Is Supermetrics Good? The Pros and Cons of This Powerful Google Sheets Add-on

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There is no doubt that Google Sheets is an incredibly powerful tool. But even with all of its features, there are some things that it can’t do on its own. That’s where Supermetrics comes in. Supermetrics is an add-on for Google Sheets that allows you to pull data from a variety of sources and analyze it in interesting ways. But is Supermetrics good? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this popular add-on.

The pros of using Supermetrics

The pros of using Supermetrics are that it is very user-friendly and easy to set up. Even if you’re not familiar with Google Sheets, you should be able to figure out how to use Supermetrics with ease. Additionally, Supermetrics gives you the ability to pull data from a variety of sources, including Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook Ads, and more. This is incredibly valuable if you want to get a holistic view of your marketing efforts.

The cons of using Supermetrics

The cons of using Supermetrics are that it can be a bit pricey. If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to look for another solution. Additionally, Supermetrics can be overwhelming if you’re not used to working with large data sets. If you’re not careful, you could easily make mistakes that could cost you time and money.

Who should use Supermetrics

Supermetrics is a great tool for anyone who wants to get more out of their data. If you’re familiar with Google Sheets and are looking for a way to pull data from multiple sources, Supermetrics is a great option. However, if you’re on a tight budget or are not comfortable working with large data sets, you may want to consider another solution.

How to set up Supermetrics in Google Sheets

If you’re interested in using Supermetrics, the first thing you need to do is install the add-on. To do this, open Google Sheets and select “Add-ons” from the menu. Then, click “Get Add-ons” and search for “Supermetrics.” Once you’ve found the add-on, click “Install” and follow the instructions.

Once you’ve installed the Supermetrics add-on, you’ll need to set up your data sources. To do this, open the Supermetrics sidebar and click “Add Data Source.” Then, select the type of data source you want to connect and follow the instructions. After you’ve set up your data sources, you’re ready to start using Supermetrics!

Examples of how to use Supermetrics

There are endless ways to use Supermetrics, but here are a few examples:

-Compare your marketing efforts across multiple channels

-Get insights into which campaigns are most effective

-Understand how your website traffic converts into leads and customers

-Analyze the ROI of your marketing campaigns

These are just a few examples of how you can use Supermetrics to get more out of your data. For more ideas, be sure to check out the Supermetrics blog.

Pricing for Supermetrics

Supermetrics starts at $69 per month for the Standard plan, which allows you to connect up to five data sources. The Professional plan, which starts at $149 per month, allows you to connect up to 20 data sources. And the Enterprise plan, which is custom-priced, allows you to connect an unlimited number of the data sources.

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