The Jasper Certification : Learn How to Be Jasper AI Expert

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The Jasper Certification is a special designation reserved for those who have proven a high level of competence using Jasper to create great content.
After completing the certification, you’ll receive a shiny new badge you can add to your LinkedIn to show off your professional expertise. You’ll also get a certificate with your name on it to frame on the wall above your law school degree.
It’s kind of a big deal.
Jasper Ai certification

How to get Jasper AI certified

1. Complete the following requirements

  • Complete the Jasper Bootcamp:
  • Generate content at least once inside each of the 50+ Templates
  • Create 1 new Recipe of your own (don’t just copy an existing one)
  • Have personally generated at least 20,000 words
  • To see how many words you’ve generated, hover over the arrow next to your name on the team page.
“Do not take the exam until you have completed all of the above requirements.”

2. Pass the exam

The Certification Exam is designed to test your competence and knowledge of Jasper. It is open-note, and all of the material is covered in the Jasper Bootcamp.
To pass, you need to answer 85% of the questions successfully. You can take it multiple times.
Click here to take the Exam:

3. Wait for review

After you pass the exam, we will be alerted to review your Jarvis account to confirm all requirements are complete. We will do our best to review and approve all passing applicants on the next Tuesday after your exam is passed.
If everything checks out, then congrats! You’re now officially Jasper Certified!
Once approved, Jasper Team will email you your badge and a certificate with your name on it. Add the badge to your LinkedIn and show it off to the world.
You’re in the big leagues now.
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