16+ Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs 2024: Make Upto $1500/Sale

Ti sei mai chiesto come puoi guadagnare semplicemente condividendo il tuo amore per il settore immobiliare?

Bene, ho delle notizie interessanti! Ho esplorato i migliori programmi di affiliazione immobiliare disponibili e sono entusiasta di condividere le mie scoperte con te.

Questi programmi rappresentano un modo fantastico per chiunque, sia che tu sia un appassionato del settore immobiliare o che tu stia semplicemente cercando di guadagnare qualche soldo extra, di essere coinvolto nel mercato immobiliare senza la necessità di acquistare o vendere proprietà tu stesso.

Dalla condivisione di link ai tuoi annunci immobiliari preferiti alla raccomandazione di strumenti immobiliari di prim'ordine, c'è un modo per consentire a tutti di partecipare all'azione.

So, let’s dive into the world of the best real estate affiliate programs together and discover how you can start earning by simply sharing your passion for real estate!

I migliori programmi di affiliazione immobiliare

What are Real Estate Affiliate Programs?

Real Estate Affiliate Programs are initiatives established by real estate companies or platforms to partner with individuals or businesses, often referred to as affiliates, who promote their real estate-related products or services in exchange for a commission or referral fee.

Affiliates typically receive unique tracking links or codes that they use to direct potential customers to the company’s website or offerings.

When a sale is made, or a desired action is completed through the affiliate’s referral, they earn a commission.

These programs provide a way for individuals to monetize their online presence, social networks, or expertise in real estate by connecting buyers with relevant products and services.

Elenco dei 12 migliori programmi di affiliazione immobiliare del 2024 

1. Avail.co

Avail.co is a software designed for landlords to manage their rental properties. With Avail, landlords can easily find tenants, view their credit history, sign leases, and collect payments in real time.


The app is compatible with computers, tablets, and phones, making it accessible and convenient for everyone.

If you’re a real estate affiliate, you can earn a $20 bounty for each person you refer to the program. One of the best things about this affiliate program is that Avail is already widely known in the online real estate market, so you won’t have to work as hard to close a sale.

The affiliate program is hosted on the ShareASale marketing di affiliazione network, which handles most of the tracking and payment policies.

2. Matrice software delle soluzioni

Sturdy Family Fund (SFF) is a company based in Tampa, FL, that has been providing mortgage audits and financial consulting services to homeowners, attorneys, brokers, agents, and other professionals since 2007.

SFF is an agent of two nationwide law firms that specialize in residential and commercial litigation and mortgage loan mitigation. They offer a variety of payment options and are particularly helpful to those in financial distress.

Solutions Software Matrix

SFF offers a big commission for those who refer to their services. They provide a 45% commission on retail sales, with monthly commission payments sent out every Friday.

They also offer top-notch affiliate resources and tools, including free software downloads and access to their nationwide law firm.

By building a team, you can guadagnare un reddito mensile while learning what it means to be a boss. SFF’s commissions range from $59 to $1,190 per sale.

3. Preclusione.com 

Foreeclosure.com is a search engine that specializes in finding foreclosed properties. It allows subscribers to access property details before they are available on the mass market.

The website is popular among property investors who are looking for discounted properties. This makes the site an excellent choice for real estate affiliate marketing programs aimed at investors.


Partner advertisers can earn a 25% commission for promoting subscription memberships to the website. The subscription fee is a flat rate of $40.

One of the main benefits of this affiliate marketing program is that high-volume affiliates can qualify for enhanced partner agreements.

4. Nuovo prestito d'argento

New Silver is a provider of short-term real estate loans, catering to the majority of states in the US.

They offer a range of loans for property investors, including Fix & Flip Loans for quick access to capital, Rental Loans for buy-and-hold investors, Refinance Loans for accessing funds for property investing, and Ground Up Loans for residential developers needing funding for new building projects.

Nuovo prestito d'argento

If you have an audience of real estate investors, you can earn $15 for every lead generated by your affiliate links through the New Silver Programma di affiliazione.

Additionally, New Silver has developed a free search engine called FlipScout for finding high-ROI investment properties.

With FlipScout, you can predict the after-repair value of a property, pre-calculate renovation costs, and find rental properties with great potential for generating positive cash flow.

5. nolo

Nolo is a legal advice and DIY legal document service for consumers and le piccole imprese. You might wonder what Nolo has to do with real estate affiliate marketing.

Well, when buying or selling a house, visitors need legal advice and paperwork. In case they don’t choose the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) route, they have to hope for the best outcome.


Nolo provides unique yet relevant offers to a real estate audience. This audience usually needs legal advice and/or documents, and they have to get them from somewhere.

You can guide them and earn affiliate commissions for doing so. The Nolo affiliate program pays a 25% commission rate to start, which can increase to 35% if you refer more than US$2,000 in monthly sales through your affiliate links.

This is one of the highest commission rates in the industry. It is noteworthy that NOLO is a well-recognized brand in the legal advice industry, so their marketing tools should help with your real estate affiliate marketing conversions.

6. RealEstateExpress

From our start in 1996 as a pioneer in online real estate education to our current position of serving tens of thousands of real estate professionals every year, they have remained committed to our mission of helping our customers succeed in their careers.


As a McKissock company, they offer online real estate pre-license and post-license courses across a nationwide licensed platform. They also provide unparalleled free guidance through our Career Hubs to help launch and sustain a successful real estate career.

To join our affiliate program, first provide information about your organization and your online resources in the application.

Once approved, Land Specific will send you a link where you can access banners and logos to place on your website, as well as view your organization’s stats and tools.

Additional benefits of Real Estate Express include your students receiving a verified education program, us maintaining the location, courses, and certificates, us looking out for all technical issues, and your data being safe, secure, and available 24/7.

7. Finishline Lians

Finish Line is a well-known retailer of athletic sneakers and kits, with over 640 stores in the US and partnerships with globally recognized brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Under Armour, and others.

Finishline Lians

However, you may not know that End Line’s Affiliate Program was a Rakuten LinkShare Golden Link contender for Best New Publisher and Publisher’s selection. Also, it is entirely free to work with us.

If you have a passion for sneakers and want a secure income with unlimited potential, then this program is for you! Work hard, do it right, and you will get paid, guaranteed.

But here’s the thing – this program is a partnership. They believe that they are only as good as our network, so they invest in our partners’ success in the US.

No matter what you do, always give it your best shot and never give up halfway. Every project should be completed as if it’s your last. While others might take shortcuts, you know that hard work and doing things right will always prevail over that.

Whether you have top-notch content or a never-ending stream of updates, the goal is to convert visitors into customers who are overwhelmed with information and have little time.

8. Tutte le cose immobiliari

Real estate agents require a variety of consumables when they start conducting their business. Their success often depends on the appeal of the property they are showcasing during an open day.

Tutte le cose immobiliari

All Things Real Estate is an negozio on-line that provides real estate-related items such as apparel, cards, flyers, directionals, banners, balloons, and welcome signs.

Instead of visitors having to shop from multiple stores, All Things Real Estate can provide everything they need, from zip ties to promotional cups all the way through to yard signs. They are a unique offer in this particular niche, which is helpful.

Moving on to the payout rate offered by this real estate affiliate program, it is a 7% commission for each sale. Affiliates can negotiate a higher rate for themselves if they refer enough customers.

Even with a lower commission payout, real estate affiliates can earn a good amount of money. For instance, a couple of yard signs, promotional cups, etc. can easily cost several hundred dollars.

9. Architectural Designs

Architectural Designs is a company that can help make this dream a reality, as they have been doing for over 40 years.

They offer more than 30,000 different home designs and layouts for sale, and you can view pictures of existing builds in their house plan gallery. You can even get a quote for the cost of building each type of home in your area.

Disegni Architettonici

Now, let’s get to the exciting part – how much you can earn! A typical plan for a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom home in AutoCAD format costs around $2,500. As a real estate affiliate, you can earn 5% of that amount, which equals $125 per referral.

This could lead to a significant income for you through real estate affiliate marketing.

10. Cielo tondo

RoundSky, Inc. is a reputed advertising agency in the United States that offers private loans and installment credit products. Our user-friendly online interface facilitates real-time lead transfer acquisition and sales.


They work with a diverse group of direct consumer loans, installment credit, and storefront lenders across the United States and provide them with leads that match their unique requirements.

With extensive knowledge in specific financial verticals, they understand the needs of both our lead sellers and lead buyers.

Take advantage of our purchasing power and allow us to buy your leads in real time. Whether you are an experienced lead marketer or just starting out, partnering with Spherical Sky as a lead buyer can significantly aumentare le tue entrate.

They offer excellent service and timely payments. If you generate over $1,000/week, they pay weekly net-14. You can receive payments via ACH, check, PayPal, or wire transfer.

[/ alert-warning]

11. Corporate Housing By Owner

Traveling overseas as part of your job may sound glamorous, but it can quickly become mundane when you spend months living in a hotel. It’s much better to stay somewhere that feels like a home away from home.

This is where Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO) comes in. Established in 2005, CHBO matches vacant homes with corporate professionals who need a new home for several weeks or months.

This saves the traveling professional from the nightmare of negotiating a short-term stay with a landlord they don’t know.

Alloggi aziendali per proprietario By

Property owners also benefit by having their homes rented to corporate travelers or by keeping some of their real estate portfolio occupied and paying for themselves.

CHBO also offers rental properties to military and medical personnel who have been temporarily reassigned to a new location.

Unlike other affiliate programs that pay low commission rates, CHBO offers a generous 15% commission to real estate affiliates promoting their program. This means affiliates can expect to earn around $75 per successful referral.

12. Edificio

Generating passive income through rental properties is the dream of the real estate business.

However, managing multiple properties can be a nightmare due to the amount of paperwork involved and the need to keep track of rent payments and maintenance requests.


Many landlords opt to hire property management companies, but this can eat into their profits. To address this issue, Buildium has created property management software that allows real estate investors to manage their own portfolios.

The software helps to manage finances in real time, handle maintenance requests, and even automate rent collection. With Buildium, real estate investors can fit an entire property management company in their pocket.

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn at least 25% commission for every sale generated through the Buildium real estate software affiliate program, which can be applied for through the Impact network or, if unsuccessful, through FlexOffers.

13. Land Century

Land Century is a service that deals with real estate and targets investors or developers who are willing to take on a hands-on approach.

The service offers listings of vacant lands for sale all across the United States. Additionally, they have separate sections for ‘Houses under $50k’ and ‘Fix & Flip Deals,’ which are ideal for those who are in the early stages of developing their property portfolio.

Secolo terrestre

Land Century also offers land deals for $1,000 or less, which surprisingly can provide enough land to build a small house. Therefore, their target market is people who are willing to live in an RV on a vacant lot while building their new home.

Interested developers can easily search through the curated results available on the Land Century website or app, which saves them time as compared to visiting dozens of online real estate sources.

Currently, this real estate affiliate program is only available through FlexOffers. While the commission payout is low at $5, it can still be compensated for with a high volume of referrals.

It is important to note that this is the lowest payout rate of any of the real estate affiliate programs listed here.

14. Albero di prestito

Acquiring or renovating real estate requires access to the financial resources to pay for it. However, very few people can afford to pay for it in cash.

This is where LendingTree comes in, which allegedly has access to the world’s largest network of lenders. Their loan marketplace can match visitors with lenders for everything from a mortgage for buying a new home to home refinancing and reverse mortgages.

Albero di prestito

The ultimate goal is to secure the best rate and terms on every loan without any additional fees from LendingTree. They have been doing this for 22 years and have managed over US$50 billion in personal and home loans.

In comparison to other real estate affiliate programs in this roundup, this program only pays a top rate of $16 per lead sent through an affiliate link.

Real estate affiliates should check in with their affiliate manager before directing traffic to this offer, as there may not be huge commission payouts for helping people find mortgages.

15. Verbo

Vrbo is an American online vacation rental marketplace that was originally known as Vacation Rentals by Owner.

It became part of the Expedia Group in 2015 and currently offers more than two million bookable vacation rentals in 190 countries. The rentals include condos, cabins, lake houses, and beach houses, among others.


Vrbo’s affiliate program, which runs on the Commission Junction network, is a little different from most real estate affiliate programs. The program allows affiliates to target two different audiences to earn real estate affiliate income.

The first audience is vacationers. Affiliates earn a 2% commission on every successful sale made within seven days when they refer a prospective holidaymaker to Vrbo.

The second audience is property owners. Affiliates earn a flat commission of $20 when they compel property owners to hit their unique referral link and register their homes on Vrbo within 60 days.

Many other features make Vrbo’s affiliate program one of the most compelling real estate affiliate programs. Affiliates can gain new holiday real estate expertise through Vrbo’s bi-weekly newsletters and add its property search widget to their site.

  • URL: Programma di affiliazione Vrbo
  • Commissioni : 2% on completed bookings; $20 when a new owner lists their property
  • Cookies  durata: 7 days on vacation bookings; 60 days on property listings

16. Property MOB

Property MOB offers real estate courses for people who are new to the world of real estate wholesaling.

The founder, Tracy Caywood, has an impressive track record with more than 1,000 successfully closed transactions to her name, which establishes her as an expert in the field of real estate.

If you want to get a taste of the knowledge and expertise that Property MOB has to offer, you can check out their real estate blog which is full of useful information.

Proprietà MOB

Moreover, Property MOB offers a virtual assistant product for real estate companies that includes free setup and hourly billing. This makes it an excellent opportunity for real estate affiliate marketing.

You can earn a commission of 20% from active buyers who purchase a one-off training course. In addition, you can also earn recurring revenue from prospective realtors who sign up for a monthly subscription.

The cost of courses can go up to $497, which makes it one of the most compelling real estate affiliate programs in the market.

17. Lex Levinrad

Investing in real estate requires being cautious about the source of advice you follow. Many self-proclaimed “YouTube” gurus claim to be experts while living in rented mansions.

However, there are people like Lex Levinrad who have a solid reputation in the industry. Despite starting as a rookie in 2003, Lex has bought, fixed, rented, and flipped over 1,000 homes.

Lex Levinrad

He offers coaching programs, boot camps, and various real estate courses, some of which may cost at least $1,000. Nonetheless, he provides ample free content for you to use in your pre-sell process and numerous social proof from current and former students.

Partner advertisers can potentially fare bei soldi as they earn a 25% commission rate per sale, which is up to $250. This is one of the highest payouts among the affiliate programs available.

Moreover, you may also collaborate with Lex on an affiliate marketing JV (joint venture) if you have an email list of over 20,000 people.

How to Find the Best Real Estate Affiliate Program?

  1. Ricerca: Start by researching different real estate companies or platforms that offer affiliate programs. Look for well-established companies with a good reputation in the industry.
  2. Struttura della Commissione: Evaluate the commission structure offered by each program. Compare the percentage of commission or fixed amount offered per sale or referral. Also, consider if there are any tiers or bonuses based on performance.
  3. Product or Service Quality: Assess the quality of the real estate products or services being offered. Choose programs that offer valuable and reputable offerings that are likely to appeal to your target audience.
  4. Durata dei cookie: Check the cookie duration provided by each program. This refers to the length of time a cookie (tracking code) remains active on a user’s browser after they click your affiliate link. Longer cookie durations increase the likelihood of earning commissions from future purchases made by the same user.
  5. Supporto marketing: Look for programs that provide marketing support, such as banners, materiale promozionale, or access to marketing tools. This can help you effectively promote the products or services.
  6. Termini di pagamento: Review the payment terms, including minimum payout thresholds and payment methods. Ensure the program offers convenient payment options and reasonable payout thresholds.

Cosa posso promuovere con un programma di affiliazione immobiliare?

1. Elenchi immobiliari e mercati: Gli affiliati possono guadagnare commissioni indirizzando venditori, acquirenti o affittuari a siti Web di elenchi o mercati online.

2. Piattaforme di investimento immobiliare: Alcuni programmi si concentrano sugli investimenti, consentendo agli affiliati di promuovere piattaforme in cui gli utenti possono investire in progetti immobiliari o acquistare azioni di proprietà.

3. Corsi di formazione nel settore immobiliare: Gli affiliati possono anche promuovere corsi e programmi di formazione rivolti a professionisti del settore immobiliare o investitori che desiderano migliorare le proprie conoscenze e competenze.

4. Software e strumenti immobiliari: Ciò comprende Sistemi CRM, lead generation tools, and other software solutions designed to streamline various real estate operations.

5. Opportunità di investimento immobiliare: Puoi promuovere piattaforme che offrono opportunità di investimento immobiliare, inclusi investimenti immobiliari in crowdfunding, REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) e società che consentono investimenti diretti in proprietà residenziali o commerciali.

6. Servizi legali e finanziari immobiliari: Possono essere promossi anche servizi quali consulenza legale, intermediazione di mutui, assicurazioni sulla casa e programmi di garanzia della casa. Questi sono essenziali per acquirenti, venditori e investitori che affrontano le complessità delle transazioni immobiliari.

7. Prodotti e servizi per la casa: Sebbene non siano direttamente correlati all'acquisto o alla vendita di proprietà, puoi anche promuovere prodotti per la casa, servizi di interior design, società di home staging e tecnologia per la casa intelligente, che si rivolgono ai proprietari di case e agli investitori immobiliari che desiderano aumentare il valore della proprietà.

Link veloci:


👀 Who can join a Real Estate Affiliate Program?

Può aderire chiunque disponga di una piattaforma in grado di attrarre potenziali acquirenti, venditori, investitori o professionisti immobiliari. Ciò include blogger, creatori di contenuti, educatori immobiliari e proprietari di siti Web che hanno contenuti relativi al settore immobiliare o a una nicchia correlata.

❓Come trovo i programmi di affiliazione immobiliare a cui aderire?

Puoi trovare questi programmi effettuando una ricerca direttamente sulle piattaforme immobiliari, utilizzando i siti Web delle reti di affiliazione o controllando gli elenchi nelle directory dei programmi di affiliazione. Cerca programmi in linea con gli interessi e le esigenze del tuo pubblico.

🤷‍♀️ How much can I earn with Real Estate Affiliate Programs?

I guadagni variano ampiamente a seconda della struttura delle commissioni del programma, del prezzo del prodotto o servizio e della tua capacità di generare traffico e conversioni. Alcuni programmi offrono una percentuale sulle vendite, mentre altri offrono importi fissi per lead o vendite.

🏠 How do I promote my affiliate links effectively?

Promuovi i tuoi link di affiliazione attraverso contenuti di qualità che forniscono valore al tuo pubblico. Ciò può includere post di blog, aggiornamenti sui social media, email marketing e video. Rivela sempre la tua relazione di affiliazione per mantenere la trasparenza e la fiducia con il tuo pubblico.

💁‍♀️Come posso monitorare la mia performance in un programma di affiliazione immobiliare?

I programmi di affiliazione in genere forniscono una dashboard in cui puoi monitorare clic, conversioni e guadagni. Utilizza questi dati per ottimizzare le tue strategie di marketing e migliorare i tuoi sforzi promozionali.

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Conclusion: Which Real Estate Affiliate Programs Are the Best Choices?

finding the right Real Estate Affiliate Program can be rewarding. Programs like Land Century, Foreclosure.Com, and Real Estate Affiliates offer good commissions and support.

By picking wisely and considering factors like commissions and product quality, affiliates can earn money and help people find great real estate deals.

These programs are a great way to make money online and be part of the real estate world.

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