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  • Real Amazon Data
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  • Time Saving Filters
  • Track up to 150 products
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Product research at the click of a button


  • UI needs to improved

What is the Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a great way to find the best Amazon products. The Jungle Scout web application and its extension address several issues in the product search cycle. With the web application you can immediately scan the product catalog, and with the extension, you get accurate readings and specific data for the products of your choice. Basically, Jungle Scout helps you to get an idea of a niche market on Amazon that can help you get the most out of it. We will share Jungle Scout Review 2019 Discount Coupon Special (Save 40% On Yearly).

What’s the difference between the web app and the Chrome extension?

These are two applications that take different aspects of product research into account. The Chrome extension allows users to collect data and information about a particular product on Amazon. They can be installed in the Google Chrome browser running on the Amazon website. The JungleScout web app helps users find products which product work well and track products that have already been filtered out of the Chrome extension.

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Jungle Scout Review with Discount Coupons 2019

JungleScout Pro Vs Lite

JungleScout is available in two versions: Pro and Lite. The Lite version is fairly simple but covers the most important feature.

Jungle Scout Discount Coupon

Apart from that, the Lite version does not do much more. Here are the additional features of the Pro version:

  • FBA fee estimator
  • Product profit calculator
  • Product opportunity score
  • Sales Item profit calculator
  • Category and seller ranking

Jungle Scout Discount Coupon

This is what Jungle Scout looks like: This screen appears when you click the Chrome extension on the Amazon page. Features that I think are the most important are:

Opportunity Score [PRO]: The JS will let you know if the product is good or bad. It also highlights high/low demand and high competition products.

Sales and turnover: For me, this is the most important information. You can see immediately how many sales and earnings generated by the product on the first page.

Reviews and ratings: After you’ve determined that the niche has enough volume, you can examine the number of reviews and ratings they got.

[PRO] Fees and net payments: After you have determined that the product is not competitive, you can review its profitability. In advance, you could check the prices on Alibaba to know the production costs. After a brief overview of the rate and the net payment, you can decide whether or not to sell the product in a decent profit.

[PRO] Calculate monthly turnover: It is important to know if this is a modern/seasonal product. By clicking on the sales numbers. Another window opens which will show you the monthly sales history.

As you can see, I’ve pointed out what are these features which are available only in the Pro version. Honestly, I do not think everyone needs the pro version. I personally like to check as many potential products as possible in no time so for me, the pro version is perfect. In this way, I can cover all the 5 steps with a systematic manner and have all the information I need in a concise summary. However, if you’re just starting out, the Lite version still gives you the most important features you need.

Additional features of the Jungle Scout

The Jungle Scout web and the Chrome extension offer many features. The demand is strong. The features are impressive and help you achieve the best product value. If you are interested in e-commerce and want to get the most out of the products you want to sell, this tool is essential. This is a great option as it offers the following additional features:

  • Detailed Survey: This app will do a detailed survey of the different types of products you want to see. This will allow you to take a close look at the market value of the product and the number of buyers who want to buy it. You can relax and it will do the rest for you.
  • Prepares the data: It is one of the most surprising features of this tool. It can retrieve the statistics of the best-selling product in each category and thus evaluate the items that need to be considered in the production of the product in order to achieve a higher value.
  • Review the data: The statistics provided by this application are new and there is no old product. Therefore, it only has to compete with the previously sold products. It constantly keeps track of changing data and keeps the information up to date.
  • Authentic opinions: Authentic reviews are very important as they indicate the relevance of each product and the answer in the market. Jungle Scout also brings you products with the best and worst ratings.
  • Coupons and Discounts for you: When you visit the Jungle Scout website, you have the option to purchase the Chrome web application or extension. The official website also offers discount vouchers for people who wish to purchase the application at a lower price. The Jungle Scout Discount coupon must be awarded if you want to save the best percentage.

What are the functions of the Jungle Scout web application?

With the web application, you can scan the Amazon product catalog in no time and save as much time for research.

Jungle Scout Coupon code

Product Database

Here you can filter products by categories, requests, prices, ratings, and many other criteria. The database helps you to get a complete list of products based on your search function.


You can select the categories to be filtered. You can choose not to search for categories like gourmet or even electronic categories.


This will give you some results if you narrow down your search category. Some of the filters include network, price,  range, etc.


It helps you to view standard size, size, or both.

The seller

For the seller, you can select Amazon, or fill Amazon and/or the merchant

Product Tracker

You can select specific data, such as For example, promotions, prices, supplier assortments, etc. for the products are tracked from the database and this data is tracked over time.

Niche Finder

Available in standard and business plans, Niche finder is the perfect tool to expand your product range and discover new sources of revenue. You can calculate the top 10 sales statistics and list the quality values of a keyword.

Supports multiple markets

Sales data is available in different countries such as Canada, India, Spain, Great Britain, India, France, Italy, and Germany.

Keyword Explorer

You can search for keywords proposed for PPC brands and HSA brands.

Quick Links:


There are three pricing options for the web application: Start, Standard, and Professional. Below these standards, it seems that this is the most popular proposed by the Jungle Scout, which can help find more than 80 products.

Web App Pricing

Jungle Scout Coupon

Chrome Extension Plans:

Jungle Scout Discount Coupon



  • The tool gives me all the required info in 1 clear overview.
  • Very accurate on medium-high volume products.
  • Unlimited database filtering
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Low Competition Opportunities
  • Accurate Estimated Sales
  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • Award Winning Support


  • There’s no free trial version
  • The sale estimate isn’t always accurate.
  • The Jungle Scout isn’t useful if you are selling used or new books.
  • Only works with Chrome browser.

Over To You : Jungle Scout Discount Coupon

This was my detailed review of the Jungle Scout. If you have used the coupon and feel free to give feedback and your valuable opinions with us in the comment box.

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