Join Blockchain World Conference: Largest Blockchain Event In The History

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Blockchain is certainly one of the most noted platform in the digital marketing industry. With the increasing trend in the exchange of digital assets, Blockchain plays the major role. Almost, everyone of us is interested in knowing the changes in Blockchain and related to cryptocurrency. If you are interested in learning and getting the opportunities in the field of crypto, Blockchain World Conference is one of the events you must attend.

Why Should You Attend Blockchain World Conference?

When: 11th-13th July

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The first ever Blockchain event in Atlantic City, NJ. The main objective of the conference is to bring the experts in blockchain community together, expand the industry and how to solidify technology. The conference will have the achievement awards gala and first ever town hall meeting.

The cryptocurrency event will have 12,000 square feet of exhibition space with the gathering of over 8,000 blockchain community members, over 200 speakers and 120 exhibitors. The conference will also have 5,000 investors and 1,000 developers together with 250 ICOs to help grow blockchain.


  • Dr. Patrick Byrne- Founder of and tZERO  
  • Gil Beyda- MD of Comcast
  • Graham Mosley- Microsoft CTO, Azure Engineering and Blockchain Specialist 
  • Brittany Kaiser- Co-Founder of the Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA) and Bueno Capital
  • Ezekiel de Jong-  Crypto-pioneer and founder of Mt. Khalifa
  • Alex Mashinsky and Eric Moe- Founder & CEO of Celsius Network
  • Eric Moe- Advisor, Founder & CTO of Open Table
  • John McAfee

The conference will give the opportunity to connect the attendees with the representatives and also build the relationships with the investors and developers here. It will also give the way to blockchain startup ideas, business crowdfunding and also to know about the increase in the security of cryptocurrency assets.

The attendees can also attend the question and answer portion of the meeting that will take place on July 12 at 2:00 p.m. During the meeting, pressing regulatory and compliance issues around evolving Blockchain technology will be addressed.

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