six months if you buy the whole course.

Korean and Russian courses cost $149.95. Pay $27 per month for six months.

The full Rocket English and ASL courses cost $99.95. Pay $20 every month for six months.

Can you become fluent with Rocket Languages?

You won’t achieve fluency with Rocket Languages, but the program will help you create a strong foundation in the language. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are just a few of the areas that will be covered in the classes that will help you enhance your communication skills. You will be able to speak on an intermediate level with the help of the classes, but in order to become fluent, you will need to consult additional resources.

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Final Thought

Rocket Languages help language learners.

Engaging, educational, interactive content. It made language learning rapid, concentrated, and fun. Rocket Languages is a great addition to existing language-learning materials.

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