JuicyAds Review 2023 Is It The Best Adult Advertising Network?

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Overall Performance
Ease of Use
Customer Support


  • URL to sell any unsold traffic
  • Referral program with 20% commission
  • Self-service platform
  • Strong CPM
  • Multiple geographic locations, including Russia & Asia
  • Minimum takeout is $25 on request


  • Low banner advertising rates

JuicyAds is an international advertising marketplace where publishers and affiliates can benefit from Adult traffic. In-built anti-fraud solutions, tools for refined targeting of campaigns, and testing of new traffic sources integrated on a self-serve platform make this network interesting for customers.

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Looking for an unbiased JuicyAds Review, I’ve got you covered.

The adult ad network market is increasing, but it’s hard to know which networks are worth your time and money.

Choosing the right adult ad network can be a daunting task. There are so many networks to choose from, and it can be tough to tell which ones are legitimate and effective.

JuicyAds is an established, reputable adult ad network that has been in business for a long time. They offer a variety of advertising solutions that will help you reach your target audience quickly and easily. Their network has an extensive reach as well. 

What Is JuicyAds?

JuicyAds Review

JuicyAds is a network for Adult advertising. It is the marketplace where Publishers sell ad space to Advertisers to improve their earnings. They are experts in Banner Ads, Native Ads, and PopUnders. JuicyAds is among the most effective methods for evaluating new traffic sources.

The JuicyAds ad network is a specialized adult ad network, and it offers all other ad types, benefiting advertisers and publishers. In addition, JuicyAds allows advertisers to choose between self-service and full-service platform management. Below is what the JuicyAds ad network has to say.

The JuicyAds network is quite active in its recruitment efforts. As a result, they have a simple method for joining the network. If you encounter difficulties entering the procedure, their crew will always assist you.

How To Sign Up For JuicyAds?


Step – 1: Go to the official website of JuicyAds from here and hover your mouse on ‘PUBLISHERS’ or ‘ADVERTISERS’, depending on your joining JuicyAds, and click on ‘JOIN NOW.’

Step – 2: You will be asked for some details; fill them up, check the boxes, and click on ‘Sign Up.’

That’s it. You’ll be directly taken to the JuicyAds publisher dashboard. 

Verify your account and start using JuicyAds. 

JuicyAds Program Features


The active and profitable referral network of JuicyAds allows publishers to make more money. Publishers are eligible for 20% of the company’s commission on direct ad sales. This might be useful for publishers using referral systems, as many other platforms provide 5 to 10% commissions. Methods of exchange

Affiliates may be paid in various ways, including credit cards, PayPal, Paxum, and wire transfers.

Depending on the condition of the account, a minimum deposit must be made. CPM popunder ads begin at $50, RON banner advertising (CPC and CPM) starts at $100, and Direct Buy campaigns begin at $50.

JuicyAds charges a 25 percent fee on any money produced as a service to publishers. Advertisers pay publishers using CPC, CPM, or CPA. The ad’s revenue-generating potential determines placement on the publisher’s website. Both advertising and publication are safeguarded by the network.

JuicyAds – Adsistant

Adsistant is a system for automatic optimization, your shopper, and the great minds behind the JuicyAds self-service platform. She not only epitomizes the term “sexy” but also drives the operation of their Sexy Technology to help you do your tasks. Exclusive to the Sexy Advertising Network

Like Amazon’s Alexa or Microsoft’s Cortana, JuicyAds’ Adsistant is designed to assist you in making better and more intelligent media purchases using data, bespoke rules, and automation. She also shares tips and tactics for identifying and correcting mistakes in your banner campaigns.

The primary motivation for developing Adsistant was to automate the time-consuming process of manually optimizing campaign sources. Blocking unproductive sources is time-consuming, but with Adsistant, you just set up rules, activate the extension, and forget about it.

Adsistant also assists with more straightforward issues, such as preventing your banner advertisements from receiving traffic. These include low bids, lack of authorized photos, and absence of target nations. She assists even without being asked. She also helps you in locating locations that may be of interest to you.

JuicyAds: Payment Proof & Rules

Publishers may withdraw money from their JuicyAds account if they have earned a minimum of $25. This is for digital payments accessible through Payoneer, Paxum, and PayPal.  The minimum for check payments is $100, whereas the minimum for wire payments is $500.

Every payment is accessible “upon request,” although they cannot be done instantly due to a timetable. Digital payments are delivered every Friday, and publishers must submit their request to collect revenue by Wednesday. Cheque payments are processed on the 1st and 16th of each month, whereas wire payments are processed during the first week of each month.

Cheque and Payoneer transactions are free of charge. On PayPal, each payment incurs a $2.50 cost and a 2% fee for funds deposited into the platform. On Paxum, the price is $3.50, while wire transfers cost $35. To obtain payment, publishers must always select “Request Payment.”

JuicyAds Customer Support

Publishers may get customer service in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, but JuicyAds’ chat interface also features a translation tool that can assist inquiries in more languages.

The platform’s dedicated help center can offer 24/7 real-time assistance for service-related inquiries. If the problem is more technical, such as with ad code, the website will provide a “ticketing” function that links the publisher with technical support employees. Publishers may also reach the firm through the JuicyAds website and email.

FAQs Related To JuicyAds Review

👉What is JuicyAds?

JuicyAds is a firm that specializes in banner advertisements, native advertising, and PopUnders.

👉What kind of CPMs can be earned with JuicyAds?

The most attractive feature of JuicyAds is that publishers get paid in a mix of all three payment modules, namely CPC, CPM, and CPA, dependent on the advertiser's preference. Additionally, publishers are unable to pick their payment method. The publisher will also be compensated per action if an advertiser uses CPA.

👉Are there any banner limitations for publishers in JuciyAds?

JuicyAds does not restrict the number of banners that may be shown on your website. However, they request that you use discretion and not overdo the adverts. They require publishers to adhere to the basic guideline of not exceeding the quantity of advertising displayed on a page relative to its content since sites with excessive ads or banners may be removed from their network.

👉How does JuicyAds deal with fraud?

There are stringent anti-fraud rules in place at JuicyAds. On both the Publisher and Advertiser sides, fraud will not be tolerated.

👉Can I buy and sell ads with the same account?

Yes. When you establish an account, you may sell and purchase advertisements. All profits (or account loads) are put into your account balance, from which they may be withdrawn or spent.

👉Is it possible to have multiple JuicyAds accounts?

They recommend using just one account. However, they recognize that some conditions may demand the creation of a second account.

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Conclusion- Why Do I Recommend JuicyAds?

When it comes to payment, the majority of adult advertising networks are either fraudulent or scams. I utilized this ad network for almost two years before writing this evaluation of the JuicyAds Ad network.

This advertising network benefits those who obtain visitors from the United Kingdom, Canada, or the United States. They pay the highest rates of any network in these nations.

If you have traffic from the developed nation network and a high-potential specialty such as cam sites, adult video hosting sites, toy sites, etc., I propose you join this ad network. 

Here are the primary reasons why I recommend JuicyAds – 

Billions of impressions a month

More than 222,000 network websites

More than 105,000 activated clients

I sincerely hope this article helps. Please let me know in the comment section whether you liked JuicyAds. 

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