iZooto Review 2023: Web Push Notifications For Websites (Worth It ?)

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“Identified as a solution delivering incomparable revenue lifts to publishers (up to 13%) and eCommerce retailers (up to 8%), iZooto has recently been ranked first in the G2Crowd listing of “best web push notification software”.”

iZooto helps publishers and retailers engage their website visitors with personalized web push notifications. More than 15,000 marketers worldwide are using iZooto to send 12B+ notifications every day. Within a few months of installing iZooto, several publishers have seen a traffic growth of up to 22%, whereas, retailers are able to drive noteworthy CTRs of up to 12%. Delivering powerful numbers like these has helped iZooto build a reliable brand name for itself and become the second-largest web push notification platform in the world.

 iZooto Review - iZooto

Why Should Publishers Work with iZooto: iZooto Review 2023: Web Push Notifications For Websites (Worth It ?)

Serving an industry dominated by the walled gardens (the likes of Facebook and Google), publishers must realize the importance of owning their website audience. Walled gardens are not a companion but a competitor targeting the same revenue source as publishers. Regular algorithm updates from them are not only hurting the ad revenue of publishers but also the brand loyalty that their quality content has built with years of engagement. Dependence on these platforms needs to be reduced. Here’s how iZooto can help.

iZooto is a publisher marketing stack that helps publishers in building a direct relationship with their audience. Publishers engaging their website audience are able to create a three-fold impact with iZooto:

  1. Owning the audience: Owning the audience gets simpler with iZooto as it helps publishers draw visitors to the closest touchpoint. Along with being a primary source of ad revenue, website traffic can be made one-click away from publishers when converted into notification subscribers. Building this subscriber list brings the dominance and the power back to a publisher that editors used to enjoy over their audience before the internet was born. 

 iZooto Review - Audience Building


  • Driving repeat traffic: iZooto catalyzes the process of transforming businesses into brands by engaging the audience and contributing up to 50% repeat traffic to the website.


  • Monetizing with push notification ads: iZooto allows publishers to monetize their push notification inventories by placing a native ad on it. Native ads served on push notifications clock 5X click-throughs when compared with the conventional display ads (0.05%). These ads do not get impacted by banner blindness and ad blockers, and attract CTR’s up to 2% – 3%.

 iZooto Review - Monetizing Ads


How do Online Stores Benefit from iZooto:

The number of digital buyers is rising as we speak. Today, more than 1.9B people shop online. Surveys suggest that this count will reach 2.1B by 2021. This indicates that online stores would require better marketing channels to compete for a larger share of these buyers. 

The average conversion rate of an online store stands somewhere at 2.86%, which implies that only 1 out of 34 site visitors choose to buy something from you. This also reflects that a 3% lift in CTR can help you double the sales. Here’s how iZooto helps you accomplish that:

  • Build and engage your audience: Retailers using web push notifications can now build their marketing list 2X faster than email. Create a marketing list using iZooto and engage the window shoppers with personalized, timely, and targeted notifications.
  • Use playbooks to retarget: Your potential buyers expect you to show up when in need. Take them from “browse abandonment” to “add to cart” to “order placed” by crafting a perfect push notification. And retarget them when it matters the most with dynamic playbooks. Pick one from the shelf or create your own custom playbook with iZooto.
  • Recover abandoned cart: More than 70% of users abandon carts and less than 15% of the marketers actually make an effort to engage or retarget these users. That’s a lot of missed opportunities. Recovering abandon carts has been simplified by iZooto with its automated playbooks. All you have to do is turn the playbook ON.

 iZooto Review - Recover Cart


Requirements for joining iZooto:

iZooto has a dedicated team to assist you with the onboarding. You don’t require anything but a business that is set up online. If you are working with any other push notification service provider and have a marketing list that needs to be transferred, don’t worry, it is very easy to shift those subscribers to iZooto. For publishers, push notification monetization is started only once they reach 2500+ subscribers.

How iZooto Helps Websites Grow their Traffic by 20%:

The core focus of iZooto remains at helping publishers build and own their website audience. The solution leverages consistent and personalized user engagement to grow their traffic by 20%. If a website with a 100K unique monthly visitors engages the audience at a frequency of 2 notifications per day, it can receive a traffic growth of 15-20% in 3 to 5 months. Here’s an excel calculator from iZooto that helps you estimate the impact iZooto can drive on your website traffic.

 iZooto Review - Traffic Impacting

How iZooto Acts as a Source of Lifetime Revenue for Publishers:

iZooto allows publishers to mount a native ad on their push notification inventory. Publishers can sign up for iZooto’s monetization plan for free and enjoy an incremental lifetime revenue that grows along with the marketing list of their website. Several leading Ad networks and exchanges including the likes of Taboola and Pubmatic have partnered with iZooto to carry out the monetization process where –

 iZooto Review - Lifetime Revenue

  1. iZooto sources contextually relevant ad from its ad network partners.
  2. Subscribers receive these native ads via push notifications.
  3. Since iZooto operates on a CPC model, you get the ad revenue when your subscribers click on these ads.

The subscribers receive two ads every day. With an average CPC of 10 cents, a US publisher having tier one traffic could potentially start earning up to $1000 per month in just a quarter. You can also refer to their excel calculator to estimate the revenue potential of your website traffic.

iZooto Dashboard – Overview

Here’s how the dashboard of iZooto looks like. You can very easily craft a push notification and send it to your subscriber base. 

 iZooto Review - iZooto Dashboard

For niche publishers and news sites, targeting subscribers with relevant content becomes immensely vital. With iZooto, you can go super narrow on segmentation and target your subscribers as per the interaction they had with your website. You can select an audience segment (based on device, subscription date, etc), push a notification to that selected subscriber base and drive maximum engagement.

 iZooto Review - iZooto Dashboard

Here’s a screenshot of what your built audience on your main dashboard would look like. You can segment this audience based on device type, operating system, geography and other parameters to create and analyze the custom reports. You can monetize this subscriber base with our monetization plan where the number of total active subscribers will keep on growing at the backend. 

 iZooto Review - iZooto Dashboard

Earnings Report – Screenshot

Building a marketing list that can potentially get monetized requires a minimum window of 6 months. It requires your subscribers to start interacting with the content you push as notifications. As per iZooto, 6 months is the minimum time required to get there. Here you can take a look at the cumulative earnings as the publisher’s subscriber list continues to grow. 

 iZooto Review - Earning Report

Payment: Method and Cycle

iZooto has an excellent industry-wide reputation in terms of payouts. Depending on the category of the website, payments are processed between 15 to 60 days. Methods used by iZooto for publisher payments are PayPal and direct bank transfers.

iZooto Payment Proof and Revenue Share

On the basis of a tiered slab, publishers working with iZooto get up to 80% share from the revenue generated by the push notification monetization. As per the website category and payment cycle, all payments are processed on a regular basis by Datability Solutions – the parent company of iZooto. As a payment proof for publishers, here’s a screenshot of one of the payments processed by the company.

 iZooto Review - Payment Proof

Contact Details: Point of Contact

iZooto has a dedicated team of onboarding and monetization experts to engage with the publishers and the e-commerce stores across the world. You could chat with iZooto team or get in touch by dropping an email with the subject line – “Interested in iZooto”  at [email protected], for the eCommerce solution, and  [email protected], for the publisher solution. 

iZooto: Customer Testimonials

Publisher Customers Testimonials: iZooto Reviews

“After using iZooto for several days, it made me think that this could be the replacement for the lost traffic from Facebook. After using it for 3 months, my realization was correct which also justified my first impression with iZooto. Currently, iZooto increases my traffic by more than 20% every month.“


“In less than 3 months, iZooto has scaled to contribute 15% of the total revenue and continues to grow. We are super excited about leveraging push notifications both for user engagement and monetization.”

  • Annkur P Agarwal, CEO at PriceBaba

E-commerce Customers Testimonials:

“iZooto stands out as a channel that brings in a solid stream of revenue by engaging with customers through personalized notification campaigns. With iZooto we educate our customers about our company’s value propositions and personalize it based on where a user is in the conversion funnel. This has been a huge benefit, as an educated customer is more likely to return and have more conversions. We have a 5% increase in conversion rate and a 35% increase in sales. ” 


  • Erin, Digital Marketing Specialist at FSAStore

“iZooto filled a need in which we felt we were lacking which was instantly communicating with our customers knowing that the push notification would show up directly on their device when scheduled. We are able to show customers targeted push notifications with the ‘iZooto Playbook’ which triggers these notifications based on behavior.”

Jason Halfaker, Director of eCommerce at KoleImports

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