JustControl.it vs Supermetrics 2022: Which One Is The Best? (Pros & Cons) 

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It is a marketing-based platform that enables any business to have full control over the spending of ads, evaluating campaign performances across a very wide range of channels, and getting updated reports virtually on every performance metric. 

Supermetrics is a tool used for business analytics. It is a cloud-based platform that amalgamates performance, along with metrics indicators in one, centralized location.

  • The platform equates the collected data, with similar third-
  • JustControl.it, seamlessly collects and groups data, using a
  • It is excellent at collating data, based on sole or group me
  • Supermetrics has been doing a great job of accurately report
  • It also carries out reporting across platforms.
  • It is good at integrating with tools like Excel or Google sh
  • There are still some features that are not introduced.
  • It is more expensive than other tools.

In this post, we have featured a detailed comparison of JustControl.it vs Supermetrics which includes detailed insights into these marketing platforms. Let’s dive in. 

A digital entrepreneur, an online store owner, or recently launched startup,  from a small scale business to large scale business, from a digital product to a physical product, in this 21st century of modernization and globalization, we all would like automized running systems that analyze the data and statistics of our businesses to be more accurate and efficient simultaneously decreasing human effort and time.

Bottom Line:

So here I will tell you about some of the best digital marketing platforms,  JustControl.it vs Supermetrics. Let us have a look.

JustControl.it vs Supermetrics: Overview

JustControl.it Overview

It is a marketing-based platform that enables any business to have full control over the spending of ads, evaluating campaign performances across a very wide range of channels, and getting updated reports virtually on every performance metric. 

JustControl-it - Overview

JustControl.it is an efficient tool that integrates data resources. It collects statistics details very minutely. It pays attention to the data that is segmented by campaigns, sources, types, countries, etc. Its deployment is web-based, Cloud, SaaS. The typical customers of JustControl. are SMEs, Agencies, and Enterprises.

Supermetrics Overview

Supermetrics is a tool used for business analytics. It is a cloud-based platform that amalgamates performance, along with metrics indicators in one, centralized location. Initially proposed as a tool for businesses, to facilitate access to their data stored in Google Analytics, today, Supermetrics has transformed itself into a premier reporting solution that efficiently works with multiple leading engines associated with data analytics. 

Supermetrics is a premier tool that not only helps businesses plan marketing strategies but also effectively implements them. Its integration with Google Drive facilitates data refreshment, query redressals, and the sharing of reports among team members. 

Supermetrics - Overview

Its Data Grabber tool automates reports via its integration with Excel and also enables connections with several data libraries, including social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The Uploader option by Supermetrics helps keep track of advertising expenditures and also import data from its source, into the Google Analytics Platform.

Supermetrics also integrates with several other databases, such as Google Sheets, Big Query, API, SnowFlake, Data Studio, and many more. 

JustControl.it vs Supermetrics: Features

Let us compare some features of utmost importance so that we will be able to determine the better tool, out of the two in question. Take a look at similar yet competitive and comparable features.

Flexibility  And Usability

If we are planning to buy marketing analytics software, we will enquire and search for the best features. We would like to know how flexible, comfortable, reliable, and usable they are. So let’s know more about it.

JustControl.it Features

JustControl.it can be easily adjusted to all business processes and also for an individual purpose which makes it very reliable and flexible. Using JustControl.it, we can automate the pre-existing manual scenarios, which makes it even more attractive for the customers.

JustControl-it -Routin Work

Supermetrics Features

This software is also quite attractive. It can be integrated with Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, or Excel. The actions and features are very simple. Even though the visualization tool is absent for Supermetrics it can integrate with Google Data Studio.

Supermetrics - Usability

JustControl.it vs Supermetrics: Security

When it comes to anything, whether online or offline,  the thing that we are most concerned about is security and privacy. 

JustControl.it: Security

JustControl.it assures high protection and safety to customers’ data. It has made a multilayered system of access policies. In this efficient security system provided by JustControl.it, internal and external accesses can be stored effectively. Even all data is stored privately and securely.

JustControl-it - Business Metrics

Supermetrics: Security

Supermetrics has developed its security and data protection system to secure data. In addition to that, also it ensures that the data which the customer has uploaded is not stored using the data integrations and it promises that the whole data is handled through their system and is strongly encrypted.

Supermetrics - Data SideBar

JustControl.it vs Supermetrics: Working

While using the software we must know the working principle behind it.  So let’s have a look at the mechanism behind the software.

JustControl.it: working  

This software offers a free demo account. The steps are described below:

  1.   At first, the customer should describe their particular task, requirements and connect their data source accounts.

Justcontrol Feature (1)

2.  In the next step, JustControl.it team will develop a customer’s dashboard. It automatically performs the integrations and calculations that are required.

Justcontrol WORKING

Supermetrics: Working

It is known to be a connector tool and Level One marketing analytics tool. The work is similar and simple as JustControl.it Supermetrics can be equated to a data grabber that automatically grabs the data from the spreadsheet or visualization tool. Here’s how the platform can be used as an add-on. 

  1. Open a spreadsheet 
  2. Head to the navigation bar. Select Add-on.

3. Click on Get add-ons.

 Supermetrics Working

4. A window will pop into view. 

Supermetrics Templates

5.  Type in the platform name, under the search bar.

6.  Select ‘free’. You’re done!

Unique Features

Supermetrics Unique Features


The working speed of Supermetrics makes it even more attractive for those in a rush. This software provides access to the particular version opted for by subscribers. It helps in utilizing the remaining time for some other work and side by side decreases human efforts.

Eligibility Criteria

The benefits as posed by Supermetrics cannot be accessed by those consumers who approach the platform for reasons other than for trading or business purposes. To create an account on the platform, the customer should be an adult, above eighteen years, according to its policies.

The customer should assure that the information provided, is accurate and not tampered with, at the time of making the payment. Documents can be used as proof for the same.


The names, slogans, or services created and used by the platform, are subject to copyright law. Nobody can access and freely use the in-house developments, without obtaining prior permission legally. The platform itself is allowed to use its merchandise for marketing strategies, but only on its official site. 

Confidential Information

In the event of confidential data and information being shared,  such as the tricks of the trade with the customer, then they are subjected to confidentiality.

JustControl.it Unique Features

Information and Technical Stability 

Using JustControl.it can automatically collect data from different sources. It can collect raw and metadata from the sources that provide those. The platform also promises that customers will never encounter any technical disruptions, or it will be minimal. 

Market Knowledge  

JustControl.it has got a team of efficient and talented workers. It has analyzed the problems and difficulties of online marketers which have made them towards the development of this application.


JustControl.it functions seamlessly, as the data accessed by it is always matched with other third-party tools for tracking, such as Facebook. This platform is best for grouping and comparing data concerning media buyers. Using this software, one can analyze the operations to conclude that if it is working or not.

Some other unique features of the platform include a data collection Schedule and a very flexible access control system. 

 JustControl.it vs Supermetrics: Pros and cons

We know that each thing, each product has two sides, and those are our pros and cons. Let’s have a closer look at it.

Pros Of JustControl.it

  • The platform equates the collected data, with similar third-party tracking programs. 
  • JustControl.it, seamlessly collects and groups data, using ads from an array of accounts, and within. 
  • It is excellent at collating data, based on sole or group media buyers.
  • The platform easily differentiates between right and wrong processes. From the highest to the lowest levels, every detail is regularly updated.
  • It gives us convenience and transparency to assess our internal results.
  • It is much safer to store data in the cloud or shared dashboards of JustControl.

Pros Of Supermetrics

  • Supermetrics has been doing a great job of accurately reporting on metrics.
  • It also carries out reporting across platforms.
  • It is good at integrating with tools like Excel or Google sheet to get the report according to our needs and statistics.
  • It is also very easy to integrate with Google Data Studio.
  • It provides good customer support with 24/7 facilities. 
  • It also has a huge set of integration partners.

Cons Of JustControl.it

  • JustControl.it’s integrations have a lot of scope for improvement.
  • There are still some features that are not introduced.

Cons Of Supermetrics

  • It is more expensive than other tools.
  • It is too complicated. 
  • Time is taken by the users to learn the functioning.
  • It is difficult in the beginning to figure out how exactly to integrate Supermetrics across platforms. 
  • Some extra time is taken by the pricing models to understand how to forecast the cost of our agency if we are using Supermetrics for client reports.
  • Unlike other software, Supermetrics has different tools for each type of work that has a different price. 

 JustControl.it vs Supermetrics: Pricing Plan Comparison

When it comes to buying foods or even buying a beauty product,  when it comes to purchasing subscription plans or tools for various tasks, the first thing that comes to our mind is pricing and features.

And of course, even after the comparison of features, pricing of the tool is of utmost importance to check that the plans fit within our budget or even whether spending a specific amount would be worth it. So let’s have a closer look at the pricing systems of JustControl.it and Supermetrics.  

JustControl.it Pricing

JustControl.it offers only a single pricing plan, which is a monthly payment of $500, per customer. However, there is a free trial option that can be availed of, to understand if the platform caters to your needs. I found that the plan was quite expensive, as compared to the one offered by Supermetrics, as listed below. 

Supermetrics Pricing

Supermetrics has five different pricing plans, for its different integrations. The prices are as follows: 

Supermetrics - Pricing

  • For Google sheets: A monthly payment of $49.
  • For data studio: A monthly payment of $19.
  • Supermetrics Data Grabber:  A monthly payment of $19.
  • Supermetrics Functions: A monthly payment of $11.99
  • Supermetrics Uploader: A monthly payment of $39 

However, there is no free trial offered, unlike JustControl.it, which I found to be unfortunate. I think that the prices are affordable in today’s expensive world., especially since there is a range of options, that cater to different requirements. 

JustControl.it vs Supermetrics: Testimonials

JustControl-it - Testimonials

 Supermetrics Customer Review

Supermetrics- Testimonials

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FAQs On JustControl.it vs Supermetrics 

👉What is Supermetrics?

It is an analytical software that facilitates the extraction of data from different sites on social media such as Facebook. It can also be called a data grabber tool.

👉What is JustControl.it?

It is software specifically designed for digital marketing with utmost privacy and security.

👉For which businesses is JustControl.it and Supermetrics used?

These exceptional tools can be utilized by all types of businesses that are large scale, medium, and small scale.

Conclusion: Supermetrics vs JustControl.it Comparison 2022

Well, are you all set to know the emergent winner of the tense battle? Well, in my opinion, JustControl.it offers a lot of exceptional features, but maybe a letdown, due to its high pricing point. For a more affordable solution, Supermetrics is the way to go. 

Both of these software is used for the benefit of users and adds up to help in the growth and management of businesses. In this era, where digital marketing has become a much necessary need of every business, such tools play a very vital role.

In essence, they both decrease human efforts and time taken by performing tasks such as Data Analytics, visualization of data, and much more.

I have personally tried both the software and both are really good. The only difference is the pricing and time taken by the user to learn the tools. Overall, they both provide transparency on pricing, their different features, and help at a very rapid pace to increase the growth of businesses.

After reading this article, I’ll suggest you weigh and compare the features and make a better decision according to your needs and fixed budget systems if any. Then kick start your businesses,  small or big, for sure. You just need to start!

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