Jetpack Free Trial: Is there a free version of Jetpack?

Need more power for your WordPress site that you host yourself? You can get all the best features you miss from with the Jetpack plugin from Automattic. Jetpack has everything, from ways for visitors to interact with your site to security features and settings for how your site looks.

What is Jetpack?

Jetpack Free Trial

Jetpack is a free plugin for WordPress that was created by Automattic, the company that runs It is made up of a number of different modules, which can also be thought of as plugins, that the user can use to improve, monitor, and manage their self-hosted WordPress website.

Why You Should Use a Jetpack

Jetpack Features

Here, you can see a full list of everything Jetpack can do. But for this section, we will only talk about the most useful feature.

1. Social media sites with “Share” buttons

People can easily share your content with just a few clicks thanks to social share buttons. This helps you get more attention on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

2. Forms that make it easy to get in touch

Do you need a simple way for people to get in touch with you? You don’t have to use a separate form plugin or an alternative to Google Forms because Jetpack lets you build or add a form right from the WordPress editor:

3. Automate the process of sharing content on social media to make it easier.

Jetpack can send your new blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google+ automatically. It also has buttons that let you share things on social networks. (Well, until Google+ is taken away, at least!)

4. Simple, Better-Looking Image Galleries

A simple picture gallery is already built into WordPress when you install it. It works, but it doesn’t look good. Several new options and galleries that look much better have been added to this feature to make it better.

5. Suggestions for related posts that will help improve performance

People will stay on your site longer if you include useful and related information in your posts. But related posts plugins are annoying because they can easily slow down your site (this is one of the reasons why a lot of managed WordPress hosts ban related posts plugins). Not all managed WordPress hosting allows plugins that link to other posts.

6. Regular Automatic Backups And Simple Restore Capabilities (Paid Feature)

Jetpack’s VaultPress can automatically back up your website and store the backups in a safe place if you are willing to pay for the service.

7. There are regular checks for safety and viruses (Paid Feature)

Something else that costs money to use. VaultPress does more than just make copies of your site. It can also check your site for harmful software and help you fix any issues it finds.

Is there a free version of Jetpack?

Jetpack will always be available at no cost. Installation is 100% free, and no payment information will be requested during the process. Our Premium subscriptions include premium versions of Jetpack with additional features like backups, virus prevention, and site search.

Is jetpack free Worth?

Utilizing Jetpack is without a doubt advantageous. You can gain access to services for which you would unquestionably have to pay more if you had to use a third-party service, but the plugin or service provides a significant portion of those functions at no cost. These services can be accessed by paying $3.50 per month for the PRO features.

Jetpack Pricing

Let’s get straight to the point and get to the heart of the matter. How much of a financial commitment is necessary to utilize the tool?

Let’s begin with the first plan, which is free of charge.

You heard correctly; there is no cost to begin using the service immediately.

It goes without saying, though, that you get what you pay for. Therefore, if you choose the free edition, you will not have access to many of the intricate features that we have discussed. Here is a listing of the remaining plans:

  • 3.50 dollars monthly, or 39 dollars annually
  • $9 per month, or $99 annually
  • 29 dollars monthly or 299 dollars annually

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Wrapping up

You’ve finally realized that reckless usage of Jetpack, both in terms of activating it and the actions you take with it, might slow down your website.

Even though it remains one of the most useful plugins available, Jetpack is not always the best option. You have a basic understanding of the type of plugin that Jetpack is, therefore it is ultimately up to you to decide whether or not to utilize it.

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