Jungle Scout Review 2021: The Ultimate Amazon FBA Tool (Why 9 Stars)

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Ease Of Use
Keyword Research
Product Database
Rank Tracker


  • Provides Amazon product sales & revenue data
  • Easily track product performance to analyze trends
  • Discover competitive & market intelligence data easily
  • Find cool, high-value product ideas fast and easy
  • Find the most impactful keywords that are easy & profitable
  • Give in-depth historical search volume trends of keywords
  • Even predicts the future product demand & save your time
  • Also, track product’s organic search rank for your chosen keywords


  • Inventory management gets a little complex when you have thousands of products to manage.

Price:$ 39

Spending on multiple tools at a time is kind of useless when you have another one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Yes, if you’re Amazon Seller and looking for a reliable one-stop solution for your Amazon FBA venture. Jungle Scout is worth your try.

In this post, I have shared my honest Jungle Scout Review that includes all detailed insights of Jungle Scout features, tools, pricing, how to use Jungle Scout, and so on..

Plenty of Jungle Scout alternatives are present, but none of them matches the level of Jungle Scout. Many tools provide data, but they aren’t accurate, I have embedded the screenshot below.

review of Jungle Scout - product hunt tool

Jungle Scout isn’t limited to just product hunt. It also helps Amazon sellers with  — product tracking, keyword ideas, sales analytics, inventory management, automating email promotions, and much more.

Let’s dive in.

Jungle Scout Review: In A Nutshell

Jungle Scout was founded in 2015 by Greg Mercer as the solution to find great product ideas.

Today, Jungle Scout provides a full suite of Amazon seller tools, helping sellers with everything from finding a product, sourcing a supplier, launching and optimizing a product listing, managing business analytics, inventory, and more.

It provides the best resources for a data-driven product research tool. JungleScout will minimize the risk of failing along with maximizing the profit.

Jungle Scout Review- Onestop solution for Amazon Sellers

Basically, the web app gives you more product insights into what is going on behind the scenes, inside of categories on Amazon. But here, the Chrome Extension allows you a quick insight into the different products and categories which you can generally browse on Amazon Website.

The web app is more expensive as it provides more insights and features than the Chrome Extension. Still, the web app also provides many of the analytics like the overall category sales, pricing along with potential gaps in the market.

Features & Benefits Of Jungle Scout: 

Let’s check what Jungle Scout got to offer.

  • Jungle Scout Product Research tool:  (Extension, Product Database, Product Tracker, Opportunity Score & Finder)
  • Product Sourcing —  Finding Manufacturers (Supplier Database) 
  • Keyword Ideas & Research — Listing Optimization (Keyword Scout)
  • Launch on Amazon — (Launch emails & promotions) 
  • Managing & Growing on Amazon — (Sales Analytics, Inventory Manager, Alerts)

Don’t worry, I’ll go through each and every feature, and I’ll also share what I have got after using it. Let’s have a look at the features offered by them.

Jungle Scout Features- Hands-On Review:

Here I’m going to go through each lit feature offered by them and tell you how to use them and get the most out of it.

JungleScout Web App

Web app by JungleScout is the secret weapon that helps you in making smarter product decisions and to stand-alone out of the competition. With the help of a Web App, you can easily find profitable niches and products from the entire Amazon catalog.

Here JungleScout Web App will let you filter Amazon’s entire database by category, price, sales, and more. Now track any of your competitor’s activity over time. Really, it will maximize success by narrowing down the roads of failure. Web App will definitely take your Amazon FBA business to a whole new level.

Product Database

It has a comprehensive database containing over 70 million products directly from Amazon. You can organize and search for all getting ideas of the products that match your search criteria. And you can then find products to sell on Amazon.

Jungle Scout Product

It’s easy to feel devastated when you don’t know where to start from, but with their pre-installed filters, you can generate ideas in seconds and start finding products with high potential. You can filter by categories, estimated sales, revenue, etc. to find profitable products.

Product Tracker

You can easily track the performance of each product by tracking potential products over time, tracking daily stocks, sales, prices, and ranking of top-selling products.

Product Tracker

It tracks rankings, sales, revenues, and best selling products daily. The information you receive from viewing products over time allows you to make informed decisions about your business.

Whether you notice unexpected opportunities or seasonality tracking, Product Tracker shows you the information that interests you the most. It also analyzes average price, and sales speed to improve your bid and launch strategy.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

The Jungle Scout extension is an extension that installs on your browser and helps you estimate products and find keywords.

Product specific

The extension is a bridge between inspiration and action when you browse Amazon. The one-click extension is complemented by providing real-time sales, competition, and profit forecasts based on the product or search results page you’re exploring.

The Chrome extension has an annual fee and is designed to be used when searching for Amazon products, but you won’t find niche products you didn’t know before. There are a Lite version and a Jungle Scout Pro extension with some additional options.

Features of Jungle Scout Extension:

  • Newest Numbers: Here, when you are looking to uncover and unhide the next gem in the jungle of Amazon, you will get the exact information that you can easily rely upon and trust.
  • Stat Checker: The best part is that the chrome extension really makes checking stats easy, and here you can easily validate all of your insights with the historical data.

Jungle Scout chrome extension- check daily sales

  • Product Specific: This is really one of the amazing features, and it will let you dive deep right on any of the specific products. You can view the price, best sellers rank along with the FBA Fees, estimated monthly sales, average price, and also many other things.

The thing we like the most about Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is that it comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Simply get started with Jungle Scout Extension risk-free, and somehow if you are not satisfied with their services, then you can get your money back.

Opportunity Finder

Its powerful opportunity score finder helps you find rising trends and profitable niches for your product. Whether you are looking for the first product sold on Amazon or building your business with unique products, Opportunity Finder will be your key. With Jungle Scout Niche hunter tool you can easily find various niches to get started selling quickly.

Opportunity Finder

Opportunity Finder refreshes Amazon trend keywords with high demand and low competition to easily find profitable product markets. With this, you can easily skip boring hand research and enhance data that leads to your search for the latest product trends.

Make sure your niche is based on data from the Niche Hunter Finder. This proprietary algorithm assesses product opportunities between 1 and 10 based on product needs, competition, and niche lists, and 10 shows the greatest opportunity for new sellers. The opportunity score finder checks all the data of a product or niche to provide you with all critical data and insights.

Keyword Scout

This is the most precise and extensive Amazon keyword ideas generation tool on the market. Keyword Scout helps you find high-quality keywords, keyword search volume, and appropriate PPC bids. The Keyword Scout was previously known as Jungle Scout Niche Hunter.

Keyword Scout

Scout collects millions of data points to show what Amazon customers are really looking for. Not only can you find exact or large amounts of keyword searches, but you can also search ASIN to find out which keywords classify a particular product, find competing products, and see PPC costs and print speeds in real-time.

Supplier Database

Supplier Database is a brand new feature among Amazon selling software

that helps you find global legal suppliers used by the world’s best brands.

Supplier Database

You can search and analyze databases of all global suppliers to source your product. With Match Score of Supplier Database, you can easily find the supplier of a specific product, or you can search it manually by a specific brand, company, or supplier name.

Jungle Scout Seller Features:

Sales Analytics

The sales analytic tool organizes and tracks all of your Amazon sales data in real-time, so you can focus on cost reduction and savings strategies to help you make more money with Amazon FBA.

Sales Analytics

You can easily create a professional profit and loss statement with Sales Analytics to see your company’s financial status. It also shows crucial metrics like revenue, hidden costs, prices of sold goods, and operating expenses just by selecting time periods to view progress, spot trends, manage taxes, and more.

Sales Analytics allows you to collect your financial statistics and get a full picture of your FBA business economies. You can also view historical and daily data to identify trends over time and get the information you need to minimize costs and increase profits. Even you can easily check the average Monthly Sales, average price, sales Rank, and so on. 

Inventory Manager

The Inventory Manager uses Amazon’s inventory-based data management. Precisely estimates the number of consumables per order and the best information to increase Amazon sales and avoid extra cost and commission.

Inventory Manager JungleScout

With Inventory Manager, you can view the real-time status of your Amazon FBA inventory to quickly determine when and how much inventory you need to change. The Inventory Manager now selects each of the products listed, sorted, sold and to be sold soon, and calculates the date and quantity, estimated cost, and profit you need to order.

With this demandable technology, you can analyze any inventory level metrics along with revenue, cost, profit, average profit, and sales. It also monitors inbound inventory to keep an eye on units that are on their way to an Amazon fulfillment center.


This feature allows you to launch and promote your Amazon products directly. Launch drive sales through targeted customer email outreach and promotions.

Launch Features for Sellers

This is the best way to increase your sales. With their promotions features, you are tapping into a huge marketplace of ready-to-buy shoppers, which is great for product launches and making extra sales.

Communication with customers via emails creates up to 8x more engagement. Custom and personalized emails can be a great way to increase your chances of getting positive feedback.

Product Alerts

With the alert feature, you can keep an eye on those products that you’re tracking or selling to monitor change in price, reviews, and more. It keeps you informed about critical product changes so you can take action fast, no matter if you’re looking for a product to sell or keeping your listings optimized over the competition.

Products Alerts

You can track critical Amazon business metrics with exclusive in-app Amazon product alerts. You can also track changes made to Amazon products, including product titles, images, categories, and new vendors, and set custom alert thresholds for changes in pricing, Best Sellers Ranking (BSR), and product ratings.

How to Use Jungle Scout – A Quick Jungle Scout Tutorial

Getting started and using Jungle Scout is easy and straightforward.

Basically, Jungle Scout consists of three main sections that are listed below.

  1. Find Products
  2. Find Suppliers
  3. Keywords

Finding Products

The most crucial step is finding and choosing a profitable product to sell on Amazon while doing product research.

You just have to start in the same order that you will find on the navigation bar, at the top of the product databaseUsing it for finding products to sell it quite easy and straightforward.

Product Database Jungle Scout

To find a good product that you want to analyze, you need the Product Tracker. Then you will see Niche Hunter that helps you narrow down ideas based on different sets of filters.

Finding Suppliers

It has a Supplier Database section where you can find the best Amazon sellers and suppliers. It has a huge list of suppliers that provides crucial information about their services and products.

Supplier Database - How To Use Jungle Scout

With the help of these suppliers, you can make the best decision when contacting manufacturers to source your product.

Keyword Research

The final step is keyword research. The Keywords section of Jungle Scout is made of three modules: Keyword Scout, My Lists & Listing Builder.

how to use Jungle Scout- the keyword finding

Once you find a product, you can also use these for listing optimization.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension vs Jungle Scout Web App

If we talk about the Web App, then it is a more flexible and powerful toolkit that generally runs right in the cloud on the Jungle Scout’s own website. Web App generally has three tools, Amazon Product Database that is mainly for the sellers, a Product Tracker, and the Niche Hunter.

Whereas the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension mainly runs by simply pulling data, including estimated revenue directly from the Amazon website when you will browse it.

You can also use both- the Web App and Chrome Extension and simply enjoy the benefits of having both of them. This will really help you in getting data right at your fingertips. The Chrome Extension also has the ability to track products, find new niches and simply get the product ideas via the web app.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans: 

Jungle Scout basically offers flexible and affordable pricing plans so that anyone can get started. You can either choose a monthly or annual plan. You can use a special discount link to get 30% off on the Jungle Scout subscription.

Note: You don’t need to enter any Jungle Scout coupon code. Once you click one of our discount links, the discount offer will get activated automatically.

Jungle Scout Web App: $49 per month or $39 per month (For Annual Plan)

This offer lasts for up to 500 monthly orders, but if you want more offers, then there are ranges of 500-2k, 2k-5k, 5k-10k, and 10k+ for one month. The payment level is also increased based on the number of orders.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension: $39 per month or 19 per month (For Annual Plan)

Chrome Extension is an accurate Amazon product research tool for the best results.

Jungle Scout  Web App & Extension: $69/mo or $49/mo (For Annual Plan)

This is the most popular offer among sellers. This combined offer saves your money and provides industry-leading tools to dominate the market. This plan is also based on monthly orders. If you want more orders, then you have to pay more for that respective order.

Discount Offer

In addition to the flexible pricing options, it also comes with various 14 days money-back guarantee. That means if you don’t like the services, you can request your money refund within the first 14 days.

You can claim your discount offer, using the link given below

What You Will Get For Free With Jungle Scout?

  • Sales Estimator: Just see an accurate estimate of all of the monthly sales for any Amazon Product.
  • FBA Calculator: With this calculator, you can find out how to calculate your True profits and also ensuring the success of your business.
  • The Listing Grader: Simply use this free tool to evaluate how your Amazon Listing is optimized. And you can also easily check how your Amazon listing can be modified and optimized again.
  • Webinars: Just go and save your spot for their current webinars or simply review the past webinar.
  • Million Dollar Case Study: The data scientist will definitely share every important piece of detail for their new product launch.
  • Collaborative Product Launch: Simply learn how you can easily make over 250K. You can stick them, and the set goes when any product is launched.

Jungle Scout Academy

In Jungle Scout Academy, you will learn how to sell like a pro. Here you will learn basic and advanced skills about selling on Amazon. It offers educational resources and videos that help you find your first product.

The industry-leading training of Jungle Scout is designed by founder and CEO – Creg Mercer. He is an 8-figure seller and winner of Seller Awards for the best Amazon expert.

The Academy

There are weekly Q&A sessions where you can ask crucial questions from their experts. You can also join jumpstart sessions that are designed for new sellers and participate in community forums. There are also monthly Livestream training sessions available that are helpful to grow your skills.

Hurry! Here We Have Provided Free Resources (Like The WEBINARS, Jungle Scout UNIVERSITY, E-Books, TUTORIALS). You Can Get All Of These Things For Free When You Will Get Started With Jungle Scout Plan.

Just Follow The Below Link To Avail Your Offer:

Jungle Scout Alternatives: The Competitors

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a powerful and robust Amazon growth platform that really helps you with huge profits. With this tool, you can optimize your sales to have a great impact on Amazon. It provides tools and solutions such as “product discovery,” “market analysis,” “keyword research,” “split test,” “competitor analysis,” “list analyzer” and “product manager.”

Best Alternatives- Viral Launch

You can also find the most complex research on Amazon products to test product ideas. You can find improvements to be innovative and effective listings that you can easily make now. It has the most accurate and easy to use Amazon Keyword Tool to get your products with the most relevant keywords. You can check out our detailed Viral Launch Review here.

Helium 10

Helium 10 is another powerful alternative for Jungle Scout. Helium 10 comes with more than 10 powerful  Amazon Seller-specific makes selling on Amazon easy and profitable. 

Helium 10- Alternative

Helium 10 Toolsuite makes it easy to find tools such as black box, x-ray, magnet, etc. We’ve already reviewed Helium 10 in BloggersIdeas and explained each tool in detail. You can check out our In-depth Helium 10 Review here.

But before going further, let’s check where Jungle Scout Dominates its competitors:

Jungle Scout vs Competition

As you can see, other Amazon FBA research tool won’t make near to the features offered by Jungle Scout.

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What Statistics Say About Jungle Scout:

jungle scout stats

Jungle Scout Customer Support

Jungle Scout’s customer service is fast, friendly, and helpful. If you are a new user, then you might have many questions about the tool and Amazon selling. Their customer support team responds to every query and problem via email with very clear and satisfying answers.

In addition to the fast and reliable customer support, it comes with Jungle Scout Academy, where you can master the art of selling on Amazon and how to use this tool to its fullest potential. Also, in the Academy, there is a weekly Q&A section where you can clear your doubts right away.

As per our experience with Jungle Scout, we would like to say, the support is fast, responsive, and reliable.

Why Choose Jungle Scout Over Others?

With Jungle Scout, you are not only getting a set of amazing tools that can easily automate the process of doing the Amazon Research but also getting many interesting things that you may not get with another tool out there in the market. Here they have a support team that will stand by your side in every problem and issue.

What’s more, using Jungle Scout is easy and straightforward compared to other tools and software in the market.

  • Most Reliable Amazon Database In The Industry:

It basically captures billions of data points from Amazon Sales every month. And here, Jungle Scout Team members and the Data Scientists are busy refining the proprietary models that are based on that particular data. Here you will not see other tools which are having such a kind of database.

Cost break of products

  • Dedicated Customer Support:

The thing that we like most about them is that it has friendly and knowledgeable support staff and these staff members will be helping you out 20 hours a day and also every day in a week. The expertise level will not look at whether you are a newbie or a pro, they will help you according to your expertise level and will extraordinarily solve your problem.

  • Top-Notch Free Resources:

What is better than getting a free valuable resource that will help you throughout your Amazon FBA Journey as they will help you to make your FBA business more profitable and compelling. With their case studies, blogs, webinars along with the blog post, you will stand out of the competition simply by following the strategy. And trust me with that training, you will always be ready to be at the top when it comes to selling on Amazon.

  • Jungle Scout Supports More Marketplaces:

The best part here is that you can get the country-specific Amazon product sales data that you want. You can get the data from countries like the USA, India, Spain, the UK, Mexico, Canada, France, Italy, and Germany.

  • Provides Unlimited Access To Amazon Experts:  

Just accelerate your learning curve and get the information you need from the vetted experts. We would like to say, don’t waste your money, time, and effort in learning how this Amazon thing works.

You’ll also get an expert mentor by your side through your whole journey as that mentor will help you in doing the product research, sourcing along with Pay Per Click, and also many more things in a row. You will fully be covered by the Jungle Scout Amazon Expert.

Pros & Cons of Jungle Scout

Pros of Jungle Scout
  • Provides Amazon product sales & revenue data
  • Easily track product performance to analyze trends
  • Discover competitive & market intelligence data easily
  • Find cool, high-value product ideas fast and easy
  • Provides Opportunity Score for the niche you’re exploring with the Niche Hunter
  • Find the most impactful keywords that are easy & profitable
  • Give in-depth historical search volume trends of keywords
  • Look at company or product level metrics & compare over time
  • Avoid hijackers & monitor your competitors with ease
  • Even predicts the future product demand & save your time
  • Also, track the product’s organic search rank for your chosen keywords
  • Easily track profits & manage your Amazon finances effortlessly
Cons of Jungle Scout:
  • It should provide more details info about suppliers
  • Inventory management gets a little complex when you have thousands of products to manage.

Jungle Scout Reviews: Customer Testimonials

Jungle Scout has got thousands of positive customer reviews and testimonials. Let’s check some of the reviews they have got on Trustpilot and other platforms.

Jungle Scout Reviews


Let’s check some of the customer reviews from Facebook.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

As of now, I’m sure you have ideas like what Jungle Scout is capable of and how it helps Amazon Sellers to make their business profitable.

Jungle Scout Customer Success Stories:

How FBA Selling Can Create a Life of Freedom | Jungle Scout Stories #1

These Amazon sellers tried multi-level marketing and it just didn’t work out. Launching on Amazon was the key to helping them leave their jobs and travel six months out of the year.-  Ari and Chelsea Cohen

Just three years out of college, he went from working at Facebook – a dream job for many people – to owning his own Amazon business.- Kevin David

“It’s because we kept pushing and kept working on our Amazon business that we were able to recover from that very tragic event in our lives.”- Kristin Ostrander

Jungle Scout FAQs:

👉🏻Is Jungle Scout Worth it?

Yes, Jungle Scout totally worths your try as it comes with a complete suite of tools for Amazon Sellers to help them with — product research, keyword ideas & research, product tracking and much more.

👉🏻 Is Jungle Scout Accurate?

Yes, Jungle Scout is accurate and provides the most accurate data in-comparison to competitors such as Viral Launch & Helium 10. The data is reliable, updated and also accurate.

👉🏻 Is There a Free Trial?

No, Jungle Scout doesn’t offer any free trial. However, it comes with no risk of 14 Days Money Back Guarantee.

👉🏻 Is There a Free Alternative to Jungle Scout?

Yes, you can try free alternatives to Jungle Scout such as UnicronSmasher. But the issue with free tools is that they aren't that accurate and reliable. However, you can give the free alternative a shot if you need a free tool.

👉🏻Which Jungle Scout Plan Should I Buy?

You should choose the (Jungle Scout Web + Jungle Scout Chrome Extension) Bundle as it is cost-effective and gives you access to the web app along with the chrome extensions too.

👉🏻What is a Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is known to be the best and unique tool for keyword research on Amazon. This tool helps you to find the top-ranking products and services on Amazon. You can find out which products are the most money-making and estimate your sales as well as analyze them. Jungle Scout’s main motive is to save your time and give you success in the longer time. Jungle Scout has added a fantastic feature of Opportunity Finder, which can update you frequently about the new product and service line.

👉🏻How good is the Customer Service of Jungle Scout?

The help desk of Jungle Scout is open 24/7. Every business needs to frequently interact with your customers and solve their queries timely, nurturing your customer-seller relationship. If a customer is satisfied with your services, he will be loyal for your lifetime.

👉🏻Does Jungle Scout give free trials to its customers?

Yes, Jungle Scout offers a 14 day free trial to its customers, which will give them a better understanding of basic and advanced features, with a 100% money-back guarantee. You can cancel your subscription plan within 14 days and upgrade your plans anytime.

👉🏻Is it worth getting a Jungle Scout Premium Plan?

Yes, it's worth it if you are an Amazon seller. It provides dozens of unique features. It's a one-stop solution for Amazon FBA ventures. In all the premium plans, it offers accurate data of all your sales history, product history and rankings, pricing history, competitors’ products, and their pricing plans.

👉🏻What is an FBA Scheme?

Fulfillment by Amazon is a scheme that assists the sellers to sell their products in Amazon in the departments of storage, shipping, and packaging. It reduces the stress for the sellers of inventory management and maintaining human resources for shipping and packaging. FBA also provides a toolkit, known as the FBA toolkit, and it is a resource for the sellers to learn about various product details.

👉🏻What features do Jungle Scout’s basic plans offer?

It offers plenty of basic plan’s features, which includes 1 user license, access to the Keyword Scout to find all the long and short tail keywords, and access to the browser extension. The basic plan costs only $228 if you take an annual subscription.

👉🏻What are the benefits of using Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout gives fantastic benefits to all the users, including full education and training resourced to all the new Amazon sellers, outstanding customer service, sales analytics feature, which provides you to keep track of your sales and better historical data of your competitors.

👉🏻Is it beneficial to use a product research tool?

Yes, of course, In recent times, where online marketers play a huge role in product sales, you need the assistance of a product research tool to find a profitable product for your business. Jungle Scout is the best product research tool that gives you an understanding of the current and future markets, which helps for your investment and strategies.

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Jungle Scout Review Conclusion: 

We know it’s really tough to invest money when we are at the initial stage of anything, but here from our point of view, if you really want to get the result of your e-commerce business, you should have to invest in JungleScout. And if you are somehow not satisfied, you will also get your 100% money refund back guarantee.

The best that I liked most about Jungle Scout, comes with Niche Hunter which enables you to find profitable niches to start selling quickly.

In addition to this, using our special discount link, you can get 30% Off on Jungle Scout subscription right away.

Jungle Scout Exclusive Offer

We highly recommend Jungle Scout, to those who are willing to get profitable niches and products that can help them in exponentially increasing the sales conversion.

We hope this review of Jungle Scout suits your purpose well. Feel free to drop your opinion about the Jungle Scout, too, in the comment section. If you find this post helpful, do share this post on all of the trending social media platforms.