Ix Web Hosting Review: Test Results, Features & Affordable Plans

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As a digital enthusiast, I have come across innumerable hosting services while pursuing my goals. Some were easily forgettable while some were worthwhile to use.  One of the better hosting services which I used for my client sites and  other niche sites  is Ix Web Hosting.

IX web hosting

It is one the veterans when it comes to web hosting. Starting its services in 1999 they have come a long way and the company now boasts of 110000 customers and hosts more than 470000 websites. That is impressive for any firm. Therefore, now I present my review of Ix web hosting based on my own personal experiences. Also Check out here best web hosting services reviews

Let us first look into Ix Web Hosting plans and features

  1. Shared Hosting

Web Hosting

Price: $3.95-$7.95 per month (divided into 3 hosting services and plans)

  • Unlimited Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domains and Subdomains
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Email Accounts

This is quite impressive as this can be a great advantage to newbie bloggers and marketers when they are trying to make a buck and a name for themselves. The plans come with a host of applications to assist you like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and MySQL Databases. These are readily compatible with Windows and Linux based systems.

More on these unique features later

  1. VPS Hosting

VPS hosting

Price: $54.95 and $89.95: Comes in two plans based on scale of operations.

  • You get multiple CPU cores working for you
  • High RAM access
  • High Data Transfer capacity
  • Dedicated IPs(2) and more

The service is quite ideal for medium scale marketers and can help them generate greater volumes and conversions by upping the scale of their campaigns. You also get unlimited domains with both packages. All in all, it provides dedicated VPS services and empowers you with a lot more control over your plans.

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  1. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting

Another creative service by this company, it also has three levels which you can avail. I have not used this service therefore I cannot discuss it at length. You can follow this link to know more.

Let’s move on to the features and layout of this service

The control panel will disappoint you! Yes, this is one huge drawback. If you are good at adjusting to new panels then its okay otherwise if you are familiar if interfaces like cPanel, Plesk or vDeck then you will disregard the proprietary control panel which comes with their hosting plans.

Ix control panel

It is not user-friendly and can be difficult for newbies. CMS must be installed manually if you want your blog URL to be on the home page.

This is one major drawback with Ix web hosting!

Not all is bad here though! The fact that it provides a dedicated IP address for each hosting account is commendable and unique. It is not offered by many other hosting providers. Plus they give a 7 day free account period, which is like money back guaranteed for 7 days. You know what that means right. Apart from that you can cancel your subscription to up to 30 days and still get a full refund. This means that you can get enough practice and hands on experience to make an informed decision about making a purchase or not.

The customer support options are good. You can contact them my phone, online ticket, email and online chat any time 24*7. The representatives are trained and provided info on how to deal with various technical difficulties. Therefore, your issues are solved a bit quicker than other providers.

As far as I know, the only major problem is with using the control panel. The company has been in the business for 15 years. This means that there is something about it that people like which has kept it going.

I certainly so not use the provider at the moment but I have. This gives me a chance to weigh the positives against the negatives. The scale of provisions and the reputed customer support are definitely a good thing. While the control panel on the interface can learn a lot of things. It needs to be as user friendly as possible. I think in order to this they should work on improving their proprietary control panel by incorporating more friendly and simple features and tools.

The dedicated servers, added affordability with cheap monthly plans, good and trained support and the extremely reliable server (which has been reported to have a 99.9% uptime guarantee) make a very strong case in the favour of Ix Web hosting. The only major drawback here is the control panel. I think that can be overlooked here.

The final question remains? Is it any good? Should I recommend it to all my colleagues out there?

Well, I say I would. Not to all of them. Not to very large scale firms who have lots of people working under them and can avail pricier services. I would recommend it to the newbies, the small scale individual runners, to the medium scale want-to-be enthusiasts and bloggers looking for cheap ways to make simple passive income. This web hosting is ideal for them with its cheap plans and host of features which are mostly unlimited in offering.

Ix Webhosting service is a good hosting service. It is definitely not that best. If I had to give it a grade then I would give it a B+. I would rate it 7.5 out of 10 and give it a 3/5 start rating. This is me here being completely honest with you guys.

That is why the website is ideal for those who want to avail some cheap services and those whose budget is low and those who are looking to get themselves established in the online world. It is good for those who have the knowledge of website development and easily tweak and adjust to new tools.

With one major disadvantage, Ix web hosting for me is a decent hosting services for people looking to make it in the online world.

Here are  some testimonials  from http://www.whoishostingthis.com/

IX Web Hosting Reviews by  Users

Here is a video review

Video Credits: Hosting

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Have you used Ix Web Hosting, share your reviews and opinions  with us. By  sharing reviews, we can test which hosting  is better for our business. I have tested Ix Web Hosting for my websites and it  was good and bad too. So you  can take your own choice by seeing above factors and plans. 

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1 thought on “Ix Web Hosting Review: Test Results, Features &...”

  1. As someone who used them for years, I remember initially the services were excellent, then they slowly went downhill. Every other month I was finding someone had added files into my site, IX always blamed me for the ‘insecure WordPress’ that I was running. It was totally up to date and was running multiple security plugins. Turns out someone was hacking their servers at a higher level and literally gaining root access to every website hosted on the server (a level of access that customers DIDN’T have). Never found out if it was staff doing it or hackers. But the tech support would NEVER help fix it, and the promised backups were non-existent. I was once told the weekly backup they had for my site (I requested it as I was going to transfer to another provider) was over 16 months old.

    The ‘fair usage’ limits they brought in for websites was ridiculous as I was running a not very busy blog and was still dropped for more than half of each month due to going over their bandwidth (they also seem to have included uploads to your website in that amount).

    And don’t get me started on having my emails go down constantly.

    The company is closed/dead as it was rolled into the other brands the company that bought them out already owned. But judging by the online reviews, I wouldn’t blame the owner for killing off the brand as it was getting toxic.

    Interesting note: one of the three featured businesses on their website that was supposedly running on their servers had actually left years before, and had moved to a different host.

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