Jump Send Review 2023: Discover The Best Amazon Deals (Up to 90% OFF)

If you’re a seasoned Amazon buyer, you may be familiar with tools like Jump Send that are specifically designed to increase the efficiency of selling your products. Not all tools are the same and others offer different services than others. In particular, Jump Send review here shared that this is the best available tool to automate the distribution of emails and coupons to Amazon.

The beauty of Jump Send lies in its automation. The goal is to help Amazon sellers increase sales by increasing the number of organic reviews through automated email campaigns. In summary, the service provides the vendor with a way to automate the emails their buyers receive when performing a specific task. This amazing tool was created by Jungle Scout.

On the top of that, you have the trust of Jungle Scout. Basically, Jungle Scout is an Amazon product finder and research tool that help you find profitable products to sell online. You can check out our Jungle Scout review here.

One of the most important automated services is to reach a customer after the purchase and ask for honest feedback. Read our detailed Jump Send Review below:

Jump Send- automate your amazon sales growth

These comments will promote your products and hopefully encourage new buyers to make your purchase. Other features include a messaging system that notifies the seller of every customer requesting a refund so they can resolve the issue before they get negative reviews.

Amazon has a rule of thumb that the product appears on the top shelf and starts with the number of people who bought the product and commented on it. And as a seller, nothing is more important than making the first sales and getting original product reviews. To get back to the topic, let’s talk about Jump Send, which will help you get started with the first sales and revisions that bring you to Amazon’s main shelves.

Jump Send Review

What is Jump Send?

Let us throw light on what exactly is this platform all about in this Jump Send review is an automated e-mail marketing tool that helps sellers like us increase the efficiency of our products. There are several tools online that are designed to increase Amazon sales, but I do not think all tools are worth it. On the other hand, Jump Send offers efficient services such as the automation of Amazon e-mails, which can achieve the desired result.

The best thing about Jump Send is automation. It aims to help sellers increase sales by increasing the number of organic reviews through automated email campaigns. It was created by the same people who created Jungle Scout.

Jump Send - discount

It has a local marketplace of With Jump Shipping, you can automate the emails that shoppers receive after they successfully purchase your goods. One of the most automated services is to contact a customer after the purchase and to ask him for an honest opinion on his product.

The Burden Of Creating An E-mail List

With Jump Send you can send emails to buyers who are interested in your product type. One of the disadvantages of Amazon for sellers is that the company makes the creation of a mailing list very difficult. Even if you are a longtime seller, you can not create a list of your customers. Amazon wants to keep as much control over its customers as possible and does not allow e-mail access for sellers.

disount offers on Jump Send

Some sellers try to avoid this by sending cards with products to your website. However, even doing so is risky and can lead to Amazon TOS violations if you are not careful (you should always check this carefully as the fine print changes frequently in Amazon TOS). While it’s very difficult and risky to circumvent this policy, JumpSend offers a viable alternative: an email list of Amazon customers (even if they are NOT YOUR previous customers) who really want to try their products.

Start Smart Email Campaigns

You can create personalized e-mails to the right customers. You can set up an activator to send emails when a product is purchased, shipped, or refunded. Messages are automatically filled with customer names and other information. You can then edit the messages as desired.

An effective way to use e-mail is to send customers a direct link to your product to leave a comment. You get an integrated product picture and 5 stars. You just have to complete it and click to leave a comment. You can also send attachments (for example, eBooks, user guides, promotions for other products).

Advantages Of Using Jump Send

Here are some ways you can use Jump Send to sell more products and improve your Amazon ranking.

Jump Send advantages

Increase sales speed: Amazon rewards products with strong revenue growth, especially after launch. In general, this is only possible with a new product if your advertising budget is high. JumpSend helps you get faster by providing you with a speed that helps you make more sales.

This helps you get more feedback: When you start with a solid version, you have the opportunity to get feedback. This is another classification factor that helps you maintain your product classification and continue to make sales. JumpSend has many buyers who like to write reviews. This is the target audience that needs to start it.

Improve customer service: One of the main reasons for negative reviews is that customers are frustrated by delays, lack of response, or immediate reimbursement. With JumpSend, you can send automatic emails when someone requests a refund. This way you avoid negative comments.

helps in improving customer service

Amazon Compliance: As stated earlier, Amazon makes every effort to prevent sellers from communicating directly with buyers. JumpSend offers a legal bug that lets you take advantage of an email list without violating the Terms of Service (as you do not contact your shoppers directly, but use your own JumpSend list).

Generating coupons: One of the best ways to generate sales is to offer coupon codes. Amazon itself facilitates the creation of coupons. However, with JumpSend you can promote these coupons to make your emails more attractive.

Amazon Marketplaces supports both systems in the US. As in the UK, you can also access sales data for products from Canada, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Spain and, France.

Automated Emails: This is one of the main features of Jump Send. As a seller, you can configure your automated emails. This also allows you to connect directly with your customers and send them emails on successful purchase, order approval, confirmation of shipping, delivery confirmation and most importantly remind them to leave their comments on the product page.

automation trigger

Increase the speed of sales: Jump Send Expeditions also enable you to improve your sales ranking by accessing the website, offering such as Jump Send, where to find willing buyers to buy. However, you must add a promotion. This is one of the easiest ways to get these first sales and improve the ranking of your products.

Returns Management: We all agree that returns are a nightmare. If the proceeds are misused, it can cause a negative reaction from customers that could damage the integrity of the product. Jump Send allows you to cope with such situations immediately by alerting you when a return is ongoing.

Spam protection: As an Amazon seller, you should already know that Amazon takes stringent measures against any policy violation. With Jump Send, you do not have to worry because everything is done in Amazon’s terms of use.

JumpSend manages feedback seasily

Advertisements: Advertisements are the easiest way to increase your sales because the majority of the population is always attracted to promotional events. With sales of Jump and 100,000 buyers ready to buy the product launch has never been easier.

Why Does An Amazon Retailer Need An Email Marketing Strategy?

The quickest way to get direct attention from your potential market is to use your inbox. If you get the right e-mail marketing strategy, you can be a welcome visitor to your potential e-mail and your regular customers. In this way, you can increase the traffic on your pages and increase your turnover.

Jump Send Review- lunch your campaigns easily

However, a good email marketing strategy for the Amazon seller can be more. If email is used successfully, you can also ask the seller for feedback and positive comments. User-generated content is the secret ingredient of almost every Amazon marketer: with a large number of 5-star ratings, you can guarantee regular sales and a lifetime of life.

If you are smart, an excellent email marketing strategy can strengthen your reputation with your customers. They will come to wait for your messages and feel like members of their club. The success of an Amazon salesman relies on a returning visitor, and mail marketing strategy is one way to access it.

However, to be successful, you need to reduce noise. You are not the only person who wants to get direct access to your customer’s attention. It is estimated that 281 billion e-mails are sent daily, with only 3.7 billion users worldwide. As a result, your customer’s inbox is messy.

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How Can You Start Email Marketing With Jump Send?

1. Make a plan for your promotion.

You need a roadmap for your email marketing strategy. You will hardly have an opportunity to impress your customers. You must, therefore, ensure that the decisions you make are correct. Probably two-thirds of your revenue is the result of this campaign. It is therefore interesting to spend as much time here as choosing the products you want to bring to the market.

You should think about how to create a desire for your product. Think about what will kill my consumers and how my product will fill it. What do you want as a result of this desire from the customer? A coherent and clear call to action is indispensable.

Once the philosophy and vision of your Email marketing strategy is established, you’ll need to create an action plan. When will you send an e-mail about the launch, when will you be reminded of how the urgency can be promoted … All this should be planned before the first product release. Each e-mail must be ready for shipping before the product is started. You must write an e-mail sales trip:

2. The pre-launch e-mail that arouses interest and shows what’s missing.

The e-mail of the start day, which offers promotions and should contain a clear call to action. You must clearly focus on the benefits of the product and offer an obvious buying incentive.

After the launch: You then need to maintain the feeling of excitement for the product by exchanging customer voices. Start promotions and discounts and encourage participation through ratings.

The mail marketing strategy should also be planned in coordination with the rest of your marketing strategy. You should think about how this will affect your website updates, social media posts, archives, and press releases. The message you send must be consistent across all your marketing channels.

3. Collect emails from your customers

Capturing users’ e-mail addresses is an obvious practical consideration. You only want to appear in the Inbox of people who want to receive your mail and are obviously interested in your product. Therefore, you need a tool to find these e-mail addresses. There are various online tools available for this such as AMZDiscover, FeedbackFive, AMZFinder, etc.

Jump Send customer support

FeedbackFive is an online search engine for those who have commented on Amazon products or for customers who like to share their mail address with others. That means it’s a goldmine full of potential customers for your mail marketing strategy. To access the mail address list, simply copy and paste the URL from an Amazon product list. Then click on Search. You will then receive the names, email addresses, helpful comments and reviews about this product. You also get details like your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Once you’ve found all the necessary information about your potential Amazon customers, you can build the organization into audiences. If you’re smart, send another email channel to different groups in your audience.

4. Write a great e-mail template

There are a few key ingredients that you should include in your e-mail template. The nature of this information depends on the customers to whom they are directed. There must be an effective combination of text, image, video, discount offers, etc. Your emails must have a consistent voice and an obvious need for action so that your customer knows exactly how to respond to your message without ambiguity. You should also consider using the content of your blog and social networks and linking the message to your marketing channels.

Jump Send- email template


There are many examples of e-mail marketing software on SaaS websites. There are websites like MoonMail that let your email campaigns with the talent of Apple’s best engineers and designers. There is also Sleeknote, which not only allows us to create specific campaigns but also additional features that allow you to convert visitors without affecting your user experience. Finally, there is an agile CRM. This is from the suite of software products for project managers. This SaaS includes a drag-and-drop email generator and allows A/B testing.

5. Use email automation.

JumpSend- email template automation

Many of these e-mail marketing programs also automate the campaign for you. Packets send emails on the date the email addresses were configured. It is even possible to send different messages to different segments of your existing and potential customers. Part of your planning for your e-mail marketing strategy should be a design of the automation to be implemented.

6. Follow the data

It’s important to drive the success of your email marketing strategy for Amazon marketers tracking the marketing data. You need to manage packages that provide you with accurate and complete records that help you choose information. Key data to track include purchase history, click-through conversions, the percentage of users accessing information from their phone, number of visits, and clicks on the site. Website. Website inspired by email and customer preferences.

How Does Jump Send Works?

1) Amazon Gifts

If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you’ve already heard me say the following: Amazon rates products after sales. This is very logical, as the top-selling products on the front page should earn the most revenue. When I introduce new products, my main goal is to get the most revenue possible. Giving products away is an easy way to increase the speed of your sale, increasing the ranking of your products.

create amazon gifts

You can donate products by creating discount coupons in Seller Central. The amount of the discount you want to grant depends on you. Most sellers use discount vouchers between 50 and 99%.

However, you still need to find buyers to buy your products at a reduced price. This is where Jump Send comes into play. It has a bidding page that shows discounted products. This site attracts 100,000 bargain hunters and is a great way to give your products a discount.

2) follow-up Emails

Of course, we also want to get these first revisions when we introduce a new product. In my opinion, the best way to get feedback is to send your customers a follow-up email. Just email them after receiving your product to find out how they like it and leave a comment. This method is very effective. Most people really appreciate that you look at them.

3) Gifts / Promotions

First, we will create a gift for our new product.

How To Set Up Product With Jump Send

Promotional URL / keyword rich URL

After selecting our product, we have the ability to create a URL with many keywords.

Honestly, I think these links are not working anymore. But I think it’s nice to have added this feature if you think this method works.

Asset protection

This is a very important step for reduced products. You want to have some kind of grandfathering. Note that if a customer creates a 99% discount code, they may also want to purchase 500 units with a 99% discount. You can do it on Google and you’ll find horror stories of sellers who bought all their stock at 1% of the normal price for having fun with promotional items.

Luckily, Jump Send knows and gives you the ability to limit the number of orders when creating an action.

Set Discount For Product

set discounts for products

The next step is to choose the amount of discount we want to give our products and the number of codes we want to grant. In this case, it’s very important to use one-time coupons when creating a reduction in Seller Central.

Manual or self-approved buyer

Finally, we choose to manually approve buyers who want to buy our products to get a discount. Or let Jump Send automatically approve a maximum number of buyers per day.

Email tracking campaign

Let’s create a follow-up email campaign! Once we have selected our ASIN, we will choose when to send an e-mail. We have 4 options:

  • After a customer has bought your product.
  • After the product has been shipped.
  • After delivery of the product.
  • After a customer has asked for a refund.

You can select the trigger for the delivery and send an e-mail 2 days after delivery of the product. This gives your customer enough time to test my product and form an opinion.

Then you can create the current e-mail. Jump Send has all the features you need to fully customize your emails. You can enter automatic fill labels, which are replaced by the name of the buyer, for example.

Jump Send Pricing Plans

Jump Send appears to be in four different subscription option for users. The tools for all of the subscriptions are the same, the principal difference is how many products you will be allowed to display on Amazon through the software.

 pricing plans of jump send

Credit- Garlic Press Seller

  • Starter: 29.00 US dollars per month – 3 products limit
  • Entrepreneur: 59.00 US dollars per month – 10 products limit
  • Business: 99.00 US dollars per month – 25 products limit
  • Enterprise: 199.00 US dollars per month – 100 products

Pros And Cons Of Jump Send


  • Easily launch products from 100,000 available buyers ready to buy
  • Jump Send has automated software that sends emails to buyers based on the tasks they perform.
  • It can be helpful to receive organic feedback about buyers.
  • There is a free trial that allows a vendor to check the services offered.
  • It provides an accessible database of potential buyers that can be used at will.


  • The Jump Send control panel can be a bit tricky to understand
  • Your niche or the product of your choice may not be available in Jump Send, as some products are not perfect for the software.

Jump Send Review Conclusion:

Concluding our Jump Send review, we can say that Jump Send is the best market for Amazon sellers at this point in time. It is effective in distributing coupons to increase sales, improve placement and bring a successful Amazon product to market.

Since the change of Amazon terms of service in 2016, it has become increasingly difficult to get a product to market and get these first sales and revisions. Before 2016, there were a large number of Jump Send alternatives, which frankly were better advised because they had larger markets or better auditors.

However, as Amazon’s rules change, many competitors have not been adjusted or closed as they are content to comply with Amazon’s terms of service.

The tool has a great interface that makes it easy to run promotions and distribute coupon codes. And buyers are real buyers from Amazon who know how to use coupons to buy products. So there is a little discomfort in this regard.

Let me know in the comments section below what you think about Jump Send and what features you liked most.

🔥What is Jump Send?

JumpSend is an automated e-mail marketing tool that helps sellers like us increase the efficiency of our products.

🤔How do you use JumpSend?

You can start by creating personalized e-mails and sending it to the right customers. You can set up an activator to send emails when a product is purchased, shipped, or refunded.

📌How do I cancel my JumpSend account?

You can cancel the Jump Send subscription by opening your jump send profile. Then go the Subscription Information section and click on Unsubscribe from the drop-down menu and then confirm to cancel.


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