JungleScout Review 2019: Best Amazon Keyword Research Tool? Legit?

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  • It is very easy to use
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  • Gives details on product variations
  • Helps in finding Winning Amazon Products


  • Chrome Extension is having limited features

One of the biggest problems we face in the competitive world of e-commerce is finding a niche of products to sell on many marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Shopify and others too. But what if you shortlisted your niche and now you have to find products that help you in getting higher sales conversion and increased ROI. No! You will not be going to get winning products easily, as it is a time-consuming task and if you do it manually without using proper tools most probably you may be ended-up with nothing. And in that case, you will waste your time and money too.

E-commerce World- JungleScout Review

So here we have given a magical tool- JungleScout that will help you in finding a niche and winning products that you can sell especially on Amazon. In this post, we have given our trustworthy- JungleScout Review In 2019.

Why i am saying it’s too hard to find a reliable product that you can sell on Amazon? Because you can see there were thousands of people who are already selling the same products at a cut-throat price. So you need to find unique products that you sell on Amazon and scale your Amazon FBA Business.

Here JungleScout will do all the hard work for you as it will find winning Amazon product from where you can get more and more profit fast and effectively without having any guesswork. This software will definitely help you in getting high sales conversion. JungleScout has helped thousands of Amazon Entrepreneurs to avoid failure and get a step in their Amazon FBA business.

So, let’s start the most awaited- JungleScout Review 2019 that includes all the detailed insights about this software.

JungleScout Review 2019: A Must Read  Review Before Buying

What Is JungleScout?

JungleScout is product hunt tool that will help you in choosing a profitable niche on Amazon along with finding Amazon Products that can bring more sales conversion. JungleScout do this process simply by allowing you to access the Amazon sales database right with the help of Google Chrome Extension or Web App.

JungleScout Review- No 1 Product Hunt Tool

JungleScout provides best resources for the data-driven product research. JungleScout will minimize the risk of failing along with maximizing the profit.

Basically, the web app gives you more product insights to what is going on right behind the scenes inside of categories on Amazon. But here the Chrome Extension allows you a quick insight right into the different products and categories when you generally browse them on Amazon Website.

The web app is more expensive as it provides more insights and features than the Chrome Extension but the web app also provide many of the analytics like the overall category sales, pricing along with potential gaps in the market.

Products Of JungleScout:

JungleScout Web App

Web app by JungleScout is the secret weapon that helps you in making smarter product decisions and standing alone out of the competition. With the help of Web App, you can easily find profitable niches and products from the entire Amazon catalog.

JungleScout Review- Get The Web APP

Here JungleScout Web App will let filter Amazon’s entire database by the category, price, sales and more. Now track any of your competitor’s activity over time. Really, it will maximize the success simply by narrow down the roads of failure. Web App will definitely take your Amazon FBA business to a whole new level.

Features of JungleScout Web App:

  • The Product Database: Here this web app put the entire Amazon’s entire catalog right at your fingertips. Now you can filter products right across by multiple categories by demand, price along with estimated sales, ratings, dimensions and more information that will help you in finding the winning profitable products to sell on Amazon.

JungleScout Review- Product Database

  • The Niche Hunter: This feature will definitely help you in finding the profitable niche. Using this amazing you can easily calculate any of the niches opportunity scores just by exposing the top 10 seller’s metrics. You can also list many of the quality scores right for any keyword.

JungleScout Review- The Niche Hunter

  • The Product Tracker: Simply monitor competitor activity, pricing and also the inventory right with a click. Now simply skip the process of manually entering the data and simply duct taping the report right with the spreadsheets. And you can also see how you can run your business.

JungleScout Review- The Product Tracker


The thing we like most about the JungleScout Web App is that it comes with 100% Money Back Guarantee. Simply get started with JunngleScout Web App risk-free and somehow if you are not satisfied with their services then you can get your money back.

JungleScout Chrome Extension

Simply Kickstart your product and validate the products ideas right with the real-time metric when you will be browsing Amazon. Now get instant product insights right on any page you browse. Here, just with a click, you can see all of the products price, estimates sales and also the review count along with many other accurate comparisons in a row.

Jungle Scout Extension - JungleScout Review


Features of JungleScout Chrome Extension

  • Newest Numbers: Here when you are looking to uncover and unhide the next gem in the jungle of Amazon, you will get the exact information that you can easily rely upon and trust.
  • Stat Checker: The best part is that the chrome extension really makes the checking stats easy and here you can easily validate all of your insights right with the historical data.

JungleScout Extension- Saless Details

  • Product Specific: This one is really one of the amazing features and it will let you dive deep right on any of the specific products. You can view price, best sellers rank along with the FBA Fees, estimated monthly sales and also the many more things.

The thing we like most about the JungleScout Chrome Extension is that it comes with 100% Money Back Guarantee. Simply get started with JunngleScout Chrome Extension risk-free and somehow if you are not satisfied with their services then you can get your money back.

What Makes JungleScout Invincible?

With JungleScout you are not only getting sets of amazing tool that easily automates the process of doing the Amazon Research but here you will get many more interesting things that you may not get with another tool right out there in the market. Here they have a support team that will stand by your side in your every problem and issues.

  • Most Reliable Amazon Database In The Industry:

Jungle Scout basically captures over billions of data points right from the Amazon Sales every month. And here JungleScout Team members and the Data Scientists are busy in refining the proprietary models that are based on that data particularly. Here you will not see other tools which are having such kind of database.

JungleScout Review- What Makes JungleScout Invencible

  • Dedicated Customer Support:

The best thing that we like most about JungleScout is that it has friendly and knowledgeable support staff and these staff members will be helping you out 20 hours a day and also every day in a week. And here the expertise level doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or your a pro they will help you according to your expertise level and will solve your problem in an extraordinary way.

JungleScout Review- Support

  • Top-Notch Free Resources:

What is better than getting a free valuable resource that will help you throughout your Amazon FBA Journey as here they will help you to make your FBA business more profitable and compelling. Here with their case studies, blogs, webinars along with the blog post you will be stand out if the competition simply by following the strategy. And trust me with that training you will be always ready to be at the top when it comes to selling on Amazon.

  • JungleScout Supports More Marketplaces:

Here the best part is that you can get the country-specific Amazon product sales data that you want. You can get the data of following countries some of them are USA, India, Spain, UK, Mexico, Canada, France  Italy, and Germany,

JungleScout Review- Suppoted Marketplace

  • Provides Unlimited Access To Amazon Experts:  

Just accelerate your learning curve and get the information you need right from the vetted experts. We would like to say don’t waste your money, time and effort in learning how this Amazon thing works.

Here with JungleScout you will get an expert mentor by your side right through your whole journey as that mentor will help you in doing the product research, sourcing along with Pay Per Click and also many more things in a row. You will fully cover by the JungleScout Amazon Expert.

Difference Between The JungleScout Extension and JungleScout Web App

If we talk about the Web App then it is more flexible and powerful toolkit that generally runs right in the cloud on the JungleScout’s own website. Web App is generally having three tools Amazon Product Database that is mainly for the seller’s, a product tracker along with the Niche Hunter.

Whereas the JungleScout Chrome Extension mainly runs by simply pulling data, including estimated revenue directly right from the Amazon.s  website when you will browse it.

Here you can also use both of the Web App and Chrome Extension and simply enjoy the benefits of having both of them. This will really help you in getting data right at your fingertips right the Chrome Extension and also provides it the ability to track products and simply find new niches and simply get the product ideas via the web app.

Pricing of JungleScout:

As we have discussed it earlier that JungleScout is having two different plans in the form of the Web App and Chrome Extension. Basically here the Web App is available on an ongoing membership fee. And you will get three different like the Startup, Standard, and Business plans.

JungleScout Review- Web App Pricing

 Web App Pricing Plans:

  • Start-Up ($39/month)

It mainly Tracks 40 Products

  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Monitor Your Competitors
  • Historical Sales and Rank Data
  • International Marketplaces
  • Time-Saving Filters
  • Up to 1 User

2) Standard ($69/month)

It tracks 80 Products

  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Monitor Your Competitors Historical Sales and Rank Data
  • International Marketplaces
  • Time-Saving Filters
  • Niche Hunter
  • Up to 2 Users

3) Business ($30/month)

It tracks 150 Products

  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • International Marketplaces
  • Time-Saving Filters
  • Niche Hunter
  • Up to 5 Users
  • Monitor Your Competitors Historical Sales and Rank Data

The Chrome Extension Pricing Plan

Here the Chrome Extension is having two plans named as the Pro and Lite plans that cost $197/one-time-fee  and $97/one-time-fee respectively. Let’s look out what they offer with these two pricing plans:

JungleScout Review- Extension Pricing

Pro ($197/one-time-fee)

  • Monthly Sales & Revenue
  • Industry Leading Accuracy
  • Rating & Review Tracking
  • Category & Seller Ranking
  • Ongoing Support & Updates
  • Web App Advanced Integration
  • Sales Item Profit Calculator
  • Dimension & Weight of Items
  • FBA Fee Estimator
  • Opportunity Score

2) Lite ($97/one-time-fee)

  • Monthly Sales & Revenue
  • Industry Leading Accuracy
  • Rating & Review Tracking
  • Category & Seller Ranking
  • Ongoing Support & Updates

Hurry! Here We Have Provided Free Resources That Is Like The (WEBINARS, JUNGLESCOUT UNIVERSITY, E-Books, TUTORIALS). You Can Get All Of These Things For Free, When You Will Get Started With JungleScout Plan.

Just Follow The Below Link To Avail Your Offer:

What Tools You Will Get For Free?

JungleScout Review- Free Resources

  • Sales Estimator: Just see an accurate estimate of all of the monthly sales right for any Amazon Product.
  • FBA Calculator: With this calculator, you can find out how to calculate your True profits and also ensuring the success of your business.
  • The Listing Grader: Simply use this free tool in order to evaluate how your Amazon Listing is optimized. And here you can also easily check that how your Amazon listing can be modified and optimized again.
  • Webinars: Just go and save your spot right for their current webinars or simply review the past webinar.
  • Million Dollar Case Study: Here the data scientist will definitely sharing every piece important details for their new product launch.
  • Collaborative Product Launch: Simply learn how you can easily make over 250K. You can stick them and the set go when any product is launched.

Helpful Videos:

  • Find A Product Challenge

  • Guide For Selling Online

  • How TO Find A Profitable Product Products That Really Sells On Amazon


Quick Links:

Final Thoughts: JungleScout Review 2019: Best Amazon Keyword Research Tool? YES

We know it’s really tough to invest money when we are at the initial stage of anything but here from our point of view if you really want to get the result of your e-commerce business you should have to invest in JungleScout. And if you are somehow not satisfied here you will also get your 100% money refund back guarantee. Simply follow the link below and get started with your 14-Days Free Trial.

We highly recommend JungleScout who is willing to get profitable niches and products that can help them in exponentially increasing the sales conversion then you should definitely go for that.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to drop your opinion about the JungleScout too right in the comment section. If you find this post helpful, do share this post on all of the trending social media platform.

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